Lowkey - The Death Of Neoliberalism Lyrics

Your public service died, death to World Bank and IMF; is it
The kleptocracy orchestrated, subjugate the corporate state that isn't
Theresa's a terrorist, we could be standing at the precipice of

Pontificate, Philosophise
Cross the T's, dot the I's
I heard em' say the revolution won't be monetized
But it could be wrapped up, packaged and comodified
In this poisonous equation, I wonder what am I?
Tax dodging tabloids, profit from these horrid lies
Peddle patriotism but economically colonise
Sycophants, grippin' flags, tell you that they're on your side
Sell off your services abroad, who do they prioritise?
Robin Hood in reverse, these robberies aren't secrets
Bonuses for bankers and backhanders for arms dealers
Can't cage the alternative that now exists
With the skill of an alchemist, turn pain into empowerment
Inspired to be alive, in this powerful moment
No more will these cowards sell us out to their donors
We rose, like a giant awoken out of this coma
Confront the culture of power with the power of culture!
We sing!

Your public service died, death to World Bank and IMF; is it
The kleptocracy orchestrated, subjugate the corporate state that isn't
Theresa's a terrorist, we could be standing at the precipice of

History favours the trail blazers
The taste for change is contagious
It's not strange these faceless takers are afraid of raising wages
When the same major papers say that we should hate our neighbours
Then when the rage cascades
These sadists claim that their blameless
What is clear, some don't even pay taxes on their profits here
Wrote against the interests of Murdoch and Rothermere
Not conspiracy theory, conspiracy actuality
Until now politics, merely a practicality
They deify celebrity
What happens when no celebrities turn and you say it [?] no necessity
I don't condemn the deified but mourn those whose brilliant as them who died
Potential unrealised
Atomisation had us
Distant and deafened
Now we're interconnected, independent but interdependant
We rose, like a giant awoken out of a coma
Confront the culture of power with the power of culture!
We sing!

Your public service died, death to World Bank and IMF; is it
The kleptocracy orchestrated, subjugate the corporate state that isn't
Theresa's a terrorist, we could be standing at the precipice of

We sing:
Your public service died, death to World Bank and IMF; is it
The kleptocracy orchestrated, subjugate the corporate state that isn't
Theresa's a terrorist, we could be standing at the precipice of

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Lowkey The Death Of Neoliberalism Comments
  1. Thug Rose


  2. Thug Rose

    Glory to neo liberalism

  3. F Symes

    I want to see a LOWKEY & BLACK THOUGHT collaboration PLEASE!

  4. Muenen

    Unfortunately neoliberalism is more alive than ever...

  5. HaHaLooLoo

    lowkey is so fucking hot idec

  6. Rahul Krishna

    Is that Crazy Haze / Atlas X at 1:08 ?

  7. Czech Steff

    Tupac & Lowkey. Not just rappers. Educating the system.

  8. Jolyne Renald

    I must be the only fan of this guy in the U.S. especially in Texas lol

  9. Akram Alwan

    الحريه ل فلسطين

  10. Desiree Gonzalez


  11. MasterChief

    The lyrics and melody of this track are superb! How is it that it goes unnoticed?

  12. Veronica Obiglio

    We know with whom we are dealing

  13. Veronica Obiglio

    This time is not the arab spring

  14. Dan [REDACTED]

    Listening to this immediately after Ghosts of Grenfell... neoliberalism killed those people, and we must kill neoliberalism.

  15. Mario Gámez

    Wait this song isn´t about black wannabes & hoes?
    Where´s neo- keynesianism?? We need you back.

  16. M. Shamkar

    British iraqi rapper .

  17. Jonas Steinberg

    This joint came from the heart. I rock this before I go out to organize.

  18. Latrelle Johnson

    This dude never cease to amaze with his music... He dope af!!

  19. Veronica Logotheti

    Now is time for people to see the verdad

  20. R. H.F.

    confront the culture of power with the power of culture 👊

  21. 24paljim

    Freedom. Freedom. Freedom. Freedom; Theresa is a Terrorist. Funds Al Qaeda aka White Helmets.

  22. Luis Arancibia Sanchez

    1:25 con polera del presidente Allende

  23. Ummati 93

    The problem with Lowkey is that this brother uses the same method as Tupac to spit truth and this is why GOD forbid, he might end up paying the same price JFK did

  24. Jay Rosado


  25. Jack Lordon

    Ffs was hoping mic and akala had a verse

  26. Mariyan Ananiev


  27. Adam Zakaria

    does anyone know if the track samples another song about freedom?

  28. sinlessbullets

    The true MC

  29. Adam Jones

    It's like punk rap, it's beautiful

  30. Avenging Angel

    Teresa May is a terrorist , along with all the others . One day they will answer for their crimes but you will have to make a revolution to make it so.

