Lowkey - Islamophobic Lullabies Lyrics

This is Jamal's song, name means beauty, are we this far gone?
Headlines associate kids with waterboarding and car bombs
Jamal's from same part of the world you got the guitar from
Still a wonderful world, sing it like Louis Armstrong
Any kid bullied, I made this to keep your heart strong
Colonisers names the same pavements that we march on
Please don't project the war on terror onto children
They are not suspects or combatants, you cannot kill them
Please don't project the war on terror onto Grenfell
State capture and de-regulation, it doesn't end well
Prevent spying on children, got them stepping on eggshells
Flash lies across the pages, Islamophobia and death cells
Psychological warriors, mess with the percentages
Innocent kids in school labelled grooming gangs and terrorists
Battle stereotypes like climbing over Everest
What we must question is how these ideas became so prevalent

The rag-heads and Pakis are still worrying your dad
But your dad's favourite food is still curry or kebab
The rag-heads and Pakis are still worrying your dad
But your dad's favourite food is still curry or kebab
Oh, I know you're peering through the window
But they don't see you anymore
Don't lose yourself in what they think though
'Cause this has never been your war

You can tell Prevent stop spying on little kids
Tell the terrible tabloids stop tarnishing immigrants
And tell the think-thanks their role is insidious
And tell the nasty neocons stop funding this ignorance
Victims of this myth creation searching for inspiration
Hope this song can comfort you through the intimidation
Hope you beat those that smeared you through the courts of litigation
And hold your heads up high through these trials and tribulations
These morbid remorseless authors, pave the way for disorders
They murdered the Magna Carta, to hell with habeas corpus, rendition
Torture across borders, they tore up laws as they scorch them
Now they, pull up the drawbridge and tell you hordes are enormous
Only 0.18% of this country's refugees, won't regulate fossil fuelers or owners of SUVs
But they demonise heroes for braving the seven seas, 34,000 die trying to enter here, rest in peace
Moment of silence

The rag-heads and Pakis are still worrying your dad
But your dad's favourite food is still curry or kebab
The rag-heads and Pakis are still worrying your dad
But your dad's favourite food is still curry or kebab
Oh, I know you're peering through the window
But they don't see you anymore
Don't lose yourself in what they think though
'Cause this has never been your war

A cucumber's not a bomber, terrorist's house is just a home
A free Palestine badge is harmless, you're a war on terror drone
A cucumber's not a bomber, terrorist's house is just a home
A free Palestine badge is harmless, you're a war on terror drone
Cucumber's not a bomber, terrorist's house is just a home
A free Palestine badge is harmless, you're a war on terror drone
Cucumber's not a bomber, terrorist's house is just a home
A free Palestine badge is harmless, you're a war on terror drone
Cucumber's not a bomber, terrorist's house is just a home
A free Palestine badge is harmless, you're a war on terror drone

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Lowkey Islamophobic Lullabies Comments
  1. Anthony Hernandez

    Sometimes I wish here in The United States, that people would just slightly feel the desperation of those who are spoken of in this song, then tomorrow more questions would finally be asked.

  2. James Malins

    Lowkey you are fire... the message is deep and powerful

  3. Youtuber Geral

    What side of London?
    Respect from Brazil.
    Like sounds theme.

  4. Wes

    I hear you man. Extremists aren’t Muslim. I’m not scared of Muslims. Much love to my Muslim friends from a white ex-christian-now-muslim male. I’ll defend our beliefs as best I can but am often met with hate for doing so. As-salamu alaykum wa rahmatulla wa barak tu

  5. Rémy Jalabert


  6. rémi jalabert


  7. Casandra Ali


  8. V J

    My man's is back

  9. walid vlogs

    Low-key over 2 pac

  10. ohtebowah

    Islamophobia is the natural reaction to Islamofacism. Anti-muslim bigotry is bad but "islamophobia" isn't really real is it? Nothing irrational about fearing a death cult who wants to dominate the world is there

