Lowkey - Rise And Fall Lyrics

[Verse 1:]
Back in the days, I had dreams of rapping on stage
Imagined listening to radio where my track would get played
It's tragic, I never fathomed that the magic will fade
Let's take it back to the days when I established my name
I was over-hungry for beats, like the melody was something to eat
(Bars) a hundred a week was nothing to me
As long as I had something deep to crush a sucker MC
I won battles but in a couple I fumbled, suffered defeats
I was grinding hard, way harder than other artists did
At 17, on Choice FM, I went bar for bar with swiss lyrics for 45 minutes
Ready and prepared
No lie, you can ask anybody that was there
Simple and plain, my CD got critical acclaim
I began to build an official position in the game
Quicker than I could think, I was fulfilling all my aims
I miss them days, now it's difficult 'cause shit isn't the same

Everything that goes up must come down
I was alright before, but I'm fucked up now
Got a bit of success, didn't like it at all
It's time that I document my rise and my fall
If it's not your destiny then it's not meant to be
In the mirror, face to face with my worst enemy
Got a bit of success, didn't like it at all
It's time that I document my rise and my fall

[Verse 2:]
Before volume 2 dropped, my brother died
I never stopped, I just carried on busting rhymes
Putting on a brave face but it was still tough at night
I couldn't sleep 'cause my nightmares were nothing nice
Volume 2 came out, got live in the press
Regardless, I was still stressed and fucking depressed
More successful, the more I felt stuck in a web
Pain ate away at my soul 'till nothing was left
There were rumors about, I heard a dirty sound
They even tried to say that Chancers turned me down
Everyday, they were on the phone, tryna get me on that show
'Till I had to tell 'em straight, look, I didn't wanna go
I didn't wanna blow
Had nothing to prove bruva
In '05 I won an award for best new comer
But that shits all irrelevant
They say the only thing worse than not getting what you wish for
Is getting it

Everything that goes up must come down
I was alright before, but I'm fucked up now
Got a bit of success, didn't like it at all
It's time that I document my rise and my fall
If it's not your destiny then it's not meant to be
In the mirror, face to face with my worst enemy
Got a bit of success, didn't like it at all
It's time that I document my rise and my fall

[Verse 3:]
I just can't handle the chins wagging
And the lips chatting
My issues had me making decision to quit rapping
It's funny (why?)
'Cause that almost really did happen
I changed my mind everyday
Kept zig-zagging
But I'm a lyricist, I live for this
I tried to stop
Got volume 3 off my chest
Then hit Writers Block
Very pissed, I was getting sick of my topics
A pad of paper, I couldn't fill one line of it
Seeing rappers in magazines, I know I'm better than
Cussing has-beens when really I'm just a never-been
Me and my clique would be rich if we were American
Those negative times are so clear when I remember them
I hope you heard a bar, you could maybe relate with
Life's strange, it never remains the same, it changes
It wasn't just memories that made me make this
'Cause we all rise and fall on a daily basis...

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Lowkey Rise And Fall Comments
  1. Marc Favell

    2018 ✌&❤

  2. Barbeque Sauced

    Real shit say what u want call me old but i dont get this mumble shit
    A dj slaves and a fool gets the fame

  3. Howard Abdul

    Much love to Lowkey, Vinnie Paz, and immortal technique!! They spit the truth and actually feel everyone’s pain that’s been through hard times.

  4. azy78

    "Got a bit of success; didn't like it at all"
    God Bless you. What a wise lyricist. As a 40 yr old man I say Lowkey is one of the most realistic and sincere artists out there along with Immortal Tech.

  5. protons_poltergeist

    Listening to this as I do squats. 😎


    Top 3 lowkey song. Love the instrumental so much.

  7. Toni Louise

    amazing love how he rapped about his brother too.... on another one, I lost my brother due to suicide.

