Lowkey - Letter To The 1% Lyrics

Talking in terms of power. Where the power is, who's shaping the condition of our lives, who determines the quality of the air we breathe, the food we eat, the water we drink, the kinda jobs we can have, the images we have to deal with and such.

If I can sing this song without you maybe all is well
If we can sing this song without you we don't need your wealth
This is my letter to the 1%
If I can sing this song without you maybe all is well
If we can sing this song without you we don't need your wealth

Power to those that read bell hooks
Power to those that sell books
Power to those who know how the inside of a cell looks
All those feeling helpless, forgotten and discarded
Power to the strange fruit they thought was rotten in the garden
Power to those sitting alone, seeking solace in the calmness
Power to those feeling stained, know your tomorrow isn't tarnished
Power to those that sweep the streets with more knowledge than PhD's
Power to those that keep their keys, return this promise, please believe
Power to those that suffer in silence, those it hurts to hear
Power to those that hold their ground
Power to those that persevere
Power to those that love humanity more than they love style
Power to immigrants probably raising Donald Trump's child
Power to the blind who can't imagine what sight is
Those staring at the moon and all those working night-shifts
Power to the readers, the writers, the illiterate
Power to those that struggle to decolonise their syllabus
Power to the shy ones, always struggle to make friends
And the half of humanity worth less than eight men
Power to those that risked their life to dig the coltan from the ground
For the mic I'm spitting on and the phone you're holding now
Power to those that build the stadium they're playing in
Power to those that mowed the grass and stitched the ball that they're playing with
Power to every rapper that doesn't rap about killing
Power to the builders who built buildings that outlived them

If I can sing this song without you maybe all is well
If we can sing this song without you we don't need your wealth

Power to the slaves of Ancient Greece that didn't have the right to vote
Democracy dead like Gary Webb, when they import it like its coke
Power to those write to prison
Power to those writing home
Power to those writing poems
Power to those that died alone
Power to Curtis Mayfield
Power to Ronald Isely
Power to the fishermen that were forced into piracy
Power to every person that is working in a library
Power to every nurse that we turn to in our times of need
Power to the unions and the mindless that should punish
Power to those that drive the busses and those that collect the rubbish
Power to the youth desiring the truth
Power to every rapper that is dying for a Fire in the Booth
For those that lost limbs to King Leopald's quota
And those risking their lives for the P&O to Dover
Power to union leaders murdered by...
Power to victims of this globalised cosa nostra
Power to those dying on the shores and the borders
Power to humanbeings that were rendered fauna and flora
Power to those that cleaned up after the stage show
And Carnival goers still haunted by Kelso Cochrane's ghost
Power to ... his picture taunts us ever after
So many questions never answered
Remember the last words of Abdul-Muhsin Al-Saadoun, "الأمة تنتظر الخدمة، الإنجليز لا يوافقون"
Power to Al-Jawahiri and his rebellions
They killed his brother Ja'far and he cursed the rotten Thamesians
Enlighten despots pursuing tactics Machiavellian
Chinese still preceded Europa millennium, think about it
Printed press half a millennium never get close
Power to Ken Loach and every volunteer in Lesbos
Cuban doctors sent to Sri Lanka for the tsunami
Power to those that cleaned up after the Bullingdon parties

If I can sing this song without you maybe all is well
If we can sing this song without you we don't need your wealth

