Lowkey - Skit 3 Lyrics

I gotta ask you a question
I do not, uh, believe in, I can't trust Obama
I I have read about him and he's not he's not he's a erm, he's an Arab
He is not (no m'am) No? [laughter]

[John Mccain:]
No m'am, no m'am
He's a, he's a decent family man citizen that I just happen to have disagreements with on, on fundamental issues, and that's what this campaign is all about
He's not, thank you [applause]

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Lowkey Skit 3 Comments
  1. nG227

    For those looking for the speech this is from, it is Jim Al-Khalili "The House of Wisdom and the legacy of Arabic science": https://youtu.be/EFK8Ruc1lSQ the speech starts at about 3:28 and the snippet in Skit 3 starts at about 5:22. He also has a BBC documentary about the topic, Science and Islam.

  2. Mr. Robot

    Where can I find the full speech?

  3. wunas96

    Does anyone know who this is and where this speech is taken from?

  4. Rakel Vali

    You are always teaching and for that may you always be rewarded 💚