  8. PreachyMax

    keep it up lowkey

  9. Omhier Khan

    This better than any music on the radio it actually talks to your soul and not superficial crap pumped out every month. thanks lowkey!

  10. Oliver Berner

    "i fumbled" suffered defeats, grinding wsy harder way harder than other, pain ate away at "my" soul till nothing was legt everything thz "goes" up must come daouwn-i was alright before, but "im" fuacked up now. ". . ."

  11. mind universe

    this guy is unique!!! is a true rapper!!! one of the best in the world!! TOP 5!! greetings from Portugal!

  12. de Lilith kerk

    I know no rapper who is as good as Lowkey

    Jeremiah Rosado

    Kabaka P

    Julian Ruvalcaba

    immortal tech is better

    add me now

    cj lowkey is literally lyrically better than both.

    Jeffrey Bouvier

    Vinnie paz


    add me now Andre 3k, nas, Kendrick Lamar, biggie...

  13. Boodi FS

    UK number 1.


    World number 1**

  14. nathan wyn evans

    Anyone got the instro to this? Deep asf. Love this track!

  15. Martin Ward

    That why adlib, is in quite a few of his songs

  16. Salah Ahmed

    Lowkey was the only rapper that spits bars about the truth 😣😣 praying for u bro🙏🙏 hope u comeback

    free the realness

    he is coming back later today

    Faisal Suleiman

    Check out English frank bars of truth is you haven't yet


    Salah Ahmed he is back!

    dazee deano

    Salah Ahmed I

  17. 3v Shhnefty

    You can hear the passion in his music the hurt, its not just a song is a masterpiece. Lowkey you need to continue.

  18. Sir Banastre Tarleton

    "They say the only thing worse than not getting what you wish for is getting it" 
    real as fuck man

    Sir Banastre Tarleton

    @***** yea love the charlie chaplin speech lol

  19. forlornmind

    many hails to lowkey keep on keeping on brother we will win in the end

  20. PilZbury CEO


  21. InSain Producer

    Anyone know the instrumental? It's amazing.

  22. KidsCantRead


  23. Abdul Hakim

    The 9 dislikes must be pagans
    That's realness respect lowkey

    Abdul Hakim

    What I mean is those that hide from facts & the truth are basically Unconcious
    Me I'm a conscious brudda

    Abdul Hakim

    Paigons like devil worshipers I dislike

    João Heitor

    I'm just curious if Hinduism falls into that category of evil paganism?


    Abdul Hakim there are most assholes on thier way

    MackDaddy Fizzel

    when we say fuck pagans we mean the blind sheep that worship other animals the ancients that built there empires on false God's fear and blood of the good

  24. Stan

    LOWKEY!!! COME BACK!!!!!!!!!!

  25. Hana Iftekhar

    lowkey is one amaze influence one better than any other rapper 2day

  26. cesar claudio

    Brown-black-white-yellow people from all over the globe we all have our rise and fall at some point.......lowkey much respect this is what they should be playing onn the radio....str8 up real music real rhymes and a true artist this is hip hop

  27. D Nice

    Lowkey is one of my favorite rappers way better then dudes like two chains

  28. Regz Zuse

    Lowkey come back.


    that wouldn't surprise me, you aint even gotta make songs you just need strong opinions for that to happen, trust me


    Regz Zuse low key is back for good bro

    Ridwan Amin



    Ridwan Amin yes.


    Came back like he never left!!

  29. Jaccizo Girei

    amazing song

  30. ddsurdds

    wow im going to have to like this video the likes are stuck on 666

  31. Anastasia Filippova

    Fantastic work, all of it: beat, lyrics, delivery, content. Thank you.

  32. Said Vumba

    TRUTH Will Rise In The END

  33. NotSlim StillShady

    He never did it for the fame. Or even wished for the fame. He did it for the people. Otherwise he woulda signed to some shitty label,

  34. Unlyricallyrics

    whats the point of making political songs if no one can hear them?
    whats the point of ideas if they're only in your head.