Kids knowing Apple products before they know what an apple is
Forgotten like passengers on the USS Indianapolis
Dying days, for they could see what little boy's damage did
On the precipice of fascism, while pacifist is cancerous
Power to those still strong enough to dream
Power to those that chose not to be a cog in the machine
Power to those that love first and hate never
Power to those that sleep on the streets through grey weather
Power to Aziz Ali and Bone Thugs-n-Harmony
Power to Norman Baker, David Kelly's, ulnar artery
Power to the genocided population of Tasmania
The internet descends to Trumptastic fantasia
Let them try quote this
You'll never find a better diagnosis than collective psychosis
It's getting quite hopeless but hope is all we have
Tryna cultivate the positive, not focus on the bad
But the globe's under attack
The obnoxious rage of a fake intellectual
Amazing grace in the age of the spectacle
Not the first time they found a racist electable
To raise to the pedestal
Then desecrate the place that translated the decimal
I don't wanna tempt fate
Power to corpse-washers like Salvador Allende
Power to language learners
From Bernie Sanders fans to flag-burners
One man's inertia is another man's purpose
In the utopia of song, we are victorious
But the bitter sweet reality is not this glorious
Power to Coltrane watching Malcolm X
Power to Paul Robeson under house-arrest
Power to Galileo under house-arrest
Power to Ibn Haytham under house-arrest
Forgive me if I sound obsessed
This is my letter to the 1%

If I can sing this song without you maybe all is well
The redistribution of power
The redistribution of power
We want the redistribution of power
We want the redistribution of power
If we can sing this song without you we don't need your wealth
We want the redistribution of power, the redistribution of power until your power is ours
Until your power is ours
If I can sing this song without you maybe all is well
If we can sing this song without you we don't need your wealth

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Lowkey Letter To The 1% Comments
  1. AB Orbit

    ...And definitely power to you as well Mr.Dennis Kareem for your hard inspirational work, kindled spirit and your efforts to awake the world from its heedlessness. Be proud that your raps are not simple mumble meaningless craps that float on the surface. As time will carry on, more people will appreciate your art, that will glow like gold beside loads of scoria.
    Greetings from Morocco

  2. AnoM8

    I do not believe that this actually has only 120K Views... it is as if people aren't supposed to watch this. Especially up and coming generations. I, however, have not only shown this to my three-year-old son, but I do my best to educate him on this, to stay woke, and at the same time teaching myself. Peace & Love <3

  3. Martin Camas

    Lowkey the best

  4. Raj Huss

    Ya allah keep lowkey blessed and success to help liberate the people under oppression and to wake up many more to the reality of the world conditions and in justice happing ..

  5. Interstellar Overdrive

    Power to Lowkey!

  6. alexander platts

    What a fucking real one.

  7. Pamela Macneil

    Mosul is an Ancient city in Iraq.ISIS or any other terrorist group did not exist in Iraq before the U.S. invaded and occupied it. The U.S. supported and backed ISIS financially and militarily. ISIS was a proxy group that did the U.S."s bidding, including doing horrific violence against the Iraqi people in the U.S.'s continued control of Iraq. Not being to bright the U.S. did not realize that ISIS itself would seek its own power and control in Iraq, thus their control of Mosul. The Iraqi's did realize that this would happen. However, the person instrumental in getting ISIS out of Iraq, was not the U.S., they couldn't do it. It was Iranian General Soleimani, the man that the U.S. just assassinated. Lowkey knows this I'm sure, I just thought others would be interested in knowing. Go Well!

  8. Pamela Macneil

    This guy is really impressive. I listen to his rap because his lyrics are incredibly intelligent and he really understands the power of the 1%.

  9. Rebanta Banerjee

    This is beautiful. It really puts things in perspective and shows how misdirected mainstream music is. Lowkey’s the realest!

  10. YaGARuD3boY

    Thank you lowkey!

  11. Mo Malji

    What a lesson 👍🏽

  12. yolotlambar


  13. chocolate42069

    This song is like the fuel to my fire.

  14. xtremestre


  15. Liam Bowbrick

    3:18 watch your back

  16. Ali Al-Mahdi

    Those refugee children are so beautiful, they smile in the face of adversity, it brings tears to my eyes!

  17. Forsaken Pumpkin

    That ending was beautiful.

