Lucy Hale - Just Another Song Lyrics

It's a good day, good cup of coffee to drink
It's a good day, no dishes piled up in the sink
I'm a long way from the place I used to be
It's a good day

Oh, teardrops have gone
Oh, then I hear that song

It takes me to me and you
Black and white movie I made you watch, then we kissed
Oh, I knew I was falling for you and oh, when it's on the radio
That's when it hits me, you're gone
Maybe to you, it's probably just another song

But to me, it's a bullet out of a gun
Yeah, to me, it's a knife and a damn rusty one
It's the floodgated memories I don't want to feel
Oh, it's all just a little too real

Oh, just when the teardrops have gone
Oh, why do I hear that heartbreaking, take-me-back song?

It takes me to me and you
'45 spinning, I made you dance, then we kissed
Oh, I knew I was falling for you and oh, when it's on the radio
That's when it hits me, you're gone
Maybe to you, it's probably just another song

Maybe to you, it's probably just another song
Maybe to you

It takes me to me and you,
Under the street light, you said goodbye, then we kissed
Oh, I knew I was falling into pieces, oh, when it's on the radio
That's when it hits me, you're gone
Maybe to you, it's probably just another song

Maybe to you, it's probably just another song
Maybe to you, it's just a good day

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Lucy Hale Just Another Song Comments
  1. Yu Negreiros

    minha favvvvvv

  2. marielllyyy

    2019 anyooooooone????

  3. The Music Council

    one of most underrated country album and artists ever.... so sad

  4. Danny Reck

    You’re the best ❤️😍

  5. Gabriel Robin Hermanto Ng

    You are my capital for my soul

  6. Axel Sebastian Delgado Torres

    i love her ❤

  7. Samantha Donjuan

    Well, maybe he left because you kept forcing him to do stuff.

  8. Maria Rinta-Rahko

    This is so beautiful

  9. pamëla

    Love Lucy! 😍👌🏼

  10. anna luiza

    tu vai ser minha eterna Aria

  11. Julian Chs

    I just love this song, it’s been a while but the vibes this song has are so good! Love you Lucy

  12. enya

    2018 anyone??

  13. Teagan Lawson-damron

    Lucy Hale i am love this song you the most singer i love i watch you in movies and tv shows and i love you you are amazing.

  14. Duas Amigas

    she is my favorite singer taking the others who also sing in pll

  15. BlackFire


  16. Jovanovic Sara

    so good ,i love you

  17. John Tripler

    Lucy Hale your music is so beautiful and amazing always truly enjoy your music love YA

  18. Gracie Adams

    I'll show you another song kisses


  19. Gracie Adams

    Does anyone else remember in like season 3 of pll the black and white episode?

  20. John Tripler


  21. John Tripler


  22. Alexane Godefroy

    Lucy Hale is my singer and actress favorite ♥ I discover Lucy Hale in Pretty Little Liars who is my favorite series ♥♥

  23. Recce A Dillon

    She looks like Lucy hale crossed with aria Montgomery XD

    Katelyn Gibson

    Rosalia Black because she is her

  24. Nicabin Me

    Lucy you broke my heart I was going to the paley fest and it cost so much money and I came to see you I love you Lucy and then I here you are not coming I am crying so hard Lucy so please come please because you might have lost a fan😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😰😰😰😰😰😰😭😭😭

  25. emilysue

    Black and White movies? Just another song? ARIA AND EZRA! B26!

  26. Sofia Velez

    Sing while you can
    - A

  27. Sevda Kaya

    who is still listening in 2017??

    Chloe Minns


  28. Kinga Aneta

    Maybe 2016?

  29. Al Pacino FanForever

    It's funny when people think she's an actress turned singer when she started out as a singer on American juniors when she was a teen

    David Eure

    I love her voice

    prettylittleliars lover

    ho not? i love the voice from shay mitchell very mutch she is so cute

  30. Elli G

    I dont like country but this is perfect

    Ashton Gray


  31. StarWarsChannel

    and +haleslies same

  32. StarWarsChannel

    lucy hale my fav pll character :)


    nice one it

  34. 유리

    This makes me cry but it is my fave song and no one can change that lucy is an amazing actress, and singer <3 she inspires me to sing and everyone loves my singing and im very good at drama im the only one who takes drama sirious in my drama school xx

  35. estelinha pereira

    Lucy aí love you (te amo muito)

  36. Tristyn Osborne

    for some reason, whenever I hear this song it makes me cry

  37. Melissa Caesar

    ýour song is beautiful kk.....

  38. shAnIa Howl

    Never stop singing Lucy your amazing

  39. shAnIa Howl

    "Black and white movies" Arias favourite

    Jess Leeming

    shAnIa Howl Lucy said in a interview, that she wrote this for Aria and Ezra. :)

  40. stuartsreign

    this should be a hit.


    @Sssophie you are right haha. i did comment a lot!
    well, its my fave because i love the lyrics and the tune. its soo beautiful<3
    me too! her album is just so freaking good!! and her voice is stunning.

    megha ramesh

    +haleslies you are definitely ryt !!!
    I LOVE pretty little liars
    it's just amazing and she is my FAV :)

    Melissa Caesar

    I like that song called lie a little better that song is assumed and the rest


    +haleslies totally agree 😊😊

    Melissa Caesar

    Kk g ...... lol ha

  41. Zoe Ann

    Not Bad

  42. Phil Interisano

    I don't get why she isn't huge right now she is so amazing an amazing country singer actually lets help her get noticed more in singing

  43. Ri Ni

    I love u Bae 😙 My Aria💕

  44. Emma Baldwin

    A comment I saw on Amazon while purchasing this album:

    "Don't make the mistake thinking that Lucy Hale is an actress who is trying her hand at singing, she's a singer who just happened to fall into some great acting gigs."

