Lowkey - Sunday Morning Lyrics

When the children see them, they point and laugh
When the children see them, they point and laugh
When the children see them, they point and laugh
But they don't know
When the children see them, they point and laugh
When the children see them, they point and laugh
When the children see them, they point and laugh
But they don't know
They don't know

She lost her son on a Sunday
Her memory's a bloodstain
The paper showed his young face
Who remembered his mum's name?
She sleeps with the blanket he was wrapped in as a child
He's not dead he's just napping for a while
She thinks backwards with a smile
On a clock, the hands stop
Can't accept all the plans
Lost sunny Sundays
Dancing to Vandross like:
I used to be such a bad bad boy
But I gave it up
When I fell in love (ooh)

Hold him close breathe the smell of his skin
Preserving every little thing
How can she ever begin
To move on?
Sunday mornings getting the groove on
His little hands wave, they [?]
She thinks he's coming in from school
Made his favourite dinner too
Sitting talking to an empty chair in the living room
Roams the street calling out things that no one listens to
Tried to treat her but
They thought solution was medicinal
And I don't think they'll ever comprehend it
Schizophrenic or a broken heart that can't be mended
Now she's sitting talking to herself
Where the bench is
Relatives wonder when she's coming to her senses

In her mind, he grew
Walked the passage to a man
They branded it as madness
Never planned to understand
She can't quite touch him
She imagines that she can
Holding the fabric to her face
Squeezing the blanket in her hand

Every Sunday morning, na ya ya
Every Sunday morning, na ya ya
Every Sunday morning, na ya ya
I dance with you
I dance with you

The day they came and took away his son was a Sunday
But he only woke up to the news on the Monday
More times he knows the situation ends one way
But he looks up searching for some hope in the sunrays
A year passed, two years passed, three years passed
Finds it hard to get over the shadow that the fear casts
Four years passed, five years passed, six, seven, eight passed
Still lays a hand for him when they play cards
His bedroom as it was, doesn't dare to touch a thing
Hums himself to sleep with the songs his son would sing, like:
Ain't no sunshine when she's gone
Only darkness every day
Ain't no sunshine now he's gone
Only darkness every day

You might see him by the betting shop
Asking for a spare pound
His shoes are getting tattered
And he's losing all his hair now
Sees him in his dreams but
He doesn't know his whereabouts
Sees him in the mirror
'Cause there's nothing else he cares 'bout
Sees him in the crowd but
The truth is, he isn't there
Goes after him and chases but
Every time, he disappears
Cars pass him by
And passengers just sit and stare
Talking to himself in a cruel world that didn't care

Every Sunday morning, na ya ya (ah ya ya)
Every Sunday morning, na ya ya
Every Sunday morning, na ya ya (hey)
I dance with you (oh)
I dance with you (ah)
Every Sunday morning, na ya ya (every Sunday morning, yeah)
Every Sunday morning, na ya ya (ah oh)
Every Sunday morning, na ya ya
I dance with you (oh)
I dance with you (ah)

I don't think I can do this on my own (no no no)
I don't think I can do this on my own (oh)
I don't think I can do this on my own
'Cause I need you
I need you
I don't think I can do this on my own
I don't think I can do this on my own
I don't think I can do this on my own
'Cause I need you (I need you)
I need you

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Lowkey Sunday Morning Comments
  1. Don Pedro

    This is so deep. Lowkey is one of the best rappers ever

  2. Huma Hashmi

    this song broke my heart. this is so sad

  3. Shelley Mathews

    Lowkey I loves you

  4. S Al-Khafaji

    Anybody with any love for hip hop or urban music needs to start listening to lowkey.. Lowkey is all love and humanity. Lyrically no other urban artist can come close to his genius.

  5. adil ismail

    Profound and deep lyrics - need to go hug my umi 😢

  6. Olla Atchaboi

    So good

  7. DonLusher


  8. Sheeva Matimbas

    Stateside got Tech , we got Lowkey

  9. Charlie Shaw

    Seeing that woman dancing with an empty blanket got me

  10. Charlie Shaw

    This brought me to tears. It's too sad

  11. kerrangzapplin

    Just knew lowkey yesterday.. im a fan.. for the fight he stand for in this world.. 👍👍👍

  12. Ibby Pasha

    Respect to Mai Ma sha Allah wish mans could do it like them lowkey n Akala always rap bout shit that actually matters 💯 💯fr

  13. A heart named Lee

    Wow great video!!! 💚💚❤❤❤❤💜💜💜💜💙💙

  14. Paul Mack

    Imagine the shift in society if proper music got proper airplay!

  15. Paul Mack

    Every Sunday morning!

  16. Flower

    Wow u love Lowkey concious music

  17. Jeanine Edmondstone

    love this song very powerful

  18. Nizzy

    Anyone know the sample?