  11. Ian H

    Stil a fuckin legend bro glad to see u dint stop speaking up

  12. LMHR

    I believe that the,

    "Oh, I know you're peering through the window
    But they don't see you anymore
    Don't lose yourself in what they think though
    'Cause this has never been your war"

    Is a reference to his brother who killed himself when he was 18. The "peering through the window" part makes me think that his brother is peering through the windows of "heaven" and the "they don't see you anymore" is a reference to the fact that he's dead and no longer here. The "don't lose yourself in what they think though" is a reference to the mass amounts of people trying to explain why he did what he did when he jumped from that building and its like Kareems telling him not to listen to them. The "this has never been your war" part maybe references the fact that so many people suffer with mental health issues and he shouldn't have had to go through that

  13. Red Red

    Lowkey feat kendrick Lamar
    Hell of a collab

  14. Mana Mustaqim


  15. RagingCookie127

    Ignorance is bliss, sums up SJW Lowki to a tee.

  16. Al-Moroccan яьфэйхвэ Gutierrez адыдфэс

    Milo yinnopolous vs low key and immortal technique Milo would lose

  17. THEYtrynaBe CRATE

    Damn I'm halfcast but coffe brown people call me and say I'm a terrorist, ironic me eh... But it's always the whites on top of the world kicking the shit outta lives of browns and browns or mixes like me

  18. Scott Milne

    Everyone is brainwashed nowadays from our, there government and believes everything they see on media when will people get that not everything is what it seems to be (sigh)

  19. Faizan ullah

    Why does he say paki??

  20. kk ss

    So true what he says 💪🏽

  21. Pat Bateman

    It should be called muslimphobia instead. There's a difference between anti Muslim bigotry and merely criticising an inherently violent and oppressive religion.

  22. Jayson Kopa

    I am Islamophobic and proud .. FUCK is Islam, However, some Muslim are good people but the spirit of Islam is Bollocks

    Waifu Duels

    I feel bad for u kid get help 😂

  23. BIG ELL The fortnite bot

    You wonder why islamiphobia is a thing when one of your boys raps about grooming women

  24. nature's voice

    Your religion can be criticized, get over it. Islam was a religion which tried to spread by colonizing other nations. Get over it.


    Hence it's legacy lives on in the form of this music video. Look at the violent language being portrayed.

  25. 23M views

    Like toy soldiers...

  26. Anthony Hernandez

    I flippin missed your music Lowkey thank God the soundtrack to the struggle continues. Fist always to the sky.

  27. Shumon Miah

    Amazing words

  28. rath khan

    Amazing work

  29. Aaminah Yaseen

    Only a true lowkey fan would know that the scar on his arm is from when he got stabbed when he was 18 😎❤❤

  30. supercars northeast

    Big up grm for this

  31. Sarah Da

    The message👏👏👏👏 fireeee

  32. Crypto Khan

    Much respect n love goes out to GRM for this... Better than the usual bullshit mind-poison

  33. Atom Alisaid

    All the dislikes is from the Government

  34. Atom Alisaid

    Listening to this man without him cussing or saying Nigga is very pleasing. Educational rap. What a legend 🤩🤩

  35. BUDAKHITAM Records

    Salaam and respek from Malaysia

  36. Yusuf ❶

    This is proper rapping

  37. donkey


  38. James Tudhope

    Converted. <3

  39. 1k subscribers challenge

    As a 10 year old Muslim boy I'm happy he made this because
    when white people attempt murder it turns out as a fucking 'accident' but when a Muslim attempts murder then everyone starts just fucking about the dumb bitches and I ain't racist but this shit is true man like just don't attempt a murder otherwise u can start a fucking war like that

    umair jamil

    Murders bad no matter who you are we receive the same punishment that's not the point. Hes talking about access surveillance on Muslims and the demonization of refugees bro it's comments like this that pisses people of about us

    1k subscribers challenge

    @umair jamil Exactly man like that innit

  40. Scott Williams


  41. jade carlie

    Legend!!!!!! Snm

  42. valorous knight

    Lowkey good man

  43. Ænglisc

    Islam advises on the level of severity needed when .... *BEATING YOUR WIFE*
    These doctrines are dog shit. Islamophobia is a ridiculous concept.

