Lucky Dube - Usizi Lyrics

Usizi emhlabeni
Izingane zilala zingadlile
Umama nobaba
Emsebenzini badiliziwe

Ubusuku bud'enganeni
Uma ingadlile


Misery in the world
Children go to bed hungry
Mom and dad laid off

The night is long to a hungry child

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Lucky Dube Usizi Comments

    No need looking for a song with an ambient atmosphere, here's one. Christmas sinking down much much beautifully.

  2. Felipe Santana

    Alguém em 2019

  3. peter ondieki

    Dec 22 dec 2019 and can't get enough of it

  4. Nick lavin

    I wish I can have any interpreter....

  5. Macyrtahdeu Moa

    Milgrau irmão

  6. Neena Wanje

    Never forget it.....gonga like it

  7. Alex Sanga

    Big song

  8. Peter Ojiambo

    Oh Lucky Dube the time you died I didn't have a phone to comment R.I.P🌹🌹 Your music will forever remain in our hearts....R.I.P LION💪

  9. Raphael Kimosoi

    R.I.P legend

    We miss you.

  10. mk obi

    A legend u are#RIP

  11. avie eric

    Can someone post the translation in written English. It is one of the best songs he wrote

  12. sylvia katunge

    Dube 2019 still rocks

  13. Lazaro Bispo

    Por favor alguém pode traduzir essa canção pra mim .

  14. Officialgovernor Chirchir

    2019 December

  15. Cynthia Kampamba

    My dad told me that when I was some months older whenever I cried he could play this song and I stopped crying

  16. Fellowz Collowz

    always the best

  17. Jeremiah Gwaro

    Reminds me of my mom... Rip mama

  18. caroline musyoka

    Nov.2019...listening to this sweet music...whenever Lucky Dube's song is hit I feel so good

  19. Jimmy Okwach


  20. Jimmy Okwach


  21. Maxwell Chifupa

    My name Maxwell, some people knows me konwani wa kwa kachingwe ku ulongwe, deeply in love with this song, remind me of so many many things back when I was so young

  22. Eduarda Santos

    um reggae é um reggae ❤️💛💚

  23. Tumisang Kulo

    mzansi connect radio station aprove

  24. Sylivio tokotuu

    Même si tu n'est plus la mais ta musique résonne dans le Pacifique 😥 From New Caledonia Kanaky 👊

  25. philip rupia

    😭😭😭😭😭 R.I.P. l.dube

  26. angie moks

    this one makes me cry 😓

  27. naibor bella

    Those days

  28. Karabo Mbulawa

    who is still here right now?

  29. Ney Oliveira

    O melhor do ragay viva luly.

  30. Warm Online

    Am here, even now with Dube, Usizi is dude for real....!

  31. Scebih Zih

    RIP Lucky Dube forever my Legend

  32. Eliel Vieira Martins

    que paz ouvir uma canção dessa

  33. dorothy shali

    Reggae to the world

  34. vincent oloo

    The best song to ever come from Africa am proud of my mother land, God bless Africa

  35. blacky bindo

    Saddest song ever


    The song is really good .

    Mpenzi Mtazamaji

    Its very good.God bless you my sister.I'm glad we're both on positive vibrations.

  37. Brian Jaysins

    October 2019, still vibing to this classic.

    Cynthia Ala

    Got you by 1 week. 🎼🎵🎶🎧🎃

  38. elistir Mwirigi ntorungu

    Still pressing on

  39. N'dah Bèdoti Célestin YAKA

    It makes me weep, How sad is that song!!!

  40. Keenan Carlos

    How the fuck lucky dube cood have haters and he still iz the beSt reaggea Singer

  41. collins brown kiplimo

    I am here... In 2019

  42. Life Wilson

    Was it really Dube that actually sing this song? Even in the video he did not appeared

  43. Cleber Lopes

    Todos pensando que é Lucky dube que canta mais na verdade é a banda de apoio que acompanhou ele a slaves band liderada pelo tecladista tuthucani celes i mesmo que canta essa música.

  44. Makaveli 1991

    Guys please hows still listening 2019 September



  46. kijana Yubix

    Big big tune🔥🔥🙌💪

  47. Shilla Songolo

    LEGEND indeed

  48. papienne asubisye

    I like thins song because it keeps history alive

  49. geoge honest

    Listening 10000 times without tired,,,

  50. geoge honest

    Nice song,

  51. power ranger

    i was singing- kusububu uu ntina deni


    Fijian national anthem, bula from fiji

  53. Mauricio Santos

    Luchy dube você rasgar meu peito que emoção e um prazer saber que você viver em todos nós

  54. Lynnette Ndede

    2019 hooked

  55. Kevin Mathew

    Legends never die!! RIP Lucky Dube

  56. Mike Juniour

    Someone could sing a song of 6 lines and its world class,today 50 lines and its just NOTHING

  57. Mike Juniour

    For sure,there was music in those days

  58. Mike Juniour

    August 2019,anybody here??