  19. Jeanine Edmondstone

    good song

  20. Jammy369

    This music is all I need in my life<3

  21. A heart named Lee

    Dope Fucking track. 💜

  22. Adam Obaid

    We don’t deserve Lowkey

  23. Shareen Begum

    Lowkey is all I listen to hes defo the best rapper in the world!

  24. Sana Hussain

    I've not even lossed anyone Alhamdulillah but i felt this song so much. Lowkey you are a genius!


    Big up from aus 🇦🇺

  26. just another person

    So deep 😍😍😍

  27. matt chew

    This has to be my favourite song ever ❤lowkey the goat

  28. manuela5833

    https://youtu.be/-iJxUANUYgo Same story...it's our little people that suffer

  29. Aj Holmes

    Lowkey is a philosopher and poet. He just happens to also make music.

  30. gethin probert

    The boi is sick

  31. NinjaTea 0161



    wow emotional track man!!!!!

  33. dave schoey

    This song hits a raw nerve, really well written and music production is spot on. The lyrics make me appreciate what I have

  34. Jody Beeton

    Respect & love to all my brother's & sister's from down under "Sacred land" [-o-] aka Stolenwealth of Australia

  35. Adifah S.

    Thank you for touching on an often very taboo subject, mental health. Regards Low-key.

  36. joey mason

    Low-key 💯 real the government higher ups don't let people like this make it music the devil likes to control like the demon pan used to play pan pipes to suduce kids adults and all kill them that's were panic attack or pandamoniu m comes from the devil wants all he's sighns and back writing in songs music can changed alot of people that's why alot of greats got killed like Bob Marley they don't want our vibes changed there sick masonic wierdos low-key is proper talent I don't idolise but I like he is the only one I would ever take time to see and immortal technique and David icke keep up the great work if you can change or help as many people as one a day the days are getting better 👌👌

  37. Neil Toney

    I expect nothing less than another master piece from Lowkey a real voice for change, scratch that a man of the people just not change. I plead ignore the bad music of main stream.

  38. Martin Mirza

    Why so underrated? smh

  39. MrAhmes2001

    Fuck this good

  40. Tims Tapes

    Please get this on spotify ❤

  41. Har Oon

    What happened to you lowkey. What's up mate. What kinda songs you are up to lately

  42. BoulderShoulders

    Lowkey u legend. I’ve only just discovered these bangers been living under a box these last few years. Nuff love and respect ❤️🛫

  43. E.Flores

    I don't have kids yet but this makes me think of my uncle and aunt that lost their 4 year old daughter to a freak firework accident and then years later their 18 year old son. He was loading a stranded car onto his tow truck when a box truck served into the shoulder and killed him. I could never understand what they feel nor would i ever want to because there is only one way to truly understand it and that's by losing your child. Shit make me cry thinking about it. I don't think you ever truly recover from it honestly. It changes a person.

  44. Gerardo Garcia

    I've watched this video plenty of times, and it makes me cry everytime. I couldn't imagine the loss of a child, this is a beautiful video and song. Mai Khalil and Lowkey have made and continue to make incredible music that have touched me in almost every emotional way. Peace & Love.

  45. Humble Ukth

    Get this on Spotify bruda

  46. outmane fettah

    They dont have mercy fam

  47. Carlos Reyes

    great power to braking of chains holding us . god elihom will free us the lord is great thanks Lowkey from Detroit Michigan

  48. Orlando Quintana

    Everytime I listen just brings tears to my eyes true art from a true artist

  49. BiggBoyEntertainment


  50. Oleg Lane

    Nice fam NICE. LOVE IT

  51. HonkyKonG


  52. Truth Reality

    Glad to hear you back lowkey raw emotion and perspective. This is what we need to be teaching people. Thanks again for showing reality lowkey.

  53. Tommy Lee

    if you've heard this you are very lucky. should have millions of views

  54. david marshall

    Damn you making me feel.

  55. wynnieboi2010

    A truly gifted artist. The song is incredible. WOW!

  56. Jon Pearce

    Every time I hear this I get goosebumps, phenomenal music

  57. Tony 707

    I lost my dad on a Sunday.
    Then my life just want the wrong way.
    Eviction notices piling up.
    Bills coming every other day.
    And mom found the bottle she tried to drink the pain away.
    And my brothers full of anger case he don’t know how to take the pain.
    So he takes it out on me and hurts but I love him anyway.
    He dropped out of school.
    And my sister did too.
    And now we gotta move cause the rent is over due.
    Now I’m doing things I know he wouldn’t want me too.
    Cause my moms still drinking and we’re running out of food.
    And I wear the same clothes to school, everyday it’s true.
    Getting laughed at up and down the
    halls cause the holes in my shoes.
    I remember the way his leather wallet smelled.
    And all the jokes he used to tell.
    His laugh could bring me back from hell.

