Lowkey - Skit 2 Lyrics

Dear friends, I think it's now, time to at least have a first balance sheet, not the last, the first balance sheet of the Obama presidency
As many of you know the images of the campaign are still vivid
Big, large mobilizations in the United States, of young people primarily, desperate for change
And the slogan of that campaign: Change We Can Believe In"
Change Change Change
But what has changed and what hasn't changed
There has been of course been a change in the presidency, and we can't complain too much about that [Laughter]
There is a new vice-president also in the United States, and we can't complain too much about that [Laughter and Applause]
But the Defence Secretary is the same. That's the guy who sits in the pentagon and organizes wars, and the reason he was kept on was to show that there is, there are both elements of discontinuity at the top AND very strong elements of continuity
And the reason for that, is that if you wear Caesar's clothes, you have to behave like Caesar

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Lowkey Skit 2 Comments
  1. Alex Rizo

    whats the song in the back ground?


    Alexis Rizo

    Obamanation by lowkey. Actually might be called terrorist. He has like 3 terrorist songs



    Edward K

    Imperialism as a whole not "white imperialism" you idiot, you completely missed the point.

  3. Declan Duff

    everyone wants to know the guy... its Tariq Ali

  4. grruskul

    What's the song playing in the background?


    Okay, I figured it out :)

    dookie shoes

    I was trying to find the background song for lowkeys skit two...you said you found it?

  5. mmaannii91

    If anyone wants to tell me the speech that this is from that'd be much appreciated! Thanks

  6. Kupak Sulja

    awesome as an intro to the obama nation song