  31. Nicolas Ruesch

    Wow! How fucking good is this? It's fucking good that's how good it is!

  32. Jonas Steinberg

    And aaaalllllll you fuckin fascists can get ktfo.

  33. Andy Bee 5.0

    Lowkey is a legend, respect!

  34. Jahida 360

    ✊🏽#PR #Mayday riots

  35. francis Godwin

    Thuglife one nation

  36. KINDLE

    I saw a documentary the other day about how the Greediest people literally banished Hemp production over night in order to save the oil, petrol & plastics industry by renaming it Marijuana & spreading fear of moral bankruptcy & death.

    And now what have we got? A plastic coated world full of misery, lies, & pain. FUCK the Government.

  37. João Heitor

    Lowkey Salute! Your music is contagious. I see Awate, Akala and Black The Ripper also. Great human beings. Salute to all!

  38. Mohammad Thabata

    I wish I could have a feature with Lowkey Ive listened to his music sense I was a kid.

  39. alakazam fam

    Why isn't this on Spotify

  40. C SwissTV

    I reacted to this song!!!! Go like and subscribe!!!

  41. Toby Hammond

    I wish he would Collab with other artists ,I know he is independent and he wants stay away from mainstream, but say if he collabd with chip , for eg, the publicity would only be positive for him , I feel like he is suppressing his potential and success,

    Lowkey dissed chip years ago, I feel Chipmunk has grown as a artist since, although they rap about similar subjects lowkey is political , Chip is flashy, braggadocios . But put to artist like this together you have the best of both worlds

  42. TheHussaini

    Good to hear your rap, welcome back! Lowkey. BTW, I'm trying to make a positive impact, subscribe to my channel and I'll subscribe you back.

  43. Yoenelmic Official

    Que alguien traduzca esto al español por dios

  44. Official Tim Cruz

    Still got it. One of the UKs GOATs. Salute.

  45. world0fdave

    Please play this song at my funeral

  46. B. Bailey

    this should be our anthem! Lowkey is the greatest

  47. Casey

    Revolution will be monetized

  48. Normz97

    Rest in peace Muhammad Ali! :(

  49. LcDidier95

    I met him thanks to Pablo Hasel, a rapper of Spain who has rebel lyrics against the capitalism system and our fascist state. He shared this songs and I can discovered one of the more necessary MC in the world.

    At the moment, Pablo Hasel can be sentenced to 12 years in prison for various lyrics and songs, as well as for opinions in social networks. All of them against our monarchy and our regime that lets political prisoners die in prison and that censures dissent. Also in Spain, there are already more than 20 rappers who have been sentenced to jail, search on Valtonyc or on La Insurgencia. Please, do not let them make this case invisible and show solidarity with them. ABSOLUTION!

  50. Nahid Islam

    Instant classic

  51. benavi max

    Big respect !!! Go to Czech pleas :)

  52. Jahida 360

    Puerto Rico Libre ✊🏽✊🏽✊🏽✊🏽✊🏽

  53. Jahida 360

    I love this mans work so much !

  54. Callum Brown

    Lowkey best UK rapper of all time!

  55. DJMarkCornelius

    This is Hip Hop. Uplift the people!!!

  56. Joe Roberts

    I'm on my pull ups/chin ups and starting calisthenetics too yes LOWKEY!

  57. ATPStudios

    LOWKEY!!!!! YOU ARE BACK I CANNOT BELIEVE IT AM I DREAMING!?!?!?!?!!? This is amazing where can we buy this track man!?


    as salam alaikum, i don't want freedom, i want peace

  59. AwakeDude911

    7 billion on planet EARTH not 1 can / will change the system they ( THE POWERS THAT BE )  created !................... why ????  everyone is waiting  for some one else to SAVE THEM  .  or the 1 person stands  they get life in prison or dead. the mass movement wont work as it at some point gets taken over and side tracked.   the battle in your hands daily and buying  Nike shoe while on your IPhone in line at BK  is only helping the corporations get more control and money.

  60. Normz97

    I am all about peace and love x

    Free my people

    Free Palestine long live Gaza

    Insh'Allah x ❤️ may Allah protect us all

  61. Suliman Khan

    New lowkey fire in the booth out on the 2nd of december

  62. Ray

    And that's why the establishment are scared shitless of corbyn.He will address all these issues and will bring a halt to British imperial wars..I'm so glad my son got me into Lowkey,he knows the truth and I love him for it..My sons a good guy too lol...

  63. Robert Bryant Lock

    Lowkey and other 'real' mcs mention the j-word and they will gain a measure of trust. Until then I have to assume that they are controlled opposition.


    This song should be reaching the world don't fear rejection share this to everyone you know!

  65. Mohammed Asam

    What? Only 126,720 views, this is worth over 7 billion views!

  66. wenton moore

    i had to pause at 1:00 and take a moment

  67. EnemyNoOne

    Lowkey is a fucking LEGEND!!