  35. Zido King

    u most b some dumb ass full with empty brains.u r media wash

  36. nixonnate32


  37. George G

    Lowkey aint retired homies, hes just out da picture for a lil bit.. Until his true potential is realised ;)

  38. Josh Asplin

    Inspiring young people like me to not live to hate but live to love

  39. Nynja Parkour

    Thumbs up if you think this should've been the song Lowkey used to end his career.

  40. Barbeque Sauced

    the man who defined a generation


  41. Barbeque Sauced

    Let him live his life don't be selfish
    He changed so many people - let him have his peace
    much love bro but for real, don't be so selfish try to see from his point of view

  42. irishkod

    please come back lowkey, the world needs you! i need you! you are too talented to fade into the backround.. <3

  43. GameWAVE17

    wow man, Lowkey taught me more about life than anyone else.

  44. joseph king

    yh i agree.. that last album was very powerful, even if he doesn't decide to comeback he retired nicely.

  45. Lions4322

    My favorite Key song.

  46. monty benard

    this instrumental hits the soul man its nice

  47. Darrol Westin

    Same here, just found it yesterday, how could I have not known before, he is the Greatest,.

  48. League of Latency

    Damn I almost feel guilty discovering this 2 years after it was put out. Much love from Arizona

  49. Johnny Espinal

    Lowkey speaks truth to power !!! Jah Bless him !!!

  50. Ryme1997

    I guess Lowkey doesn't want to keep it up because of what he is going through. At least he has made it clear on what he wanted to say to everyone.

  51. Hash Animations

    His father is from Dover, England and his mother is from Baghdad, Iraq.

  52. Oennenzopp

    tis still makes me cry..

  53. Jukaniko

    he was never with the music industry...

  54. TheCroatianKnight

    He left the music industry so he can focus on his studies. If anything, I respect him even more because of that.

    "the ego is a destructive thing and I feel this business has a tendency to feed it in an unhealthy way." - Lowkey, April 2012

  55. angat madon

    there are so many likes in these one group of coments

  56. N'su

    Our times Einsten, the futures da Vinci, Eternitys Osho

  57. Donny Montana

    lowkey we want you back bro, listen to this shit we sayin and come back, thumbs up if u agree

  58. Miro Kúdela training

    this man totally changed me .Your legacy will forever live on !

  59. Ashley Compton

    So glad I found Lowkey, he has actually sorta changed my life. Shame he's left the game, hopefully he comes back.

  60. Mohib Ali shah

    people why are we so blinded! lets show some love to us and all the brothers and sisters of the world, instead of sporting these power Hungary bastards we call the government! love all humankind xxX nuff love

  61. Marjan Jovanovski

    @5StarsForYouu i prefer to you liste Everything I Am song by lowkey he explains it all

  62. Zach Helton

    lowkey just wants to be treated like a regular person like you and i. he's a great man blessed with a wonderful talent, using it for good and not for money. All we can do is spread his music and hope that people will respect him enough to take a listen and then soon rise and walk with lowkey and each other to the start of the revolution.

  63. daniel r

    @5StarsForYouu talk about lowkey like that 1 more time and ill find you...

  64. Julioshawtylean76

    @5StarsForYouu telled MTV 2 never mention hes name again. Mentioning him and Ghetts call in him # 10 That was a disrespect to LowkeyThe name of the song is top 1 selected and ANd look at Lowkey speech in youtube Is like 2 parts about 3o he never ment to be mainstream but I see what you sayin.

  65. Jamie Montiel

    @SharmElSheikhTours so true this man puts his heart and soul into his music. reminds me of tupac.

  66. Fluke Human

    @Selenaloveslife1 they play music on mtv?

  67. Fahad Joudeh

    @SMOTH1289 taken away by youtube ofcourse.

  68. SMOTH1289

    There was one with more views, where is it?

