Lowery, Clint - God Bless The Renegades Lyrics

What's the meaning behind the broken heart?
Watch your feelings, try not to fall apart
I think we're dying to play the victim card
You taste like chemicals, and you are the one they want
What makes you feel good at the moment?
What breaks you down, what makes you whole?
Oh you know
Oh you know

You said it's all the rage
Love dies and we relate
I hope you're entertained
God bless the renegades
Let's watch the superstars run from the cannibals
They think they're gonna be saved
God bless the renegades
God bless the renegades
God bless the renegades

What's the reason for the guilty one's love
Go wash that blood off your hands
Oh you won't believe this, no matter what you are
We live like animals, and the cowards die alone
We die alone

You said it's all the rage
Love dies and we relate
I hope you're entertained
God bless the renegades
Let's watch the superstars run from the cannibals
They think they're gonna be saved
God bless the renegades
God bless the renegades
God bless the renegades

So tell me how do we change
We give ourselves away
No words can take the place
Beautiful lies we chase
Entirely erased

You said it's all the rage
Love dies and we relate
I hope you're entertained
God bless the renegades
Let's watch the superstars run from the cannibals
They think they're gonna be saved
God bless the renegades
God bless the renegades
God bless the renegades
God bless the renegades
God bless the renegades

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Lowery, Clint God Bless The Renegades Comments
  1. Nugbone82 Nugbone82

    This sounds like 7dust whats the point if a solo album

  2. Joshua Deal

    I feel you my NDN LUMBEE / Tuscarora Nation WE REMAIN

  3. 666boltz

    Wow!! This is my fave so far!! Awesome grooving riff

  4. tdgnaruto agbaria

    Who’s here cuz of Adam’s post ?

  5. John 1127

    2 more days, can't wait, love kings and alive too

  6. General Fletch

    Music video: let’s try to make skating badass

  7. nunnink av

    That lick is very Alice In Chains, but the melody is 7dust all the way. HUGE guitar .

  8. Lovingevery minuteofit69

    This is my favorite one off this soundtrack ...I reached a connection that was right on point ...great job Clint ..and the band ....well hell yeah ..

  9. Christian Lameda

    Love this video! reminds me of my skateboard days so free and didnt worry about nothing, now after having kids worrying is an everyday thing.

  10. Brent Willi

    I approve!!

  11. Will Spencer

    Reminiscent of Filter. And better with every listen.

  12. James Johnson

    Amazing Song

  13. ColdMoonlight

    So freaking hyped for this album. I've missed HDMS and Call Me No One for a few years now, been waiting for another solo Lowery release. Glad it's an LP too.

  14. Nick Holmes

    Clints songs sound like old 7D. He isn’t allowed to be head writer anymore for them. Very Seasons album like!!

  15. Greg Holland

    Seen Clint many times when he was in still rain best band I have ever seen to this day amazing musicians

  16. Jordan Maverick LAL


  17. ReprogrammedToHate

    This song is a bop.
    Clint never fails

  18. Vinny Hyde

    I thought I was listening to a sevendust song until I heard clowery sing 🤣🤣😅😅 oh yeah, this just just him 🤣😂🎸🎸

  19. Javyon VISION

    YESSS! Right on Clint!

  20. Cryptyknyk

    Love this even more. It's like Dark New Day+Sevendust.

  21. Joseph Ramirez

    Anybody else think they've maybe also drove through a few of those blocks South of DTLA before that are in this video?

  22. Joseph Ramirez

    Any guitar players know what this ones tuned in (I wa t to try and learn it by ear)?

  23. Matthew McRae

    Damn this intro is sick

  24. MrShitfire420

    Pandering to the Asians is a good business desicion .

  25. Sydney Wheeler

    I love these lyrics -- it's wonderful to see depth and meaning back in music.
    Rock on.

  26. John 1127

    Kick Ass

  27. WaaDoku 【和ァ独】

    A bit too long and repetitive for my taste but I love the tonal dissonance in the riff.

  28. ferna2294

    I love Clit Lowery. Bring me more!

  29. Charles Goodman

    I fuckin love it

  30. Gustavo


  31. Thmper11

    Clint - we known as 7D fans he had a singing voice, this is the confirmation! WTG Clint! Cool Vid too, Skate or Die!


    He's sung on Sevendust songs

  32. Marco Sosa

    Love it ! please get togheter Dark new Day too!