  59. Robert Simba

    I wish I could understand 2019???🇰🇪🇰🇪🇰🇪

    Eunice Mwangi

    It's in Kiswahili translated

    Herald Loshi

    Shida za dunia.

    Robert Simba

    @Eunice Mwangi wea

    Arean Keybobo

    Iss about the slavery..... That happened along time ago......

  60. WAN

    Sleep well dube, all time music genius

  61. Kiprotich Rop

    This song reminds me when I was in college, KMTC Nairobi between 2003- 2006, surviving. It could comfort me so much when I was broke and down emotionally.

  62. Siuta Kafa

    Fiji (lei andi) copied this song. RIP Lucky Dube

  63. Señor San Genis

    Rip Lucky 2019

  64. Y O

    I feel an overwhelming of peace and gratitude for LuckyDube. He preached peace. I 🙏🏽

    Daran Oculie

    You from South Africa?

    Daran Oculie

    Am from st lucia

  65. Korsaga Wendpouire

    God bless you Lucky dube, you are the best

  66. Siri Mara

    2019 still number in Fiji 🙌❤

  67. Prompea

    When I was a child, my granduncle used to play this song in his pub at night and I'd hear it. the chorus made me feel so sad that I'd cry and I didn't even know what it was saying. Still love it

  68. Atema Favour

    And all along I have been singing the lyrics wrongly.. "Usizi ni mtamu sana usilale Kama sa zile"

  69. Israel TOKOTUU

    Love this song ..New Caledonia KANAKY ...😢😢✊✊✊

  70. Flávia Souza

    Toda desgraça do mundo é culpa dos estadunidenses.

  71. Geoffrey Makau

    Together as one🇲🇱

  72. Alice Santos

    Eu n mereço isso 💔

  73. Jose Pereira

    Rei Do rague

  74. kadamawe sungura

    2019 still heats up. Keeps the fire burning 👆 🔥

  75. Bariki bariki

    From Tanzania 2019

  76. Jimmy Okwach

    lit..Lucky dube

  77. Queen Libby Kuloba

    I love lucky dube and I love this song so much

  78. Ewerton Monteiro

    antigas show

  79. Maureen Mpiani

    Awwww lucky, nice tune. Continue to rest

  80. Magdalene Kamara

    Listening in June 2019 love this song

  81. William Gray

    The height of the Liberian civil war, this song was one of the inspirations that we could achieve peace.

    Lucy Espila

    Sorry that your Country had to go through that... to better days ahead! Best wishes from Kenya!!!

  82. Its_ ClovRr

    Nc voila nous laaa

  83. Brian Zulu

    Super great music, reminding me of the sweet old days

  84. gerald mutuma

    Under khat,,

  85. Michael ndiary

    May 20th 2019

  86. Arbabidine Abdallah

    Lucky Dubé the best this song is very emotional

  87. Madam boss

    2019 like my koment pliz

  88. Marcus Tuuhetoka

    May 24, 2019 still jamming this tune. RIP Lucky. 🎼🎶🎵

  89. Chantal Dubois

    J'aime Trop cette chanson

  90. Alice Santos

    Tomando um chopp ouvindo esse som

  91. ZEMBA Firmin

    He was the best reggaeman in the world, but i'm sad that humanoty forgot he so quikly after his death. We've to choice one day and tout celebrate his music, his memory like bob you so much Lucky❤❤❤ from Burkina Faso🇧🇫🇧🇫🇧🇫

    Kahin Ali

    ZEMBA Firmin we should make a day for him u right... he is also a king and we don’t have to forget him... rest in peace ✌🏾

  92. Ibrahim Makachila

    Kama unamsikiliza dube 2019,, gonga like hapa

    Marcus Tuuhetoka

    Yes Saiah 🇯🇲

    Baraka Ngussa

    @Marcus Tuuhetoka safi


    Am here too,still listening,,I just love the song!!!



  95. Olefa Johns

    The song is very emotional lets pray to all opharns in the world


    Powerful Song..Lucky Forever!!!

  97. Anonyme Lv


  98. Katiane Serra Serra

    Muito maneiro esse reggae massa😎