Lucky Boys Confusion - Anything, Anything Lyrics

Oh, gee, what is it tonight?
At least just tell me what the hell is wrong,
Do you want to eat, do you want to sleep, do you want to drown?
Just settle down, settle down, settle down...

I'll give you give candy, give you diamonds, give you pills,
Give you anything you want, hundred dollar bills,
I'll even let you watch the shows you want to see,
Just marry me, marry me, marry me...

I'm so sick of you tonight,
You never stay awake when I get home,
Is something wrong with me, something wrong with you?
I really wish I knew, wish I knew, wish I knew...

I'll give you candy, give you diamonds, give you pills,
Give you anything you want, hundred dollar bills,
I even let you watch the shows you want to see,
Because you married me, married me, married me...

When I was young I learned this game,
Where love and happiness were the same,
Now I'm older and I don't play,
Learned it all the hardest way,
I got wasted, she got mad, called me names and she called her dad,
He got crazy and I did too, wondered what I did to you.

I'll give you candy, give you diamonds, give you pills,
Give you anything you want, fucking hundred dollar bills,
I even let you hear the songs I want to sing,
I'll give you anything, anything, anything...
I'll give you anything, anything, anything

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Lucky Boys Confusion Anything, Anything Comments
  1. Dillon Ventola

    December 2019 and I still listen to LBC almost every day. Such an awesome band.

  2. John Zachacki

    i love this song but my favroite is atari

  3. gia

    Story time about how I found out about you guys.

    I was in the car and this song was playing. My brother kept asking my
    Mom about her last boyfriends and stuff idk why. Then she goes “actually one of the guys in this band used to like me”. I’m like “oh”. It was stubhy by the way. So then I did some “investigating” and here I am.

    Matt Senft

    You must be from Chicago West Suburbs. Stubby could be your father! Lol

    j Martinez

    Hook me up with your mom

  4. Alexander Boomhower


  5. SixDaysof Snow

    Can't seem to find the acoustic version on YouTube anywhere...

    Cade Eastham

    me neither😒



  6. Missie L. Mcclinton

    one of my favorite songs.

  7. joesfiddy O

    killer song

  8. Fulci&Chill

    When someone tells compares this cover, and Buck Cherry's. The original and this cover are more or less the same style, and feel, and idea. Buck Cherry's cover is like straight up punk rock grungey grime.

  9. ChrisPC11

    Easily the finest sound and work from the ska/punk outfit, LBC!!!!! I'd crank the hell out of this EP on days after school and weekends.

  10. Michael Woelfel

    Dramarama version, the original is the best, but as far as covers go, Buckcherry hands down and I'm not a huge fan of them.

    Michael Woelfel

    @Michael Woelfel And I forgot, my buddy's in a local cover band, History's End does an awesome cover to close the night.

    Meagan Pilliard

    +Michael Woelfel this cover sucks so bad.

  11. SullySadface

    This is a hard song to send to a chick you've just banged.


    Love at first bang

    Dmac Fro

    James Thomas u made my day

    black mamba


  12. SCROOJ

    Two night stand 

  13. GhostofaSiren

    Awesome cover! This song is so nostalgic for me.

  14. jayrod2

    Man I love this cover

  15. gfvsdjt8jvndfjkghdof

    I think this is the best cover of this song :D

  16. ChrisPC11

    Adam Krier on the front cover!

  17. Ashton

    This song is so deep, but i Love the bass on here

  18. Rory LeVaux

    Dude, ABSOLUTELY!! John Easdale puts emotion into the lyrics on this song. You feel his desperation, his plea, as if you were right there with him. If this song could be remastered in a studio, bass line enhanced a bit, this could be one of the greatest non-mainstream / Top 40ish songs ever to be recorded. Dramarama's song is easily a gem, a diamond amongst debris, true alternative masterpiece. This is one of my absolute top 100 favorite songs EVER recorded in history.

  19. Rory LeVaux

    Dude... No. BuckCherry's version is far better than this one. This is an amazing song. Very few bands / artists can do a remake better than the original. Dramarama's version is hands down, the best. Lenny Kravitz may have made a better version of American Woman over the Guess Who's, and that's a very close call, but Dramarama's "Anything, Anything" is KING. John Easdale's vocals are legendary, ONE of a kind. Of every cover I've ever heard, NO ONE sounds as good. Not even close.

  20. jakedodsonjake

    RIP Joe.

  21. jacob rodriguez

    i like the original better.

  22. Masterjedi170

    Excellent song. Totally the best version in my opinion and enjoy singing it while I drive my car. Thanks to the radio i found this song :D

  23. CazzSDMF

    just heard from local radio facebook post that Joe Sell passed, had to refresh my memory who these guys were, only recognized the name

  24. M Novack

    AMAZING COVER, Favorite local band growing up for sure!

  25. SquiddVicious

    @lxt420 have you ever heard the cover by Another Damn Disappointment (A.D.D) ?

  26. SiLvErWaRe0000

    I agree that's exactly why I like this particular cover more than anyother. They did a good job of keeping the same feel but still added their own flavor to spice it up a bit.

  27. ENiespo

    Absolutely. There's some new one playing on the radio in MI lately - it sounds like it was recorded in a bathroom, terrible acoustics. Stubhy rocks in this song.

  28. Joeytehgeetarist

    @OnlyOnTuesday2010 It's not too bad. It's a 4 chord song with octaves shoved in at the end of the choruses and in the intro, etc. There's also some messing around with harmonics at the end of the verses.

    What you are probably referring to is the solo, which I'll a pain to learn by yourself.

    Not IMPOSSIBLE though! ;)

  29. Mthrndr01

    My favorite of the seemingly innumerable covers of this pretty fantastic song.

  30. OnlyOnTuesday2010

    ugh its a freakin pain to learn this without any good tabs... i already checked ultimateGuitar and all they have on this version is a crappy 3 star tab -______-

  31. Joeytehgeetarist

    Almost sounds like metal.

  32. Stokley

    love this particular cover because it has a lot of the same feel and characteristics of the original. The addition of the harmonics and small tweeks here and there, particularly in the bass line make this cover fantastic. :) many thumbs up!

  33. wemarti

    @lxt420 This one's really good, but I prefer The Hallow's cover. It's heavier.

  34. wonderwall135

    @CrysKnife77 thanks

  35. Collin Carlson

    Fast, angry, honest... Badass?


  36. wonderwall135

    who's the original by?

  37. Dylan Masse

    So, i love this song
    I listened to some other versions and they SUCK
    Theyre all the same as the original with a different vocalist, a piano, or something small like that
    But lbc...they made it punk
    This is by far the best version, and even if you have never heard of lbc give it a try because its pretty hard to not like
    Thumbs up if agreement ^

  38. somekooldud

    No dislikes... Keep it that way.

  39. Zedek Thelleon

    dat bass

  40. kingkonginajar101

    such a sick song. i love dramarama but i have to say that this is better than the original. especially the bass.

  41. laineyy

    ill give youu anything just marry me marry me marry me <|3

  42. Phalnax811

    Wow, I can't believe I actually missed the like button. I'm sorry i clicked dislike!! my finger slipped!! SORRY! This song rocks! Reminds me of Normal Life by July for Kings... Love em both. ROCK ON! \m/