Love And The Outcome - City Of God Lyrics

We are Your daughters
We are Your sons
You our Father
We are so loved
Spark up a holy fire
Open our eyes
To see how to be a love
The world can't deny

We are the city
The city of God
And we can't keep it secret
Your love is the light
We will shine
We will shine

We're going public
Like torches in the night
Bringing out the God colors
Just like the northern lights
We're red, yellow, black and white
So precious in Your sight

We are the city
The city of God
And we can't keep it secret
Your love is the light
We will shine
We will shine

We will shine
Bright as the stars at night
We will shine
Holding Your light up high
We will shine
Leading the way to
The city of God
We're red, yellow, black and white
So precious in Your sight

We are the city
The city of God
And we can't keep it secret
Your love is the light
We are the city
The city of God
And we can't keep it secret
Your love is the light
We will shine
We will shine
Your love is the light
Your love is the light
We will shine

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Love And The Outcome City Of God Comments
  1. Flor Beltran

    Thanks for helping the world love and outcome 😍😍😍😍

  2. Jennifer Noll

    Cali call calling called calls

  3. Phelan

    People are of course free to pick the titles for their songs, but I'd say this was a really, *_really_* bad choice. There is something else called "City of God", or "Cidade de deus", and it's *_so_* far away from this that I can't help feeling that this song is _at best_ just a demonstration of utter, 'rosy glasses' type of ignorance.
    Maybe search for any existing things that have titles one intends to use beforehand in the future?

  4. Allan Wright

    God bless you all love and the outcome

  5. Allan Wright

    God bless you guys are awesome

  6. Alia Martens

    I love you guys!!!❤❤

  7. puppy lover

    I love the line we can't keep a secret your love is the light

  8. descendant of seth

    This song is awesome

  9. s s

    The clapping girl with dark hair is so cute. Bah.

  10. Danilo Montenegro

    beautiful song,thankyou god

  11. SOS torches in the night...

  12. Danielle C

    Man! I still love this song and video!!!

  13. M. R. Tain

    Been thinking of sharing this song on FB and just discovered this video! I love to share Love & the Outcome because in my opinion, they aren't getting the radio airplay they deserve.

  14. joe digaetano

    FALL IN!

  15. Janai Santiago

    soooo beautiful song soooo powerful words

  16. Godisgood Allthetime

    I serve at the pleasure of the King!

  17. Jack Froast

    what if you fell like you do not shine at all and that it is to where you fell like no matter what you do nothing will work?

    Brenda Young

    Jack Froast then my friend you encourage yourself in the Lord by reading His Holy word and simply choose to believe. Because that's all we really have. But it is enough. God does love you even if you think no one else does.

  18. Christina Lauber

    God Loves all his children!! He will never leave or forsake you!!! He is always with you just call on him!!! 🙌🙌🙌🙌

  19. Christina Lauber

    Love this song💜💙💜💙 Everytime I listen too it makes me want too just grab my bible and walk the streets with the holy spirit and spread his word to other's who may not know our Father above...powerful song God's great all the time Amen!!!

  20. Rheis

    parabéns a todos vocês, eu escuto direto essa música, amei por de mais

  21. Baby Duck Girl Duck

    awesome song about god

  22. Kim Steiner

    😉😂sing the songs girl

  23. Kim Steiner

    God lives

  24. new reviews

    I want a glittery drum...

    Michael Yip

    meeeee toooooooo

  25. Methu

    I 😍😍😍😍😍😍 this song

  26. Daniela Hernandez

    I love this song

  27. Daniela Hernandez

    I love this song

  28. Daniela Hernandez

    I love this song and I hope every one gets it in their heart

  29. Daniela Hernandez

    I love this song and I hope every one gets it in their heart

  30. Daniela Hernandez

    I love this song and I hope every one gets it in their heart💓👍💟👏👏

  31. Daniela Hernandez

    I love this song and I hope every one gets it in their heart💓👍💟👏👏

  32. GODgirl Reyah

    yes your love is the light we will shine 😏🙏💚💛💜💓💕💖💗💘💝💞💟👍👏

    Baby Duck Girl Duck

    awesome song♡♥♡♥♡♥☆★☆★☆★☆★□■□■□■□■□■○●○●○●○●°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•◇◆◇◆◇◆◇◆◇◆◇

  33. Dilesha Mcwashington

    thank you youtube suggestions for once you did something right.