    Evan Morgan

    Right? I've been waiting for another DND album. But, this isn't a bad consolation prize, lol.

  33. Daniel Tumelo

    This man knows what he's doing........ Also ... holding out on Sevendust ........ God bless Lowerydust!!

  34. Derek Avery-Patz

    If i would hear the song without any title. I would swear its Sevendust. Especially from Animosity album. Thats a good thing

  35. nunnink av

    Such a great songwriter. Jeeze.

  36. Wrath Upon Eden

    pretty freaking awesome!

  37. Pooper Scooper

    This is going to be a real intelligence test for the music business as far as I'm concerned. If they dont push this record then they deserve to go broke and let people download for free or just send Clint a check in the mail. With this guy you 7d, Connellys band, and whole lot of others. The record "business" has a goldmine under their noses and yet they don't see it. Still Rain alone would have been a top 10 band but the industry didn't get it. UUUUUggggggghhhh

    Alex Hess

    When's the last time you heard Projected on the radio, or even 7d? All they play is vapid bubblegum pop. Even on the rock stations, I can't remember the last time I heard a song that really drew me in like this one.

  38. Christian Gammons

    His power is effortless

  39. 7 lateralusaint

    instalike supercoolsong i love it tx..

  40. Nico Poppe

    puro gold

  41. Mojomydog 666

    I reported that dudes Suicide post. He need help and is dangerous 👌

  42. Mojomydog 666

    AWESOME Clint 🎸🔥🎸🔥🎸 Two Hit songs right out of the gate 👍⚡👍 Does Corey sing any background vocals ...?

  43. Puzzlebox

    We'll be glad if you check our 1st lyric video) For the Rock sake) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SFgWWu-Rh0k

  44. Shane doss

    No words just RAWWWWK


    Clint Lowery & Tremonti need to tour together!!

    J David Thornhill

    they are with Alter Bridge


    I just told my buddy that on FB when he posted this video


    @Andrew zeta Hello brother. If this happens we damn well better be going.

    Fuli The Rockin' Cheetah

    I Second That.

    Fernando Arouche

    with Projected too!!

  46. lvalledor3440

    Very head-bangable!! 💪🤘👍

  47. Lakersince98

    🤘🐐🇺🇸 🔥GOD BLESS THE RENEGADES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  48. checkpoint_official

    Love it! Clint, please give us more!

  49. Cameron G

    I’m so excited for this record 🙌🏻🙌🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻 songs so damn good

  50. norocknrollradio57

    Oh! Back to 90's ♪

  51. Raven Elder

    Damn this is sick! 🤘🖤🤘

  52. Vaughn Michael

    His music is always straight 🔥

  53. Disco Duckbill


  54. Mark Kelly

    Dammmm dude. Killed it again. Can’t wait for the album

  55. God Dammit

    God this is trash

  56. David Young

    BAD ASS!!!!

  57. Shannon Marciante


  58. Baby Boi

    Huge Clint fan ! Awesome job brother! I can always count on you . Much love and respect via GA.

  59. Sunny Bee

    Kids this is what happens the tempo of POD's Alive makes love to the melodies of evanescence's do what you want.... And that's I how met your typical 2000s nu metal/modern rock mother

  60. Jake Barrett

    This brings back an old 7d sound.

  61. YordMusic

    Super stoked for the album. 🎸😎

  62. jafnisa

    This what makes Sevendust a great band. Clint is good with melodies with HDMS, CMNO, and John with his Projected side project is great with headbanging riffs. I still prefer Projected because i like to headbang. Lol...

    Alex Hess

    Yea, but they still find a way to add a great degree of musicality to even their bangers.

  63. Chris Munton

    Once again. So good.

  64. Gleb Antonov

    I'm sorry, artists, when I go crazy, it's just too much stress. You're all doing amazing job.

  65. MusicForTherapy

    Didn’t even listen... immediately liked... after listening tried to like it a second time... God bless the renegades

    7 lateralusaint

    found it last night opened it bt it waited in queue till morning i feel asleep. i woke up made coffe and pumped up the volume. than i raped the repeat button)

  66. Shawn Payton

    Good Lord, could be 7d!


    La vida americana en una canción 🌁🌁🌇🌁🌆🌁🌁🌇🌁🌇🌁🌉♨🌉♨🌉🌌🌉🌉🌉🌉🌌⛲🗼⛲🗽⛲🗽⛲🗽

  68. anouk visschers

    I was actually here for the new song from sleeping with sirens but I'm not disappointed

  69. Jose Lopez

    Skateboarding, nice

  70. Elephant Gun Riot

    Clint is such a fantastic song writer! His track record speaks for itself! Loving this track!

