Lucy Angel - Slammin' Door Lyrics

Love, don't feel like love no more
Lies, ain't gonna fly no more
Mistakes, you ain't gonna make no more
Cuz boy I ain't your girl no more

Every time that I start running, I start running away
Almost like you think I like it when you push me away
I don't wanna do this
You can't put me through this
Baby I don't want you anymore
Tell me how it feels on the other side of this slamming door
This slamming door

Home, this ain't your home no more
Bags, are waitin' for you on my porch
Beg, beg me like you did before
But I ain't gonna break no more


Slamming door, ain't swingin' anymore
I said that slamming door, ain't swingin' anymore
Just go... Oh oh, go... Oh oh, just go


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