    I have never been crazy about country music.. but Lucy Hale is definitely something else.

    Zoe Watson

    Emma Baldwin

    Crystal Lightsworth

    Emma Baldwin me too

    Heidi Dupre

    Emma Baldwin, true she even said that.

    Pem Tcho

    she's a talented singer

  45. Kate tia

    Love this

  46. Phelipe Vinicius

    Algum Br ?

  47. Michelle Carreon





    Michelle Carreon. sounds nothing like Selena. Lucy is WAY better singer. I can tell the difference between them.

  48. Toni Zg

    i love her singing but all her songs are the same


    The first couple times I listened to the album I thought about half of them were really similar. But then I started listening to them and got hooked one by one. I have about 5 favourites so far :P and I'm still getting round to the rest. I think it's good that each song is part of the overall album theme but they are all unique too 😊

  49. stuartsreign

    2 years and I cant stop listening to it. Its my everything<3

    El Ghazi Hiba

    Same. I listen to the whole album everyday and never get tired of it. This is what good music is supposed to be.

    Pattys Perfeitas

    +haleslies same <3


    This really is an amazing album. Hope she makes another one someday .

    _franrg_ 00

    @Joe why didnt she did one already it's been a while

  50. Jade Laboirie

    I miss you L :(

  51. Reigne Carla Pascual

    She is so beautiful and she have a great voice.

  52. Abi S

    Such a good song! <3

  53. Flashy Diva

    And your just another one of my bitches, -A.

  54. משה א

    אין מה לומר לוסי מאוד יפה

  55. Aluwelwa Mcinga

    This is what I listen to when I'm happy, sad, depressed or just chillin'...Its my friend to laugh or cry with, I wake up and sleep to it..Its my everything, well maybe to you Its probably just another song

    El Ghazi Hiba

    I love this comment, seriously.

  56. 胡真慈

    She's so beautiful !

  57. April Ann

    I love Lucy hale.. great singer..

  58. April Ann

    I love Lucy hale.. great singer..

  59. Kelly

    Beautiful song

  60. Grzegorz

    Szkoda ze nigdy nie odpiszesz do tego komentarza ale masz tak wspanialy glos ze az dech zapiera powodzenia w dalszej karierze

  61. Larissa Schöni

    I love this song<3

  62. DaniBassoon

    i like this song

  63. G Basar

    If everyone of her fan seems to like this song then y it has so less view.

  64. Andrea Zurita

    One of my favorites songs😍❤

  65. dennis dela cruz

    nice song !!!

  66. AllyJay Christensen

    Just Ezria... Ezria forever. #blackandwhitemovies

  67. always_love_for_k3

    Please make a song with Sasha pieterse Lucy! <3

    Kim Johns

    Beautiful song!

  68. Türkü Şimşek

    I love that song so much. I'm a Turkish and your number one fan. I'm really love you so much. I like Ezra & Aria, I like you, I like İan Harding, I love everythink about you... Please answers me...

  69. Nugroho Noto

    beautifol ghost sister luce hale mercy and fathers a miss you,a love you good bless you from santo saint

  70. Murillo Ferreira

    ela é muito linda

  71. Danielle Amorim

    i love how much you make your songs emotional, i am proud of call myself a haler :)

  72. stuartsreign

    i love this song soo much<3 it makes me cry and when i hear it i think of ezria<3 they´re so cute! good job lucy!<3


    good Song PPL

  74. louise stapleton

    looks like Taylor abondoned country singing but here comes another contestant that is as good and maybe a litlle better than taylor at singing country congragulations Lucy

    Starlight Saffire

    +louise stapleton Definitely better then Taylor

    Elisa Herondale

    Lucy is 100% better than Taylor

    Katrina Fisher

    I agree Lucy is better than Taylor by far

    louise stapleton

    ooooo yes

    Chloe Minns

    Hell YESSSS

  75. louise stapleton

    I just love Lucy Hale

  76. Kay R

    Dear lucy , you are super talented and amazing and awesome ! Love you in PLL and your album,
    Next big country superstar right here 👇😁👏👍

  77. Tuğçe Karaman

    Lucy should be so succesful singer.


    Tuğçe Karaman Aynen rogjcjnddn

  78. Libz Sings

    Sing while you can, kisses-A

    Tyler Mitchell

    +Libz Sings Touch her and i'll track you and either kill you Or arrest you :) (just kidding lol)

    Flashy Diva

    +Tyler Mitchell okay Ezra

  79. Nate Holt

    My favorite song on her album just so happens to be the one song she wrote. The others are pretty good, but I love this one.


    +Nate Holt Agree<3 THIS ONE IS AWESOME<3

    Chloe Minns

    I love it anyway!!

  80. Hailey Emmett

    i think she has a better voice than taylor

  81. Lynda Amoura

    I love 🎤

  82. Manuela Dos Santos

    Congratulations Lucy Happy Birthday

  83. hannah parker

    Love it your Awsome

  84. Samuel Javier Caparros Guntern

    ich liebe diese frau

  85. Damir Bedratdinov

    i love you Lucy

  86. Damir Bedratdinov

    ראיתי סרט שלה

  87. Lou _

    her voice is just amazing . better than taylor ;) my opinion.

  88. Annabell

    My favourite on her album

  89. Erica96Music

    Love this song ❤

  90. Silvia Daniela

    This album deserves way more views! 💜 Lucy Hale has such raw talent and a beautiful voice

  91. Solomon Deelan Mahuni


  92. Khauane Pereira


  93. Crystal Lightsworth

    Lucy you're songs are just amazing.
    Love you <3
    I love your music so mucHhh <3 <3