  71. dahhmlife

    Str8 up 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  72. Eric Tinley

    Another solid release from Clint!

  73. Tim Maines

    Love it ...sounds so tight. So glad you're still killing it.. See ya out on the road in Florida

  74. Marshall McLuhan

    So proud of you brother this sounds great!!

  75. Brian Borstein

    Great songs from Clint! Can't wait to pick this one up

  76. wjveryzer7985

    is that lajon in the chorus!?? this shit is soooooo good could of easily been on sevendust record. PRE order done


    @Majestic PB&J Cat no i meant as we new it don't u do English goodly??

    Majestic PB&J Cat

    @BrantheBroken as we "new" it? Hahaha ok


    @Majestic PB&J Cat they're u go! theirs hope for u bet!🤪


    @David Boothe culd? dumbass


    @David Boothe I cant stand these people who pick apart grammar on youtube comments. While understanding grammar is important why the fuck do you care about such a minor error especially when you obviously got the point of my comment. Trolls. Im an idiot for even responding I bet you get off on that.

  77. wjveryzer7985

    This just got me sooo much more excited. Im glad he didnt try to stray cause it sounds like 7 dust. HE is sevendust

    Seth Allen

    No, sevendust is sevendust. They are a unit.

  78. Rathnavel ram



  79. Raul Rivera

    This song is going to make my tinnitus worse and I LOVE IT!!! :)

  80. MSWOTD 7D7D

    Solid track. Looking forward to hearing the album. Then new Sevendust!!! 🤘🤘

  81. Paulo Robert

    Holy moses what a solid album is coming out! Another stellar hit.

  82. Chris X

    Wow another killer one that’s 🔥 This whole album will be on repeat when it comes out.

  83. fede camusso

    God bless the rockandroll.
    Perfect new song.

  84. Ricardo Armendariz

    God bless Clint and Sevendust forever🤩🤩

    Joseph Ramirez

    For real. When I was 17yo John Connolly was the first real nationally signed rock musician I had ever met. I'll never forget it man-John Connolly, Clint Lowery, and Vinnie Hornsby were all cool af to me.

    Issa Kakish

    All the guys in sevendust are really cool

  85. Jeff Dubia

    This is awesome. Can not wait for this album release.

  86. Storm Rashad

    Another killer tune from Mr. Lowery!!! This record is going to be fantastic!!! #CLSolo #GodBlessTheRenegades

  87. 김김선우

    멜론플리스 브로

  88. Tornamixz

    Sounds very 2000's hard rock

  89. Jaime Ordoñez

    Why artist spend money on videos that they don't appear

    Jeff Dubia

    To tell a story that's left to interpretation.

    Brock Carrow

    Because the music isn't about the artist it's about the story they are telling. When they spend all that money to be in every shot is self serving in my personal opinion.

  90. EPIC Games

    Skater boy

  91. Gerry LO

    Gah damn Clint! \m/

  92. Brandon Gaddy

    Omg I want this whole album please. Clint lowery is bomb. super funny dude.

  93. Man de Gaturiss

    Weapon & Moral
    Makes me think of Limp Bizkit
    Hopefully we can hear a next album
    In 2020 a great year to make comebacks

    Man de Gaturiss

    Despues [VIDA] TÈ

    Man de Gaturiss

    En El Barrio Hay Talento

    - Consul

    Man de Gaturiss

    Gold Cobra Memory

    Rick Flanagan

    Limp bizkit sucks ass

  94. Tristan Frail


  95. Caren Camberos


  96. Bryan Lenihan

    Wasn't feeling Kings tbh but I was hooked from the first riff of this

    This is what Clint does best

    Jason LovesABR

    I agree. Though Kings definitely grew on me a bit. It was a slightly forced. This is just hooky and riffy all the way around.

    Seth Allen

    Wasn't a bad song, this one is awesome though for sure!

    Shane doss

    agree don't like kings either, this more like his HDMS stuff that's unreal

    The Robbins Zoo Dad

    I was the opposite, but now on second listen of this. I get it

    Dale Marsh

    The Robbins Zoo Dad im with you on that dude

  97. hacking444

    Hi Jordan

  98. felipe calisto sepulveda

    Buena canción