Lucky Boys Confusion - Hey Lyrics

I said hey to my conscience which I don't have but I don't care
Right or wrong don't matter to me anyway anyway,
I said hey to my neighbors who keep peeping through their window
Why don't you go and get a life of your own of your own

Hey it's my life [x2]

Hey, hey brother, don't you listen to those words
Those words they try to feed you I don't care I don't care
I said hey to the foolish boy who likes the pretty girl
But he is scared he is scared,
She's a bitch anyway

Hey it's my life [x3]
And living is getting harder

I like to live life the way I do
And I know some folks here don't like me too,
You say I'm a wasted conceited freak,
But I don't care anyway
Listen I've got something to say,
I'm not hostile I'm just not afraid
To say things that you labeled taboo
You're just scared of facing the truth

Hey it's my life [x3]
And living is getting harder

Listen, I've got something to say (hey, hey, hey, hey) [x3]
And living is getting harder

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