  34. cheng dimple

    we are the city the city of God I really like this song thanks so much I really appreciate it...and I believe God he is our sevioure

  35. william Aggrey-Orleans

    This is a great song. Maybe one of the best christian rock songs to come around in a very long time...

  36. Zachery Rivera

    This is an amazing song.

  37. Hillary Plascencia

    there such a good couple 

  38. GeorgeWantsToRuleTheWorld

    Has anyone notice how it looks like they both have a cold, cause their noses look quite red

    Michelle Lin

    Like how Paula Gomez said, you shouldn't even focus on the little details. It is the message that they give in the song.


    @George6810 Or, it's cold outside.

  39. Benjamin Blake

    Notice how everyone in the background have bandanas tied around their arms..Kinda strange. Though I cant find fault with the song in its lyrics.

    Paula gomez

    You shouldn't even focus on their arms that doesn't matter what matter is the messages of the song

    Jim Chumley

    Forg Yeah them thar evil devil bandanas! 😈

    Jim Chumley

    +Jim Chumley Ma Ma Momma said its THE DEVIL! Waterboy

  40. Donna Eberhart

    I love this song .

  41. FlowerFrisk

    love and outcome is all song good and about GOD BLESSING them all and all good song too..

  42. Jacob Stevens

    We are the church.

  43. Joey Cagud

    another song that uplift my spirit to give my whole heart to Him thank you so much and God Bless you all

  44. Elena Lena

    3words : A-MA-ZING ❤️

  45. Kori Galloway

    I love it!!!

  46. Pen Sur

    Better watch your video than lady gaga etc for sure...

  47. Argelis Santana

    I love this song! it makes me feel peaceful when i'm feeling down or upset. Great song!

    Edw Leo

    Same here, it brings so much peace.

  48. Steve Schofield


  49. Jordan WIlson

    Just seen them perform at Winter Jam!  They were absolutely amazing <3  I got a picture with them too!  

  50. Amina Seymour

    What do you mean we are the city of God? Were is this in the scriptures?

    Paula gomez

    Do you even read the bible?😳 Because in the New Testament it says it a bunch of times.l am not trying to be mean but it is true


    +Paula gomez you do sound mean, what if it's a new christian, just met Christ, and you come and respond without thinking? Unnecessary comment, good way to lead people to Christ girl! We are here to build each other up, let's be cool

    Jim Chumley

    Duh The New Jerusalem!

    Jim Chumley

    +MrYoungXVII Relax Mr Young and come out of that tree with the 80lbs King James filled with lead!

    John Smert

    1 Peter 2:5Ye also, as lively stones, are built up a spiritual house, an holy priesthood, to offer up spiritual sacrifices, acceptable to God by Jesus Christ.

  51. Chelsea Renee

    LOVE this song!!!

  52. Eugenia Galan

    this is such a good song!

  53. Lolo Mrabalala

    What a powerhouse!!!!!...amazing combination for the purpose of Christ.
    God bless you guys!1

  54. MirroTea

    Listening to this song before class 3

  55. soccerchick9841

    you all are AMAZING! you both have so much talent. I love your music. Your songs are so uplifting and fun! Your lyrics touch my heart and it's music that praises the lord at the same.
    Thank you for making beautiful music. I listen to your music when I am feeling down and it always brings me back up!! :)) God bless you both!! :)

  56. KeystoCreation

    I wish I heard more of your music on KLove etc. Keep doing your thing, your music is lovely and touches hearts. I keep checking back to see if you have new stuff! :D The love of God is working with your definitely shows. KEEP SINGING! ✞ ✝♥

  57. Jamzsta1514

    I love it, stumbled across it and love this! Downloading it

  58. Jaclyn Reffitt

    Awesome love this song first time I heard it.

  59. awakenu1


  60. Minne

    This is my first time that I see you and ear you! REALLY GOOD! Blessing from LatinAmerica :)

  61. Rodrigo de Jesus

    So simple and Amazing, Congratulations, you've made a great work!!!!