  44. Yannick8164

    ya dads favorite food is still curry and kabob!!!xD had me dying

  45. Ænglisc

    I have been listening to Lowkey for over 10 years now and the man is a genius.
    I have so much respect for him, always been a breath of fresh air.

    That said, Islam is dog-shit like every other religion. Free your mind and stand proud with your fellow brothers and sisters in humanity, humble yourself and beware of doctrines made to divide and rule over us.

  46. kacchan k

    Piss off mate. Just stop stirring the pot for no reason.

  47. javeria naeem

    he needs way more recognition istg

  48. sherwood smallidge

    toss gays off building then says they are hated? but why tho

  49. Eric

    I would love to see Lowkey and Joyner Lucas do a track together. They would compliment each other so well.

  50. Harry Gadd

    Never been a realer song, thank you Lowkey for imparting your wisdom and spreading this message of peace and love.

  51. Mala Murthy

    does he have a child now??

  52. A.P.561

    Nothing but espect for lowkey. Salute from Mexico. Keep up the good fight✊. I think he is one of the most inspiring artist of our era.

  53. ZeeGooner

    This is bullocks sorry... I do sympathize with injustice, but the lady who joined ISIS and who wants to return is now being victimized? Grooming Gangs now being victimized? Grooming Gangs as is was a euphemism for pedo gangs. Being a muslim and a minority is now the protected class in the West. 20 years ago i'd say different. Stop the bullocks man.

    umair jamil

    Shamia begum and the grooming gangs were pure evil everyone with eyes can accept that. that's not the point the song is merely asking why everyone of the race has to pay for actions of a small minority. He points out the extra surveillance put on kids of Muslim backgrounds and the prejudice they now face. The songs about taking people for who they are not what they look like nothing to do with people who commited horrific crimes

  54. Arvo George

    Lowkey you need to link up with Dalyt in USA and do a real tribute to King Nipsey, we all need to come together for one cause... maybe a million man March remix? Because the essence of your message is the same as Nipsey, marathon clothing line, killed at the end of march, in front of his independent store that made the community prosper. The end of march needs to be the beginning of the marathon. Get em Lowkey. All love

  55. Arvo George

    The extremists are the people reading out headlines with traumatic images in the background terrorising your children. The biggest threat to your child's life is a box, with people paid more than your house cost to spew venom and sew hatred into their veins... know your enemy

  56. Arvo George

    The prince is back... get em lowkey

  57. Liam night

    Shamima biggums did everything wrong.

  58. Realist

    Absolute animal.

  59. ALFIE A

    the media will have you hating the people who are being oppressed, and loving the people who are doing the oppressing. Malcolm x quote

  60. Jalal Ahmed

    Conscious rap

  61. Max Rensch

    Yes create a straw man, "your dad's favourite food still curry or kebab", cuisine is separate from religion. But this song goes against branding all Muslims as extremists, yet lumps all those who critique Islam as Islamophobic. There are genuine criticisms against Islam and it's practices, such as most of Sharia Law being non-compliant with Western values and laws, so when the values of Islam are brought into conflict with Western ones and it is openly discussed about it is branded as Islamophobic, racist and bigoted language. I know from first hand experience that these conflicts of interest exist, I was once harassed by a Sharia law "vigilante" group on Edgeware road in London and threatened that if I did not leave the area that they would force me out (threat of violence) for the mere fact that I had a can of beer. I'n a country and city where the law permits me to do this, but Islamic values created a conflict of interest. Whenever I brought up this incident with anyone and discussed it they told me to stop being culturally insensitive- but as a Brit in my home country and city, who is the one that is being culturally insensitive, and not accepting the others values?
    There are other such issues that are swept under the rug, such as the fact that in 2014 there were only 640 Muslims in the British armed forces yet in the same year 750 'British' Muslims joined ISIS, and that the loyalty of these 'British' Muslims is dubious and when questioned is again branded as Islamophobic. It is a serious security issue, and shows statistically that these 'British' Muslims are more likely to renounce their British citizenship and fight Britain than fight to protect Britain. The mere fact that more British citizens died at the hands of Islamic terrorists than British armed forces actively involved in several wars in Islamic countries in 2017, shows that the British people are facing a threat from within. One that Lowkey and other Islamic apologists ignore and brand as racist, the only way to solve problems is to openly discuss them and not refrain from it because it is insensitive.
    As a disclaimer, I'm not anti-Islamic, or any religion for that matter- but when you refuse to hear an argument and try to deplatform peoples opinions just because you don't like it, it is not constructive and I am against that. I hate people playing the victim to try and pull on emotions rather than reason. As a point to this I do agree with other issues that Lowkey brings up such as the Israeli occupation of Palestine, and how Israel has become the monster that it tries victimise itself off (Nazi Germany), and that any questioning of Israel's annexation is branded as anti-semitic. Thats why this song particularly rubs me the wrong way as it comes across as hypocritical.


