Lowkey - Who Said I Can't Do Grime? Lyrics

Whether you're in HMV or KFC, HMP or A&E
I make them see A.N.D let you know the C.A.S.E
From LDN not NYC, on the M.I.C, Im M.I.B
Like BIG the MVP, VIP to the E.N.D
EG my CD, is way to D.E.E.P
That goes for your TV screen, DVD or BBC
ITN or ITV, C.O.P say ID please
S.T.O.P like IC3, wanna see me hooked to an I.V G
In the ICU but Im N.O.T, they went O.T with the M.O.B
Can't see me through the F.O.G
Don't cuss mothers of S.O.B's
These MCs are OAPs
Wanna hype up I'm like OK, G
You think you're B.A.D
Get a P.E.N and a P.A.D
If the CIA and the FBI, the MI6 and the MI5
Get on the A3 then I drive, turn up the A/C, FYI
MJ like P.Y.T, LOL I never T.Y.P
I E.A.T on E.I.D, twist the C.I.D like Levi Jeans
D.I.E like BNP; EDL just BFGs
Youths don't want no GCSE's they want C.O.D on the PS3
Im like DP or PE, or KRS from BDP
Download this on your MP3
Send it to your MP & MTV
You're not on this thing like A.D.D
Your CD I rate PG
Like KKK's with AK's
My A.K.A is AA
Take you off the road ASAP
DDT these JLS MC's
What you just saw basically
Is how to murder the ABC
Cos Im back in the booth
Rappers wanna chat about the strap they got stashed in the back of their boot
But I chat to the youths
Abstract or backpack my attributes and stack to the roof
I capture the truth
Pour it on tracks my view and I'll sell it out the back of the boot
Im positive you're negative, you're whack and confused
Im back and the fact is your dad's in the room
Ain't a track that you rappers can battle with
Everytrack that I spat is immaculate
Any track that I smash Im attacking it
Heard you rap fam, your tracks are inadequate
Your CD was kak, it was crap, Im dashing it
You follow fashion with rap, Im passionate
Blood start splashing you, whip you're dashing it
Said you were packing a mac in the back of it
Kizzy, Im busy, Im really a brilliant guy
It's gritty and shitty but really the city is mine
If you diss me, pity the silly billy to try
From bricky to Piccadilly to Mississippi Im live
Getting rid of you milli vanilli's gimme the vibe
Get jiggy like willy spitting the wittiest rhymes
Uncivilised, ignorant diligent type
And I victimise an idiot a million times
Hey hey, we ray rays and sway flames
Take snakes of the road like AA
So waste brays, vacate and make space
You bate fakes ain't straight, you stay fake
We chase paper, you chase days like day way
On a late day you date fakes and save face
In the same place, we maintain and ain't changed
We make tapes that rape pace like Keslane
Don't diss this or miss this we live this from Lisbon to Ipswich
For instance the dick's got your sister addicted
Oh look, big tits came for a quick fix
You're limper than Bizkit you nitwits
A monster, a beast, when I stomp on the beat
If the nonsense you speak is not gonna cease
Unconscious belief, some conscious MCs
Don't respond to the beef if your nonsense is meep
Get ill up on the rhythm when I kill 'em on a lyrical
Finish up my dinner then drill 'em with a syllable
Don't really care what you did and what you didn't do
Little fools are miniscule, spitting isn't difficult
You find your mind cos Im out of mine
Fuck a pound sign came for the crown of grime
I told you once, I told you a thousand times
Im a fountain of acid, you're alkaline
You alcoholics are out of Time
Got a mountain to climb if your mouth is lying
Bow to his higness, Im bound to shine
Let me coach you on vocals and how to rhyme
Think Im vexed with your indirects
If I spit rhymes next I slit five necks
Im a big time threat, to your piss sly vects
This guy lives life inside stress
Im the best in the game, not impressed with the fame
Im testing my aim if I send for your name
The successful are lame, they kept it the same
But whatever the weather It's destined to change
Couldn't give a fuck for your creps and your chains
You slobber on the mic like a sket giving brain
Im mental, deranged, crush temples and frames
My pencil will end you like prepetual flames
Burn like syphilis, you nerds are privileged
When I die you can say that you heard the sickest spit
My verse it limitless, the earth is spinning quick
Pure words of wickedness that I merk the rhythm with
Heard you were good, It's a shame that you're not
Don't care about your chain or the fame that you got
Keep my name on your brain cos I came for your spot
What you're making is pot, they say it's a lot
You're whack bro with your kak flow
But you're whack though put ya cap low
Prat go back home
This monster is stronger than Castro's backbone
I attack those little Fapo Caso's
Don't ever get arrogant
Don't start panicking, phone your management
Mumbling, mannering that man are getting mad again
Don't care about your swagger, mandem or medallion
What's the matter then, magger where's your magnum
When theres beef mandem are missing like Madeleine
I've been badder than you and your bag of men
What's happening when I kill 'em with a pad and pen
Ain't got the bars in your pad to match me
Me im so fast, you should catch a taxi
Have you got a picture like Paparazzi?
You lack the facts that go back to back b
What I watch you rappers It's like crazy comedy
I got a 'dont rate this fake G' policy
Fuck ya rewards I don't rate these nominees
Just little fickle Jay-Z wannabes
You hobos are old and It's so so true
No promo, logo or photoshoot
Fuck your postcode, mobile and polo suit
My opponents are hoping I won't go true
Im certainly burning these burglars verbally
Merking these merkers 'til mercenaries murder me
Burstin' and turnin' your burberry burgundy
Guernsey to Germany, Jersey to Bermondsey
True rhymes, ain't got a pen? you can use mine
Ain't stayin' underground line a tube line
I'mma come through and shine, In due time
Which one of you pricks said I can't do grime?