  62. Garrett Schultz

    I have watched this like 30 times and me being a drummer for my church youth band I have recommended this song for my youth band!!! I love what god has done in your lives .. Truly blessed!! :D

  63. Renjiro89


  64. JandM R.

    I LOVE this song!!! My favorite part is where you use Jesus loves the Little Children in it :D

  65. Skai Rachel Ann

    Somebody...anywhere....PLEASE make a lyric video to this song! :D

  66. Amy Huber

    Oh my gosh!! I disliked it by accident!! :) I actually love it <3 - it was a touch screen fail

  67. Hadassah Perez

    Yeah.. I love your songs <3
    God Bless u all

  68. Christina Yoo

    Can't wait for your new album!
    Thank you for dedicating your career to the Lord through this medium to reach out to the world!
    May some of your songs be gospel centered :D

  69. RiRi2123

    I love this song! I think I've found another favorite band. :-) Can't wait to hear the rest of the album.

  70. prisma608

    We should all have a drum with red sparkles flying off it! :) I love this video...dancing, clapping and singing in the dark . 18 days to go!

  71. prisma608

    It's a good thing there's no limit in views!! You guys are awesome

  72. prisma608

    Album :)

  73. prisma608

    Wow. Just give me the whole albu

  74. Andrew Lam

    This song is.........amazing :O :D

  75. Daisy Sanchez

    Wow I your songs

  76. Cutepuppy

    I love you love and the outcome! I'm your number 1 fan!!

  77. gr8fulsoul

    Will be at WGRC Day on Aug 9th. Look forward to hearing your group and Chris August!

  78. Kassie Johnson

    i cannot wait to buy your guy's album! i really love your jams <3 the production is brilliant ! xoxo keep shining !

  79. Hannah Liu

    The guitar isn't connected to an amp :)

  80. Ernie Kasper

    Hello to the world! Thank you for such a beautiful song... I'm smiling because 7 years ago I had a stroke and had to learn to read, write, walk and talk. I couldn't handle hearing music or understanding speech and now here I am in tears listening to a beautiful song and preparing myself to run my 23rd city. I have 47 more to go (seven miles in 70 cities) God takes our worst nightmares and turns them into anthems of praise. signed, Way Of The Dove

  81. yangalang42

    great song. Also search Red Letter EDM for amazing Christian Dubstep music that is also a must hear song

  82. Lori Westphal

    August 27th????? Ugh!!! I don't know if I can wait.... It's excruciatingly painful to wait for this one!!! I have to come and visit this site several times a day just to get a fix!!!

  83. Emmy G

    Never mind:) I didn't notice the glitter in the beginning of the video!

  84. Emmy G

    There should be glitter on ten drum she is playing!! Sorry I'm just a girly girl;)

  85. poshlisa

    I cannot wait for a video for The King of my Heart. It is my favorite song. My kids call it the drum song and we sing it all the time.

  86. LoveAndTheOutcome

    our first single HE IS WITH US is on itunes, the rest of the album including this song Aug.27th!

  87. LoveAndTheOutcome

    hope we can sing it live in concert with you one day!

    descendant of seth

    LoveAndTheOutcome you are awesome guys, love your music, mad may god bless you guys.

  88. Jessica Vera

    THIS song is amazing..... thankyou for wriitting this song!!!!!!!!!!

  89. Ethan Yuen

    I love this song so much that my friends sing along with me :) !!!

  90. Madeline Cooney

    I am a huge fan of love and the outcome!! When does this song come out on iTunes? I want to buy it!!!!!!!

  91. LoveAndTheOutcome

    awe! He Is With Us is on itunes! Album Aug.27!

  92. LoveAndTheOutcome

    so happy to worship with you!

  93. LoveAndTheOutcome

    we will!!!

  94. Reese Decker

    You guys rocked in new haven!!

  95. LIVE4JESUS87

    i saw them last night at new haven middle school

  96. Brian Thurber

    Very nice job in New Haven last night. You stole the show

  97. bigredjuly1973

    They did worship this morning at our church. It was awesome! Thanks much Chris and Jodi!

  98. Bernadette theWeird

    saw them in sudbury. they were amazing<3

  99. Brianna W

    Saw them last night!!! They were awesome!

  100. gracieandbaby

    Whenever I play this song, everyone asks me who the artists are.

    This song is amazing! :)