Lowkey - Ghosts Of Grenfell 2 Lyrics

Black snow on a summer's night
Cold shoulders on a summer's day
Invisible violence becomes visible
In such a sudden way

Black snow on a summer's night
Cold shoulders on a summer's day
Invisible violence becomes visible

Twelve months, no arrests made
The image in our heads stayed
Stressed faces pressed to windows, looking for an escape
Seems they underestimate this corner of the west way
Witnesses to the crime we fear a whitewash is the end game
Minister, what was your relationship with Mark Allen?
Been waiting twelve months for answers, still we can't have them
Windows to our soul witnessed anguish that you can't fathom
No disrespect intended, Troubled Water wasn't our anthem
Carnival on the soul of Kelso Cochrane
What do you think will develop, on the strength of those names?
Over seventy everyday people
No celebrities were left here, picking up pieces of broken memories
No more to big business, fiddling regulations
Grenfell Action Group, the most tragic of vindications
From sympathy of a nation, to most uncomfortable of issues
Our dearly departed please know we love you and we miss you

Calling, still hear them calling
Black snow was falling
From the corners of my mind, I hear you
Calling, still hear them calling
Black snow was falling
From the corners of my mind, I hear you

When invisible violence becomes visible, thinking is uncritical
Listen to some, thinking we're simple and dumb criminals
Hardened battered hearts, having laughed in a good while
But Stormzy at the Brit Awards made the neighbourhood smile
Out of your mind, if you think we're satisfied with platitudes
Questions for RBKC, Celotex and Sajid Javid too
As nihilism sets in and the breakdowns start
Slow creep of bureaucratic violence strains our hearts
Feeling like an empty vessel, staring at an empty vessel
Corporate hijack of regulations, very detrimental
Human life, the cost - how can we not be feeling sentimental?
Goosebumps cross your skin when you feel the breath of death against you
Bet you never went through that cursed night of haunted sounds
That wretched cladding falling down, since then death is all around
They say that every storm there is a dawn
Knocking on Heaven's door, we mourn forever more

Calling, still hear them calling
Black snow was falling
From the corners of my mind, I hear you
Calling, still hear them calling
Black snow was falling
From the corners of my mind, I hear the

A place where the flames took everything that is sacred
We're planting seeds for trees we might not sit in the shade of
Combustible and still legal, regulations feel feeble
Never again, moment neoliberalism kills people
For innocence tarnished and beauty that was lost
Regulations disregarded, it's the human that's the cost
Hotels, hospitals and schools
How could we forget that
Up and down the country there's people sleeping in death traps

We're (calling)
For an end to the disdain
Better bow your heads in silence when we're mentioning their names
We are (calling)
For survivors rehoused in the best place
Still we demonstrate against bonfires of red tape
We're (calling)
For the companies and council held accountable
Climbing up the mountain though its height seems insurmountable
From the bottom of our lungs -
Truth, justice and peace for all of the lost ones

Calling, still hear them calling
Black snow was falling
From the corners of my mind, I hear you
Calling, still hear them calling
Black snow was falling
From the corners of my mind, I hear the

The blood is on your hands, there'll be ashes on your grave
Like a phoenix, we will rise
The blood is on your hands, there'll be ashes on your grave
Like a phoenix, we will rise

We will never give up
We will never give in
We will never give out
We will rise
We will rise

We will never give up
We will never give in
We will never give out
We will rise
We will rise

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Lowkey Ghosts Of Grenfell 2 Comments
  1. Jay Blake

    This is what they do to our families and this is what we'll do to theirs, fuck the bourgeoisie

    Ron Rale

    Jay Blake Though Lowkey is still left-wing he’s singing about Grenfell tower not the government really. But still fuck the bourgeoisie!

  2. Waqas Shaukat

    Rest in peace to all of the victims

  3. Medicine Media UK

    I can never rap and sing to this without breaking into tears and my voice breaking

  4. Ooz

    They will reap the seeds they've sown. I take solace in that.

  5. TheeEmberzz

    Whats this istrumental???

  6. L J D UK

    Heart breaking 💔 RIP

  7. Matthew McDonald

    LOWKEY IS ALWAYS ON POINT, REAL TALK..................

  8. Prankstar.

    40 dislikes from zionazis

  9. IamKaspian

    i could never forget this or these people because i still regularly have dreams about it and them. I've never met anyone in that tower or ever seen it in real life tho...