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Lowkey Who Said I Can't Do Grime? Comments
  1. von takoda

    fK yeah ! Truth ...

    i don't even like to call them 'rappers' or what they do 'rap', cause so much of that is crap.
    i refer to Lowkey, Immortal Technic, Sage Francis etc etc as HiP hOp ARTISTS., kinda like Banksey in the world of 'Street Art' .... UnDeRgRoUnD

  2. alien queen

    The BEST GRIME forever💚LOWKEY💙

  3. robert pac


  4. Leandro Lapa

    To say this is great is a huge understatement.

  5. Tam Abdurrahman

    G.O.A.T. Fire!!!!!

  6. Geoff Kinnane

    He cant do grime. Should find another profession in my opinion. Even my grandma could do better. Genuinely the Worst rapper ive ever heard. Said nobody. Ever.

  7. Lawrence Ward

    Anyone still here in 2019 cos they got a don’t rate fake G policy?

    Carolina Wren

    What is that?

    Reimendt M.ehmeh

    @Carolina Wren hes saying lowkey issa real g basically... n that other foos r fake gs

  8. Ahmed Kneiez

    Charika dyal YouTube nhawiweha

  9. Devin McGettigan

    does nobody realized this is his fire in the booth over a grime beat ?

  10. jaz singh

    Thank you to whoever said he can't do grime🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

  11. Ahmed Butt

    2019 squad.. PULL UP

  12. SeekTheTruth

    Background music?

  13. SteveC

    What beat is this?

  14. Agustin Rodríguez

    Talento Sublime, Lowkey.

  15. Malphas Mikaelson

    Sad this beat is so wack.

  16. Psychic Gamer

    He’s just talking gibberish to me

    Cole-Con O

    Just look up the lyrics

    The big dog In this bitch

    Psychic Gamer of course because you can’t understand it

  17. walid vlogs

    Kkks with aks lol.

  18. Onur Aydogan

    Someone tell him he cant do grime again pls...

  19. Cunticus Cunticus

    I never said it, honest

  20. ali khan

    And to this day,.the lyrical wizardry of this song is unmatched. Nobody can spit on this beat like Lowkey did. Legendary shit 🔥

  21. Hysteria Btw

    Who chip again?

  22. Yahyah Ali

    Lowkey is lowkey the best artist of all time. His vocabulary, delivery etc is dimensions ahead of everyone else’s

  23. Bulletproof*

    Imagine Lowkey and Eminem collaboration.

  24. dam avfc

    Melanin 9 is on lowkeys level. Uk wise

  25. Greg Johnson

    Lowkey was doing grime in a previous life when he was Shakespear

  26. MAGICIAN33

    Omg he is ANIMAL

  27. Clorox Bleach

    It sounds better on fitb

  28. Florin Colceru

    LowKey you the MAN love from Romania! Aight Florin!!!!!

  29. Danny Wright

    Guy went fully in

  30. krimzonthc

    Alphabet soup


    ps3 bo1

  32. Adam Hauson

    Damn son, shoots fired. I repeated shots fired.

  33. David Farrell


  34. Young M.A

    181 people said he can’t do grime

  35. Shaun T

    That's his fire in the booth

  36. lachanfallNr35

    but really... who said that? prick..

  37. Sho Sho




  39. Julioshawtylean76

    I member this one grime for real.

  40. Stay Down Come Up

    Firree! Lee B brought me here!