    This song is haram and it’s shit!

    Justin Y 2.0

    Y u listening


    I’m the Dajjal I do what I want! XxX

  63. Meat for all

    I wonder what Lowkey thinks about Brunei introducing death penalties by stoning to Homosexuals, probably nothing what a surprise.

  64. E S


  65. Swaggersbipolar

    The glitch in the matrix

  66. PresidentBanter


  67. PresidentBanter

    Fuck Racism❌💯

  68. The Arab Moor

    I hit the like before watching it, then after I watched it I was trynna find out how to hit that like again million times oh Allah protect my brother lowkey and his family and all Muslims

  69. jordan e

    When did being a perpetual victim become so trendy?

  70. Kyle NW

    Honestly you have an opinion these days and get called racist by lowkey get this globalist propaganda off my screen used to rate lowkey and this channel but this ain't it chief

  71. Dankister Prime

    Fair enough if you're a Muslim and don't believe in any form of Islamic extremism. But moderate Islam include sharia law, and sharia law is fucking evil. I will not tolerate gay people being beheaded, women being stoned for adultery, shoplifters having their hands chopped off or executing people for leaving Islam (yes that's all apart of sharia law in several countries as practicing law).

    If we let more Muslims into the UK we will have more people sympathetic or supportive of sharia law. So why should we let any in then? I will literally fight to death before accepting sharia law.

    R P

    You won't do shit.

  72. Killuminati Underground Resistance

    Muhummad the prophet was an extremely extremist. Have you guys read your arabic Qurans and Sahih’s. Trying to fool everyone. Since day 1 islam started it has been a religion of oppression and murder force and massacres and demands.

    Killuminati Underground Resistance

    Hassan S how ? When the prophet kills everyone for worshipping other Gods, but than he goes and worships Al lat / Al Uzza and manat, hypocrisy, and when he got caught being an idol worshipper he ha no excuse so he said he was possessed, even though Allah in the Quran says he protects Muhummad from all the works of shaytan 😂 contradictory everywhere.

  73. Daniel Mcloughlin

    Power man. Straight up

  74. Cluster

    Arma III Takistan mosque building video yeet

  75. CHEDSA

    Just watched Lowkey sitting in a chair wit a baby for 4mins... wbu

  76. Farzana Hussain


  77. Clorox Bleach

    Mohammed was worse than Hitler

  78. Tom Makaveli

    Lowkey comes back into the game strapped with real bars fire 🔥

  79. S S

    Eminem’s flow 💨🔥

  80. 4 7

    I weren't ready for the hook/bridge 😂😂😂 ULTIMATE COMEBACK

  81. A A

    so real

  82. Samuel Jack

    When's Part Two 'Judeophobic Anthems' coming out then Lowkey?