  18. Hyrax

    The weird thing is if you can afford a device to watch this

    (so is lowkey)

  19. Executor of state Araujio

    My letter to the 1percent would be notarized and will state I return all rights n powers to me n all claimed as corporation,leans,n citizenships ,chattel,we all come from the same source of energy who are you or anyone to claim anyone as debt makers when your the ones who made the debts and inflation we are not responsible for your beliefs either ours are pure and follow God's law keep it pure no more legal names. You think they'd kill me for it?

  20. Nicky Chimes

    Where the duck would humanity be without people like #Lowkey ???
    Totally ducked!
    Thank you for existing Lowkey, thank you for fighting, you are a channel for so many!
    Keep pushing kiddo, your species salutes you, bringing back hope...

  21. bullet i like it A.k.a Biggydabullet

    excellent video

  22. Frederik sh

    is that Michael Parenti in the intro?

  23. Goon Kelly

    Wealth inequality may be at its largest but the poorest in society are better off than they've ever been and we can thank capitalism for that. It's an imperfect system but it's the one that works the best so we should be grateful for likes of Bill Gates and Warren buffet helping humanity reach its potential.

  24. R Parso


  25. Medicine Media UK

    If I could sing this song without crying.....that would mean I’m a Tory

  26. Danny Joey

    1st world countries are insanely rich compared to some other parts of the world so who are we to jump on the internet and complain about injustice and demand other's power without earning it?

  27. Dominic Goland

    Voice at the start is Michael Parentti look him up he's very clever

  28. Joesph Thomas

    Wow 😎

  29. Adifah S.

    Power to the 99%

  30. Marx Al-Shabazz

    Dr. Michael Parenti is the hammer with which we crush the enemy ! - Mao Zedong.

  31. Shahzaib Khan

    Would love to see Lowkey collab with Locksmith. Brothers are two of the truest and illest rappers out there.

  32. Leather Neck

    Work hard one day you will join us!

  33. jamie anderson

    Lowkey is top 0.01% worldwide , we are all the top 1% worldwide

  34. Dan James

    I absolutely love Lowkey and his work, although I may not agree with everything. What I don't understand is the title of this amazing music video, a lot of people nowadays Demonise the "wealthy", not as individuals but as a collective, which I disagree with. I'm not saying that is what he is trying to do, I hope not anyway.

  35. Elias Elias


  36. zac mi6

    Labour's manifesto!

  37. Génération Z

    I love Lowkey. ❤


    P O W E R

  39. Drinkin dat Hemlock

    'The obnoxious rage of a fake intellectual.' Dang. This guy's fantastic.

  40. Lee Parky

    Goosebumps mate 🔥🔥

  41. keep it zipped

    You cant say hes not a man of the people



  43. Roger Green

    Word play gives me chills
    Brother’s mind is a gold mine

  44. Millie Mel

    Thank you Kareem for this beautiful song and for speaking the truth. ❤️🙏

  45. IlyasAb

    this is needed for this generation.

  46. FloSick808

    Lowkey always mentions great important people on his tracks and it's an honor that he also mentions Bone thugs n Harmony.

  47. Betrayal Land

    Power to Somalia, may be the rising pheonix!

  48. castlevaniac

    Lowkey is one of the best rappers but how can he support Corbyn, he should already know politicians are puppets and if they become PM they simply lie and wage wars like their predecessors

  49. Rahul Kemp

    Sixth-form sociology, moaning and grievance!! But a good beat!!

  50. y miller

    Socialism is theft

  51. Wolfhart MC

    THE CREATURE FROM JEKYLL ISLAND - Read this book if you want to understand what is going on in this world.

  52. Van Kallahan

    Not even 100k views. Thats whats wrong with the world

  53. Shah Zad

    The underground king of UK rap let's not lie

  54. Reiterate Your Sentence

    fuck the government

  55. Erza 15

    you are a legend

  56. UltimateMoralizer

    This is a masterpiece right here. So many people keep saying that Ocean Wisdom is the UK’s finest ... but in my opinion Lowkey is. Conscious songs will always outshine songs that don’t have a message.

