Lucy Hale - Road Between Lyrics

I don't have any answers
I'm not short on questions anymore
Still choosing lost causes,
Defending battles and hopeless wars

With the right heart
Wrong decision
Keeps you blinded
Tunnel vision
Oh the road to
Love is paved with good intentions

I'm still getting to the good part
The breaking down
Learning how to write my story
And I'm in the middle of the madness
The live and lose
Finding who I'm gonna be
From the start till the end
I'm still learning the road between

I'm gonna need to borrow patience
A shot of courage for letting go
Rent a little wisdom
Until I can afford my own

With the right heart
Wrong decision
Going slower
Tunnel vision
Oh, the road to
Love is paved with good intentions

And I'm still getting to the good part
The breaking down
Learning how to write my story
And I'm in the middle of the madness
The live and lose
Finding who I'm gonna be
From the start till the end
I'm still learning the road between

And I know it ain't gonna be easy, no
But I'm a fighter and you can't take that from me, no
This is just a page in the chapter I'm in

And I'm still getting to the good part
The breaking down
Learning how to
Write my story
And I'm in the middle of the madness
The live and lose
Finding who I'm gonna be
From the places I've been
To wherever I'll go
From the start till the end
I'm still learning the road between

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Lucy Hale Road Between Comments
  1. marielllyyy

    Anyone's still listening in 2019????

  2. Joseph Dunnam

    #LucyHale I am learning #TheRoadBetween too . Beautiful music and lyrics . 👍

  3. Janhvi Saini

    after 5 years, I still love this song <3

  4. Danny Reck

    Que gran álbum, deberías sacar mas música @lucyhale

  5. noodles :3

    I wish you had more views...

  6. Hailey camera

    your country music is so good

  7. Tiara S

    December 2018 but still listen to this??? 😍

  8. carly mccrindle

    2018 ???

  9. Mohammad Mizanur Rahman

    Man! Why is she so AWESOME?
    She is a very good and awesome
    American Actress..........but she serms to be a ALLROUNDER! I mean Just look at her!she is awesome singer tooooo!!!!?!?!!?😊😊

  10. Harmony Ackerman

    I wish we where sisters

  11. Harmony Ackerman

    Your voice is so beautiful know wonder everyone loves u

  12. Harmony Ackerman

    Who ever put the thumbs down are just jealous because you have a beautiful voice and because your also beautiful love u Lucy Hale big fan of yours

  13. Mohammad Mizanur Rahman

    YOU LOOK PERFECT IN EVERYWERE.....even in the movie pll

  14. Ben Eales

    A week ago, I would've said there was no such thing as a perfect album, an album that's all great music.
    I think this album has proven that wrong.
    None of the songs are by any means perfect, but they are *so* close.

  15. John Tripler


  16. Nathallya Yannis

    I Love You <3

  17. Giulia Macedo

    Lucy Rainha E Você Nadinha ;) hazouuu lucy vc canta mto bemmm

  18. Marcos Figueroa

    lucy 💪💪💪

  19. Marcos Figueroa

    lucy 💪💪💪

  20. Raquel Nunes

    eu amo a Lucy sério msm, até em Pretty little liars ela é minha favorita

    kamila mascena

    Raquel Nunes também 😍😍

  21. alaysia njai

    i love this song❤

  22. Vivienne H

    love all songs

  23. Simply_Tiffany99

    have the album

  24. shAnIa Howl

    your music is Amazing lucy I love it please never stop singing

  25. shAnIa Howl

    lie A little better A A A A

  26. MS29

    is it only me or does the beginning soumd like mirrors by justin timberlake


    Mohammad Alsahli hmm i was thinking more breakaway by kelly clarkson. ill have to listen to the justin timberlake song again though

  27. Juliani C. Giordani


  28. Male rpg


  29. Vale freedom

    Love you Lucy !

  30. Scarlett Swift

    Great job. Kisses, -A

  31. Maitrayee Namdeo

    Good work! KISSES- A

  32. Elisa Herondale


  33. maria alvarado

    the best!!I love you

  34. Horse_crazy_ Horse

    love this song

  35. Marttu Vazquez

    someone listening in december 2015?

    Anaelle Dyvrande

    Marttu Vazquez I'm listening in january 2018 eheh

  36. Crystal Lightsworth



  37. Sara

    My favourite one! Thanks Lucy! ^^

  38. Manisha Adams

    I love this song great job Lucy!

  39. Nayeli Jimenez

    This is Amazing - A ♥.

  40. Arden Barter


  41. Arden Barter

    It looks like the words in the middle are getting bigger

  42. Alaina Valde


  43. Axelle Trouillet

    You is the perfection !!!! ♥♥

  44. Dooba Mana


  45. Lilly Seoud

    I love this song ❤️

  46. selena gomez

    OmG! So beauty song like you Lucy Hale!!!:*

  47. DM Audio-Swaps

    I constantly listen to her songs! Lucy has become my favourite actress and singer over the past few weeks, Her songs re so relatable

  48. Cayla Wyrick

    I love this song!!!!

  49. Zindara Dawn

    Love Lucy!!!