  58. TomViolenceSA

    immmense respect to lowkey, as always

  59. UltimateMoralizer

    Awesome track. Real hip-hop about life. Salute. A lot of fake emcees from high focus and SBTV can learn something from Lowkey.

  60. Kwazy Cupcakes


  61. Dizmop

    A deep tune with very thoughtful lyrics and video but it like a drop of water in an ocean, Rap music is so competetive these type of sit down and listen tunes don't get noticed, Drill is killing it because it's a party vibe, I can't stand Drill but it get the kids attention, this sounds too "Head knod" good for a 90's album track no so good for the streets of today

  62. louise corbett

    Shash going to miss you kiddo 😪😥

  63. Abacus

    Lowkey: A master of the art. An inspiration.

  64. mind universe

    Max Respect from Portugal 👌💪❤️

  65. dooeydooey


  66. Aleksi Laiho

    Dear Lowkey. I hope, somehow, you will see this comment.

    You have the voice of the voiceless. People listen to you. Thanks to you people are more aware of what is happening in the world. But no one ever talks or makes music about Tibet.

    You cannot be against occupation of Palestine, illegal invasions of Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen etc, if you don't also speak for all the oppressed people. Tibetans have been oppressed for since the 50's. Pretty much same as Palestinians. Why don't you speak your mind about Tibet? Another one is West Papua. Oppressed since '79.

    Please, speak for all of the oppressed. You have the voice that people listen to.


  67. konogomang

    We need more of this; soulful and meaningful, simply beautiful.

  68. steven goulding

    This man is back YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  69. MarcusMcGrizz

    Lowkey & Mai INCREDIBLE DUO! Huge fan of both their music! Love from California!

  70. Hisen Bewg

    I actually love Lowkey.

  71. Ed Kirwan

    Powerful lyrics - please look at my videos on my page that give those who are homeless in the UK a voice. The project is called motivation of the invisible and aims to humanise the homeless and get people to acknowledge them. Also check out my insta - @edkirwan for all my content. Thanks!

  72. Saeed Osman

    Ngl i laughed like a child at 00:25 😂
    Its harsh but hilarous lmao

  73. Roots

    LOWKEY. King. Love.

  74. hamza rahman

    Sunday morning. Eid Mubarak low!

  75. Karim

    my bro lowkey

  76. Lenny McLean

    Love the chorus

  77. Rubel Zaman


  78. Kakarot


  79. Emilio nemo

    Lowkey once mentioned in a song that his brother died, is this him? and his family? if so, that's beyond sad and heartfelt. I lost my niece 3 weeks ago and it took so long to have her funeral it happened this past weekend. She only lived for 5 hours after she was born. Carrying her casket like some parcel package from the train to the morgue and back again to her grace. Really messed with my head, I still can't get those images out of my head, been drinking alot since. And yet only recieve hate from people. Rip


    Emilio nemo I am deeply sorry for your loss. May your niece rest in peace. I wish you all the strength through these times brother <3

    Emilio nemo

    Thank you, sobered up since then. Mind is clearer <3


    Emilio nemo I'm glad to hear <3

  80. Lord Hades

    Lowkey's music never fails to pull at my heartstrings. Straight from the heart.

  81. Imran Amanullah

    The old man is definitely Afghan; those dance moves scream Afghan lmao

  82. UK Rap G

    This raises awareness about mental health in such artistic way, thank you lowkey and mai khalil, anyone going through tough times feel free to message me on my instagram: @wecare_mentalhealth

  83. OutWriting GRAFF!

    I'd love for them to make a whole jazz infused album like this!

  84. Music Macol

    Nearly broke down.
    This is just...wow.

  85. Jeeves Rothschild

    This had me close to tears, damn this tune is powerful.

  86. Wan Hazwan


  87. Oddacity

    bro!!! honestly word cannot exress how good this is!! truly remarkable talent

  88. Dan Bull

    Thank you Lowkey for your many years speaking out for people who very often don't have the opportunity to speak out for themselves

  89. Michael Valdez

    If youve never shed a tear to the realization of lowkey's genius and insight then your not a true fan

  90. Outlaw P

    Love from Greece... And RESPECT

  91. Matt Chambers

    every Sunday monrnin i i iii

  92. True Trixter

    This song has hit me hard just after losing 2 special people in my life...its given me more hope...knowing that im not alone in such an important stage in my life ..thank you💚 may allah protect you guys inshallah 💚 these songs are interpreted in many different ways by many different people and has different effects on each of them...you guys help so much and u might not even know it 💚

  93. superr mannn


  94. TAZ Akhtar

    Them goosebumps tho

  95. Mohammad Bin Mahbub

    So much love for this. Heart burn.

  96. Hijack the Ripper

    Wow that's powerful 🙏🏽

  97. PakoZ _

    Lowkey why are you so amazing❤️
    Fan from Pakistan!

  98. demonelephant

    Mate holy shit.. this and ghosts of grenfell just need to be played to the world