  10. Trapface Sweeney

    Grenfell will always be relevant
    Government moved like savages lied them mother fuckers hold bodies every day

  11. Trapface Sweeney

    So much truth in this cuz so much truth

  12. Johnny Hernandez

    here from the US tears on my eyez.. bless all that were affected

  13. IamKaspian

    always get chills. RIP we will never forget anyone.

  14. skatecm1

    Fuck The Freemason's, all the royal families 1Million donate while buckingham palace was 350Mill renevation, when will people wake up

  15. fateh faiz

    2019 and I still get heart broken and cry remembering this tragedy

  16. 369

    Stay strong to all my brothers and sisters in the UK, from Amsterdam.

  17. matt chew

    ❤ lowkey addreses the real issues in our society well done brother👏👏

  18. Dodged a Bullet

    Wow! Beautifully done!

  19. shannon saalabi


  20. Amir S

    This is actually deeper than people understand.

  21. jeb rill

    eye repeat "This is one of the most unique music videos I've ever seen. So deep. Respect"

  22. jeb rill

    eye repeat "This is one of the most unique music videos I've ever seen. So deep. Respect"

  23. just another person

    Rip to all the victims 😭 we have not forgotten thanks lowkey for this song May Allah bless you brother

  24. SUiCiDAL MAN

    Liberalism kills people.

  25. Alice Jones

    Respect Lowkey - It's still hard to believe Grenfell actually happened - RIP to all lost. I hope one day justice is done

  26. XxabdulXx XxriazXx

    1 year ago but it feels like it was yesterday BCS it is so dad

  27. John Doe

    So much love to you all Great Britain!!!! We will never forget, Much love to you all from America!!!!!!!!!

  28. Nadeer Farah

    Give all condolence to people who die in greenfell

  29. Colours are brighter

    Is that Jordan from Rizzle Kicks at 1:36?

  30. Marc Favell

    This is what the hip hop platform was invented for ✌&❤

  31. Good Vibez


  32. kieren bell

    RIP to all thous who lost there live that night you will never be forgotten and i hope justices is brought to thous how was effected 2017/18

  33. splendid horse

    There isn't a lot in this life that brings tears to my eyes but this did

  34. Michael Sansom

    I am moved, never forget.

  35. James Cogan

    I am grateful to Low-key ft. KAIA for this work of art. It is among the best of our still early century. It combines truthful, insightful lyrics, that condemn those responsible, with truly moving music, with the even more powerful imagery of the survivors. This song is a tribute to not only the victims of Grenfell, but all the working class victims of the universal, unrestrained corporate pursuit of profit, which is abetted by a venal, complicit political establishment. It should receive the widest possible audience. Deepest respect to the musicians, film-makers, editors and all involved.

  36. Orlando Quintana

    Low-key is a real artist I love his music best dead or alive everytime you hear this song it gives chills he captures the words of the struggle so well he speaks for all those wronged in our sad world

  37. nonh1

    Solidarity with the Greenfell fire victims from Mexico. We have a long history of our government doing nothing for the victims of tragedies like this and doing everything they can to shield the people responsible. We understand.

  38. Avenging Angel

    The revolution has its voices at last ....

  39. Avenging Angel

    thank you so much Lowkey ... respect for your respect . RIP fallen comrades

  40. Seif Kobrosly

    The upmost respect to Lowkey! Thank you for not being a cog in a machine, and using your influence to educate the masses.

  41. ZackDDrummer

    This is a pure masterpiece Lowkey! You are one of a kind artist! Endless love and respect from one Serbian fan to you!

  42. The Nameless

    Heartbreaking. Music that actually tells a message, sadly most music doesn’t. Sad how apathetic most people are, they just do not care enough about the system that led to the murder of 70 beutiful people. People seem not to care about anything outside of their little bubble.

  43. gee knee

    lol. hungry for bbq kebobs.

  44. skatecm1

    The Fact is that "Your Taxes", don't go back into the economy, come on wake up people.

  45. Andrae Baxter

    Proppa lyrics👌👌👌

  46. Marcus Sullens

    Lowkey may just be the best artist the U.K. has ever had.

    RIP - We must never forget. Neoliberalism is coming home to roost

  47. Kwazy Cupcakes


  48. RM89

    Naaaa fuxking got me this! Never forget! Goosebumps stuff, man like lowkey 👏🏽✊🏽

  49. Mark Brown

    Music is primo...as always.....but this video is dope. I love how the regular people are rapping! Makes the track really hit home. Good shit homie!