  41. Dead red who’s going to bed

    How is this only at 1 mil

  42. That Maniac

    who's still here at 1 MILLION VIEWS

  43. CMD


  44. disillusion

    RIP Eminem & MGK

    jim west

    lol yes Vlad

  45. Yh-it’s-Jay

    This shit gives me chills guys a lyrcial genuis

  46. ΧΡΣ

    straight up fire

  47. Ghost777

    🔥🔥Grime version of papoose “alphabetical slaughter “

  48. ali khan

    What you just saw basically is how to murder the ABC 👍😁✊ dayyyyyyuuuum 👌

  49. Alejandro Sanguesa

    best rapper alive, no contest! fucking god

  50. Keenan Beefbox

    It's 'fuck your MOBO', not 'your mobile'

  51. francis Godwin

    Whether your a kushite or a Roman Sparta Sumerian pharaoh nigga were all stars check the sun there black and white spots, red and yellow keep Cambodia on your brain but when it's beef it's Thai I don't rate fake g policy ,u can use mine, Grimm forever spooky

    francis Godwin


  52. Aylin Boyar

    166 people said he can’t do grime

  53. Morgan Morgan

    Possibly the sickest most impressive sounding rapper I've ever heard

  54. Joe syg leader cr

    I rate lowkey but man akala still better

  55. Zenor Nelder

    This man is on fire. Ryhmes are superb.

  56. Ashish Sharda

    These are the kind of tracks wiley, ard adz & UK drill rappers listen to when they want to be educated about the art of lyrics, rhymin' & REAL rap artistry. Best believe tho. Standardizaleelee.

  57. Herbal remedy

    Lowkey alphabet assassin is sick

  58. Cody Macdonald

    2018 this track is still FIREEEE

  59. laxerolje

    Still bangin

  60. frank incense

    Lowkey - Who Said I Can't Do Grime Reaction

  61. blitz king


    mind universe

    jake burgess 2018 ❤️

  62. skramble

    Who said you can’t do grime?
    Probably Memeulous.

  63. D. J. R

    Big Tune

  64. Axel Buschmann

    this guy is a genius. this was ridiculous

  65. Mariam Kiani

    All the dislikes thought it said dis-i-like 😎

  66. thunderchild1083

    Lowkey your fucking sick, come back man we miss you

  67. Shea Z

    The way this man strings his rhymes is mental.

  68. Linnéa Johansson Olin

    Swear 900k of these views are all me

  69. jimchorley

    Ok so I'm 7 years late for this...but...all I can say is...I'm lost for words !!

  70. Eric W.

    I am from America - Lowkey (as well as Akala) are better than any American rappers ever, any time period. Greatest ever.

    Nick Gornall

    Don’t get me wrong, Lowkey and Akala are better than a lot of rappers. But Nas is the king.


    @Nick Gornall Delusional

    von takoda

    i don't even like to call them 'rappers' or what they do 'rap', cause so much of that is crap.
    i refer to Lowkey, Immortal Technic, Sage Francis etc etc as HiP hOp ARTISTS., kinda like Banksey in the world of 'Street Art' .... UnDeRgRoUnD

  71. willywonka

    The plethora of words (sans "bitches", " hoes","n word") used in this song is just amazing. So refreshing to hear this kind of music.

  72. Baron Kai

    Never got tired of listening to this... 5 years on and still a banger

  73. Random ness

    some of these lyrics are so wrong lol

  74. Shafia U

    Lowkey could murder any genre if he wished to do so

  75. terry swamp

    Smash those rymes man

  76. SmoKii

    murdered this beat aha

  77. Basiloxx Le Moxx

    This guy really deserves more views...

  78. Black Eden

    Rhyming letters which all end in the "ee" sound, fucking talent

  79. Forr Eva

    #Shit Nigga Flow is Mad 🤔😬👊

  80. Ashish Sharda

    mr traumatik needs to do a lowkey feature. along with skinnyman possibly klashnekoff...i wouldn't mind hearin dat shizz...

  81. Ashish Sharda

    d guy is legendary standard


    your version of his lyrics are not on point

  83. abu asraf

    how are the views decreasing as time is increasing? fix

  84. Onur A


    *waits for part two*


    Jason A lol I wish ! It'll happen ik.

  85. joker cunt

    this is okay

  86. UltimateMoralizer

    In my opinion, everyone who does UK hip-hop is automatically better than all grime emcees as grime is not even music. It's just a bunch of plebs talking nonsense to gain attention with noisy beats. Hip-Hop is about expressing yourself ... and authentic hip-hop beats are hard to make. Even though I can't stand grime music, I'm impressed with this track. If I was in his situation, I wouldn't have given that troll any attention. It's just some random pillock online.

  87. Matthany Fiedtano

    Wow this is amazing you have to read the lyrics!

  88. BlissAden

    But it's not finished yet thu!!

  89. GrimeBlock0121

    Now i know my abc

  90. farhan alam

    Lowkey and Immortal Technique should do more songs together

  91. Carina enäggstvilling Monika. Andersson

    well done.

  92. Carina enäggstvilling Monika. Andersson

    well done.

  93. HalalBacon

    for lowkey fire in the booth part 2 google ' *lowkey fitb pt2* ' sign share support the petition