  69. Freedom Of Motion

    Is that park in archway? Used to train there ( Parkour) cool!

    Also great track ha ha

  70. misterdust1

    Dope man!!

  71. Mary Empire

    I've missed you lowkey <3 welcome back 🎉

  72. Fabien White

    0:37 Cheeky appearance from Akala.

  73. Real Talk

    lowkeys my insperation for this track opinions please https://youtu.be/xZpzP8CTdyo

  74. Damone Riles

    "I don't condemn the deified, but morn those as brilliant as them who died potential unrealized" Real shit tho.

  75. Over Pass

    Hes back boys

  76. Angelo

    Yeah OK Lowkey, Freda, whoever she is. World bank and IMF what, Euro shag fest and move the individual further away from the center of power what? You're the guy pushing 'lets borrow more fiat money from banksters labour', right? ...Here's what I think, you're only good at one way conversations, preaching pish for lightweights to swallow and you should stick to the real great cause of free Palestine and back off pretending you're for Freda, freedumb or whatever while you're pushing the full on Willie Lynch divide via gender and colour arm of the establishment aka labour who's best idea is borrow from the create money out of thin air and charge us interest neo-con-artist bankster elite. You are either lying to yourself or trying to con us.

    The older I get [much older than you] the closer I lean towards the abolition of control and the further away I go from the lame-stream political con artists left, right, male, female, divide and conquer. ...You seem to be going the other way. I think you're losing your marbles to assholes with false promises and golden tongues.

    Power to the people not your jobs for their mates foliticians. You really love foliticians don't you? You pretend to know it all, but your really just a smooth talker with skin deep substance. The more I think about it, the more it becomes obvious that all you do when you get it right is restate the obvious. These days you're just regurgitating the obvious 'World Bank and IMF' but you're shallow and wrong and 'Vote Corbyn'. You've sold out to the neo-con-artists in lame-stream politics.

    You wanted Obama, because he promised you that he’d close Guantanamo bay, later you woke up to the truth. Now you want Corbyn because he promises he’ll do what about the plight of the Palestinians. …or are you just priming for your next hit ‘is it a Corbyn-nation or an dust-bin nation?

    How much are they paying you?

    I’m here, why don’t you attack the man, because you can’t defend against his arguments, as usual. Give us a rap about how stupid we are whilst you avoid the debate with real people. As the great Bruce Lee once said, “Microphones, …don’t hit back.” Or something like that.

  77. Travis R Hill

    WHAAAAAT!!!NICE LOWKEY..I got to share some of my own conscious hip-hop with you one day.

  78. MeekyDeeJay

    What's the plan then? I'm up for change but what is my man saying apart from existing structure is wrong?? Anyone can see that.... we need something concrete, just saying RESIST / REVOLUTION / UPRISING etc doesn't do fuck all

    jeannie smith

    MeekyDeeJay I can't speak for anyone but I think the ultimate message here is awareness...education and political action. He speaks often..he does not only make music.

  79. Sunday Trend

    HEAVY, THE star guardian, reference to neither news papers, although they will collide, LOVE PEACE UNITY ... agony to all racist narrow minded zombies of the world,

  80. James McCarthy

    Lowkey is BAACK homie ... spray those bars

  81. Adrian Saldana

    This is on a whole nother lever.. lowkey i will wait for you when you come to the states..

  82. ohtebowah

    This guy is so fake man. All talk about freedom yet he's a little Islamist who calls for a third intifada which would mean a Jewish genocide. He makes me sick tbh

  83. ken 11

    Lowkey one of the greatest of all time

  84. Dinaa Labqi

    Big Zuu! 2:15 😁 ❤

  85. Michael O'Sullivan

    WHY CAN'T I BUY THIS ANYWHERE???? I WANT TO BUY THIS! Lowkey exemplifying why he is the country's TOP lyricists and rapper. One problem with the song though....it ends!

  86. Jesse Winney

    If any of you are serious about fighting neoliberalism, join the LLCO! llco.org

  87. MRnobody

    I try to keep up with you lyrics but I cant, nobody else like you !

  88. MRnobody

    lowkey = king !

  89. Conner Kararhatan


  90. Conner Kararhatan


  91. johnbeck92

    'Confront the culture of power, with the power of culture'!!! Now that has to be one of the realest bars ever written!

  92. Hamzah Zaman

    INSPIRED 2 B Alive!

  93. Hayat Maawi

    Is lowkey back for good?

  94. Lukas Fischer

    Damn, that's real ass

  95. Katrina Rattle

    Is he back for real??!

  96. Greg Blackman

    Some of these comments are bloody fascinating.

  97. Reefy Shabazz

    Lowkey my brother peace be upon you. This means a lot to us!!!!

  98. Harun Kahramanlar

    Guess Who is back!! One love Lowkey!!