  50. Sara Diamond

    I Really Wish Everyone Would Stop Comparing Lucy and Selena Together, Like Really! Lucy Is Her Own Perfect Self, and Lucy doesn't act Like A Whore! They Don't Even Look Alike Alot, It's Just The Hair Color!

    no bullshit

    I wouldn't imply that I don't because obviously you don't so that wouldn't make much sense now would it   

    Sara Diamond

     If You Did Know It then You Would Say It, Sp Apparently You Don't

    no bullshit

    not true actually so maybe you should try getting your facts straight before you talk next time

    Sara Diamond

    ctually Yes, and do this wow so clever bullshit


    Well that escalated quickly....

  51. language shapes thought

    Love You Lucy

  52. PAT DOWN

    love this album

  53. Kathleen Woodruff

    Wow, lucy girl your songs are AMAZING! :-) Keep going girl!!!!

  54. purple potato

    I love all her songs! !! She is soooo good!! Luv u ♥♥♥

  55. Jayr Soropia

    I love u lucy

  56. Martina Passudetti

    Love this song!

  57. xlovelifexo

    Why haven't I gotten this yet?? Seriously!!

  58. xlightthefuse

    this song describes me

  59. Bri Mitchell

    Favorite song from the album

  60. irene nolasco

    Overall its not bad but she should just stick to being an actress than singer thts just me tbh

    Bri Mitchell

    Free country


    It's funny cause she's not an actress turned singer she's a singer turned actress even she's said Singing trumps Acting for her she is a singer before an actor.

    Bri Mitchell

    @LoveRoryandJess thanks for having the facts :)

  61. Syrio

    I never really liked country music but I like this song. good work Lucy Hale <3

  62. Helin Canbolat

    you should make video for this song it is amazinggg

  63. Jamie Liu

    You guys HAVE to check out her Red Dress song. I love it so much I want it to be played at my wedding ( which is really far away!)

  64. Marina Petrou

    This is so beautiful

  65. Nikita Korver

    I love you so super much, it's indescribable...

  66. Nikita Korver

    God damn Lucy, you're blessed! You're beautiful, you can act, you can sing... That's just so amazing! I am jealous..! 😻

  67. Cas Harris

    Aria is on her way to hell, bitches .. -A

    Jamie Liu

    Objection! You are, bitch.

    Cas Harris

    lol, so.. you've never seen pll?? -.-

  68. Cosetto Ponmersy

    Lucy i loooooove you sooooooo much you`r fantastec

  69. Oonagh O' Malley

    Ugh, why is she so amazing?

    Diane Hammer


    Diane Hammer


  70. mallaboo6234

    I love Lucy:D I watch pretty little liars and Aria is my fav because that's who Lucy portrays I hope she makes a music video for this song!

  71. Chloë Vdp

    OMG I love this song! Pleassee make your album available in Belgium :(

  72. Giorgia Chieca

    Love this song ^-^

  73. John Doe :D

    Lucy is perfect!
    PERFECT appearance
    PERFECT voice
    PERFECT actress
    PERFECT character
    Lucy, I've got complexes because of You! 
    Love U, xo

    noodles :3

    I wish she had more views...

  74. Ana Lacerda

    Lucy Hale! 👏👏👏🔝❤️

  75. Morta Mačiulaitytė

    So beautiful <3

  76. KidrauhlShawty

    she should be more famous 

  77. Annaëlle Ribault

    i'm french . i love you Lucy !!! ♥ "je t'aime"

  78. Ashlesha Shenolikar

    I love u Lucy! A great soul with a great voice!

  79. Emmy hellgren

    I'm Swedish and I can't buy the album on Itunes. This is so annoying!

  80. Daniela Pérez

    Lucyy hale<3 

  81. Cantinho De Editar Editar

    Someone help me to download this song was the only one who was unable to Download

  82. William Fern

    I don't like Lucy hales songs

  83. Carina Nagel

    i love her new albung i ussually don't lisent to Music like this but this Album is amazing! i love her

  84. Mr Veens

    I dont know why it's like this but every country song is beautiful. First Taylor Swift made me fall in love with Country and now Lucy. Love it. 

  85. Courtmillett94

    I love Lucy and how she's country at heart. Plus her number one on bucket list it's to meet Dolly Parton lol she's too cute 😘

  86. Mia Townsend

    HEY! Im sorry if this bothers you but i want to be a singer. I did a mini cover of this song and id be amazing if you checked it out :) Thanks xxx :)

  87. R Alshraify

    Lucy ur voice is my weakness I leave everything behind me when I listen to ur Golding voice I hope I would meet u one day as lucy not LUCY HALE I love both of them but I want to get to know the real u ❤️

  88. Taïna Dmr

    im impressed i admit! i wouldnt think that pretty little liar could also sing! nice job lucy hale :)

  89. rhea enrinna

    Great song!

  90. VanessaVlogs

    This is my favourite song on the album

  91. J C

    You know when you listen to a song that would perfectly suit the credits of a tear jerker movie with a lovely ending.
    This is it.

  92. Helin Canbolat

    very good song  <3 

  93. Alma Kvist

    I'm from Sweden and I don't really know the first thing about country, but omg Lucy this is awsome!!! I loveee your album! <3

  94. Asma Hatira

    this is way better than miley cyrus -___-

  95. taryn332

    So good!

  96. KP - Hikaru Rose Marimuka

    The message of this song is a story from start to finish <3