  50. Saif Gulistan

    The chorus is so chilling

  51. Bura LIBYA

    I hear voice of the voiceless .. like a phoenix we will riSe

  52. zakaria666

    LOwkey always get shit views for some reason

  53. Nadia Welsh

    to the community of Grenfell the country is with you, we will never forget.

  54. Tee Ahmed


  55. Alan Carpenter

    powerful stuff, eyes bubbled from the get go!

  56. __Jamie__ Aka Woody

    How can anybody give this video a thumbs down, do you have no hearts, get some respect... jheez!

    Fairplay for doing this to everyone involved, its nice to see people not giving up and not loosing hope we all need to stay strong and fight for our freedom and rights rather than each other in the streets.

  57. Mohammed Shibli

    lowkey..love from india! #grenfell

  58. Young Strong

    Rest in peace to all the innocent people that died in Grenfell Tower fire. NEVER FORGET

  59. franky the flame

    R.I.P to the victims of Grenfell

  60. Crypto Pro

    Don’t stop spreading the peace b

  61. Frank Zappa

    Lowkey for PM

  62. Pikachu

    Man...Lowkey really knows how to eloquently put all the heartache, grief, loss, pain all on the track. One year on and still the government haven't dealt with it smh.

  63. Nathan-DTS

    It sucks that I can't see anyone being convicted for this. Not contractors for using cheap materials, not councilors for telling them to keep costs down, not the chancellor for setting the budgets that these councils have to go on.

    I hope I'm proven wrong, but I don't see the inquiry getting anything done.

  64. dooeydooey


  65. Yo elberg

    In our memory you are alive. Respect to all in this tribute thanks Mia & Lowkey

    Yo elberg

    Sorry KAIA

  66. Mister Jibril

    LET'S GET THIS TO #1 NOW...😘

  67. 71wz

    what about highkey nigga

  68. Crypto Khan

    This guy is soooooo deep.... Please let's try and get this guy as far as we possibly can.... He brings up REAL ISSUES

  69. pmpmpm127

    Big up Low-key keep the pressure on man

  70. David Harrison

    They were all at Koko Camden performing. Madness

  71. captured momentzz

    I am glad I met such a great artist (Lowkey) who spits nothing but the truth!!!

  72. Kim Grahame

    Justice for Grenfell


    Respect.never forgot.🙏

  74. Fire Water


    Riz Ahmed!

  75. R A Y M A N T I S

    Peace and love from New Zealand to all those who lost loved ones in Grenfell. We must hold the torch for them now. Light the darkness so that the truth cannot remain hidden. Much love brother Lowkey. Your music sends ripples to all four corners of our world. We hear you. WE WILL RISE.

  76. Robyn Hood

    much love Lowkey and the people we talk about

  77. Kakarot


  78. Acapella Playlist

    nice to see brother Riz in this video.

  79. kingrapid

    What's disgusting is how quickly the "you know who" are trying to brush this under the carpet...

  80. Thunder Nappy

    Theres still people unhoused, SMH

  81. N A

    Big up to Lowkey and the amazing community around Grenfell

  82. Konceited Kai

    *"Bridge Over Troubled Waters Was Not or Song!"* - Deep...

  83. Mestskýpes šľachtený

    it´s useless, your friends are dead, get it!

  84. Mad Script

    This is one of the most powerful songs and visual combination I have ever seen and heard .Salute

  85. Jeremy Wright

    May God torment the perpetrators of this heinous tragedy forever.
    May God's mercy and grace touch the survivors and grant them some measure of peace.

  86. cally MACK

    Powerful music/video <3

  87. Mk3390

    So powerful!! No one's on this level.

  88. red Baron

    is this just gonna be another hillsborough? 20 years on and we might get justice. fuck this goverment

  89. Voltorb

    Stormy at the Brit's respect

  90. H.G FifaGamer

    milking it much

  91. zionn184


  92. Tyler Budden

    got a lot of respect for whosever idea this music video was. love it bro



  94. StandSure

    There are no words the Lyrics say it all, R.I.P

  95. Jo La

    Shout out to lowkey & co for making such beautiful and powerful music. 10 years and counting since dear listener and you've consistently spoken words of love and peace into my heart and mind. Real artists make real music. Much love all the way from Canada!



  96. DawnHub


  97. xGreenY600x

    you won't hear this on the radio... Too Real!