    Vengeful Avenger

    Watch "Schindler's List"- or anything else from the mainstream media

  83. zezt zezter

    I say Lowkey man, hangout with some EX Mulisms. they know the deal. they will tell you things. like for example, theres no such things as 'moderate Islam', because it the BELIEF that is wrong. it is stuck in a long ago barbaric past which was wrong THEN. do a rap about your 'moderate Muslims' are not protesting outside UK schools, NOT Islamic shcools, trying to stop harmless education of little ones to make them trealize and feel right in a secular culture NOT an Islamist state where people who are gay are accepted and respected. Instead they wanna keep their kids heads growing up in homophobia. how dya think THAT'LL work out. So yeah, your an intelligent dude, go and speak with some ex-Muslims...

    Honest Vape

    Homesexuality will never be acceptable in any religion mate your confused, secularism and capitalism don't care about, etiquette, ethics, family or religion it's a godless society.

    zezt zezter

    @Honest Vape Are you a Muslim, or a Christian? you DO realize it is acceptable in the fkin UK, right?

    First Name

    @zezt zezter listen not just talking for muslims but you need to put it this way, if ur neighbour came to your house stole your shit made his house a mansion and try to sell you his handowns, would you take that handout with love? Especially when your neighbours telling u to be greatful for what he stole in the first place... Well that's what many capitalist countries have done even China even Russia not just talking us and Britain here...they've done that to Africa south America middle east and Asia... not anyones fault people fled their countries because the US loves exercising neo colonialism... stealing from countries and you want people to be grateful for your benefits piss off...immigrants should be treated like royalty for suffering for the enjoyment the trinkets of this deceitful comfortable lifestyle of the backs of slaves in the third world

    Absolute Bollocks

    Why is it a problem to protest?

    zezt zezter

    @Absolute Bollocks I dont have a problem with protesting, I have a problem with Islam! Pushing their medieval beliefs on others. ANYONE else and they'd be accused of hate speech! The gay teacher at the school they protested at is now getting death threats. If you see what they are protesting about, these harmless little pictures etc, it is pathetic. They are living in a secular country and not an Islamic state. Islam is a dangerous ideology. Even those who want to leave the belief system can be seriously threatened, beaten up and killed.

  84. BAZZA

    Isn't it Haram to listen to music let alone make it 🤔 SMH you Muslim's would be slaughtered in the middle east but you all like to act like good Muslim's but we all know you ain't real Muslim's so stop the act we all see your bullshit ! HYPOCRITES !

  85. BAZZA

    Islamaphobic is just a way of trying to silence the people giving the real , true facts about the medieval cult of Islam

    umair jamil

    I like the idea. But with the same logic people could say extremism is a way of speaking out against the perversion of the west both facts I don't believe in and I believe extremism is down right evil but why punish normal families with normal life's that don't have hate towards you they just believe in something else. It sounds a lot like another group.... Islamic extremists
    I think people with your views and the views of extremists are two sides of the same coin
    Both uneducated scared people wanting to impose there version of the world on innocent people

  86. Alisha Zaman

    The government is them haters who disliked this video

  87. Swooshh

    Anyone got just the instrumental for this?

  88. noseblunt bob

    ok so who else is wondering about the back story to "a cucumber is not a bomb" ?

  89. Numan Alam

    What a legend! One of the Best hip hop albums of all time!! Makes other rappers look like pop stars 😂 real recognise real!

  90. maria b

    I don't listen to rap or anything from this channel, but this hit different.

  91. Virtual Humanoid

    Is Lowkey allowed to say “Paki” as an Arab or is it racist? I want real talk and not hypocrisy.

    battle hardened

    For what lowkey stand for he's mroe than ok to as all his opinions are public

  92. trilogy plug media company

    Message on point...more chunes like this please 👍🏿👍🏿

  93. Man Mason

    I love you lowkey!

  94. Al-Moroccan яьфэйхвэ Gutierrez адыдфэс

    ماشالله !!

  95. storm2go

    Where's lowkey fire in the both part 3

  96. Joker Bro

    When's the album coming out

  97. Ikhlassic

    Nuff respect to GRM Daily for the conscious content. One love to Lowkey❤️🤲🏾👌🏿

  98. Badbob9nine2

    Low key back again on his illuminati type flow