  57. AK47 AHMED

    Respect 👍👍👍

  58. Flo Otus

    Why don’t this have a million views atleast it’s a truthful masterpiece

  59. S.Perry

    Peace to all the people having hard times.

  60. Snacks N Naps

    You know the lyrics are great when your inner voice says ‘ya allah’

    This is very moving

  61. Adam Joseph

    Lowkey speaks the truth always has always will,true inspiration to me.

  62. R. W

    If you make £20,000 a year, you are in the top 1% Globally. As the world's wealthy, lets make a difference.

  63. seandean artist


  64. Realist

    I don''t rep religion but free Palestine, Hong Kong & all those marginalized.. whatever race or identity.

  65. Realist

    Don't rate lLnk Up TV .. but then again there is no platform good enough for this geezer. He shits on anything that claims to be close to grimes best. Lowkey is a realist, a lyricist who has almost stayed true and although Wiley claims the title of 'godfather'... Lowkey is the church.

  66. Onur Ciftci


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    Stay on your path LOWKEY TRIPLE CROSS UK SPORTS Salute your Words of
    Truth Excellent Song and video follow us at
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    Bless Manny ....

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    Stay on your path LOWKEY TRIPLE CROSS UK SPORTS Salute your Words of
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    Bless Manny ....

  72. Sam


  73. valchito

    Lowkey just lowkey buried grime..

  74. abdul yekeen

    There is a genocide happening in Cameroon and your government, British and France are in support of it

  75. Kane LFC

    More rappers need to create music like this, dropping knowledge and not just about hoes and money.

  76. XXX KID

    0:30 that kid with the ciggarette him and his brother smoke heroin its actually true i saw a video about them old one and they are much older than they look they dont age because of this

  77. TÉireannach Bródúil

    Was that an Akala reference?

  78. Nas from-da-Ldn

    Music you can enjoy and learn from what more can the soul want.

  79. AJ Kiyani

    The other 99% currently getting dumb and stupid listening to the likes of fredo and mist.


    This is magnificent, a true masterpiece

  81. wazzupman

    I'm so happy he's still making songs

  82. JAsoldi3r

    that ending was so nice to watch

  83. Team Bison

    Great Poetry 💯

  84. Jaza457 X

    Finally the return of contemporary conscience music... I was worried you'd never return!!!

  85. Sasha D

    WOKE. Beautiful song, much love and respect Lowkey, UK.

  86. Nick Tracey

    Pretty certain that is Gabor Mate on the intro, incase anyone were wondering.

  87. Zaine

    I've heard this song so many times but it started playing while i had my headphones on and i caught all the lines and .... wow! just wow! music is such a powerfull thing. It can literally make you feel things and empathise in a way most other forms of art cant. Thank you lowkey for this song

  88. James Viice

    power blind who lead the struggle of the blind who leead

  89. Sarah Craig

    This is what rap should sound like. Not tits drugs and arses. Speak the truth help wake people up...

  90. Yuri Fedorov

    Yikes 18k views and its 8 November, this must not be going how they thought it would.

  91. Charlie travler

    The governments have money for wars but cant feed and home the poor!! What the fuck is wrong with them are they even human ??? 🤔

  92. Charlie travler

    We need hackers so every time a music video like this should be aired on every single tv in the world 🙌👁🤯 now that would be a amazing ❤

  93. Charlie travler

    Mr traumatik is another one waking up the masses bless 👁❤

  94. S&B TRAVEL

    Lowkey for prime minister 💪🔥

  95. Leo Walzim


    The world needs to only stand up once! And they Will fall!!

    Shaf Hussain

    Leo how many will? Most are still chasing the dream of cash like the rich & famous...

    Leo Walzim

    Shaf Hussain
    Yes it sad that most do live in the illusion of freedom , because there is not much else to do in these time.
    But there Will be a point where people Will say enough

  96. Charmaine Palmer

    It goes without saying brilliant!!