  69. Walid

    @5StarsForYouu he wants people to listen to his music its not about the money to him SO FUCK YOU he is the one tht uses a tune in useful sucsess so dont diss lowkey or ur just a nuva bruva tryin to get his position or maybe hiz kinda money he has money he dosent show it like dat sly weak bitch chipmunk showin off hiz ded off shadez dat he bought from tk max or some kinda cheap shop!

  70. 1000malikman

    Check out lowkey's DEEPEST track bars for my brother

  71. Peter

    @Selenaloveslife1 He was in MTV's top 10 and he made a whole rap against them saying not to mention his name again. He detests MTV, those freemason assholes.

  72. Swag1000billion

    @5StarsForYouu your mistaken... believe it or not, lowkey is very well known... even here in Los Angeles. Not in the kids that listen to lil wayne and say its sick... but the ppl that are more in tune with their environment if you know what i mean. Every middle easterner i know, knows a lot about him... and anyone who actually listens to real rap knows his shit... I think its better this way, then you dont have random ass retarded kids liking his shit

  73. Stefneh

    the world needs more artists like lowkey. :/

  74. Stinsonboi

    i think he wants his message to the masses not being followed by the paps but known not like a celeb but more like malcom x marvin gaye type of way

  75. Decky Graham

    @PoLiTicALmEnaCe777 look up voice of the voiceless ur love it ;)

  76. Amir Vass

    sad his brother died, wut a champ this guy is makin us this music thru all this bullshit, much love n respect

  77. baby'x

    lowkeyy all tha wayy, truss!

  78. Antony William

    @5StarsForYouu everyone wants to be famous.. but Lowkewy doesn't want to be rememberd as a muscian that made money. His main aim is being remembered as an artist that made a difference

  79. NB .x

    @HASHANIMATIONS i agree with u.. if he wanted to be famous he would have definitely been famous by now!

  80. TheXAsama


  81. Hash Animations

    @TheXAsama Thanks, I didn't actually type up the lyrics myself, I only realised tha mistake after I uploaded it. I'll cover it up with an annotation though.

  82. TheXAsama

    @5StarsForYouu learn the facts b4 you talk shit
    he's got fame for good rap not mainstream trauma

    and Hash at 0:45 i dont thing its crush a sucker and see i think its Crush a sucker mc

  83. Hash Animations

    @5StarsForYouu I disagree, I think Lowkey likes being ' Low-Key'. Anyways, he doesn't want fame, he just wants to spread the truth but he probably wants more people to hear what he's saying.

  84. Sas Looi

    ★ ★ ★ ★ LOWKEY ★ ★ ★ ★ AMAZING!

  85. Kay

    woaaaahh.. deep bars

  86. Hash Animations

    @619Niners Well I've already published and uploaded this videos so I won't be remaking it but I've had a bit of experience with making lyrics videos now and this is how I tend to make them /watch?v=UvN5h9mTqKY take a quick look at that video if you get time.

  87. Hawri42

    @HASHANIMATIONS I understand. i don't really mind the lyrics. but if you can make the writings a little more visible. maybe have them in black rather than yellow.

  88. Hash Animations

    @619Niners Actually several people requested that I make this video along with other ones I have made. I know he speakse pretty clear in it anyway but I guess some people like to listen with the lyrics.

  89. Hawri42

    Song doesn't need any lyrics unless if English is your 3rd or 4th language.

  90. F4WNZ13

    LOL "Click here to subscribe (It's Free&Quick). xD

  91. mrshaunyg

    i listen to this atleast 10 times a day everyday so i know the views are gonna rise and never fall :)

  92. Ehtishaam786

    wicked song kasam

  93. Kefco P

    that was amazing!

  94. Vital Spark

    @ngh492 We would have been lost.

  95. ngh492

    thank god he didnt stop rapping

  96. Hash Animations

    @DATRUTH201509 It's his beat, this song is from an official album called 'Dear Listener'