Louis XIV - Stalker Lyrics

I can stare at you all night and you won't even notice

Still I can't seem to look at you

I can stare at you all night and you won't even notice

Put on gloves

The watch going

The phone rings off

In the car lurking

See me through the window and

You lay down on your bed

I can stare at you all night and you won't even notice

Still I can't seem to look at you

I can stare at you all night and you won't even notice

(If I'm getting to you)

'Cause I'm loose slide

A knife through

Back door locked bolt through

Sleeping softly, holding pillows

Tightly in your arms

I sneak up without a sound

Down the hall to your bedroom

Twist the knob stand above you

As you lay there in your bed

I can stare at you all night and you won't even notice

Still I can't seem to look at you

I can stare at you all night and you won't even notice

I took off all your clothes

See all your face

Until the pillow slightly saw you


Into the pillow sllighty silent?

As you breathe gasping holding air tight like it's your last

Put my hand on your mouth

Feel your lips on my fingers

Smell your sweat

You're looking lovely my possesion

Again. Shadows up

The watch going

Phone rings off

Car lurking

See me through the window and

You lay down on your bed

I can stare at you all night and you won't even notice

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Louis XIV Stalker Comments
  1. Fábio Oliveira

    old but gold

  2. William Robinson


    Raju Raju

    ,liam Robinson

    Manoj Ram

    William Robinson

  3. n3rdbear

    It's been 8 years and I'm still having the same reaction when seeing the hot ass bodies in this video. GODDAMN!!!!!!

  4. Stephen Schwartz

    where are you Louis XIV

  5. Noah Harmon

    I want

  6. Aš Myliu Kristiną

    those girls are sexy... specially the one on the floor - like Barbie. Naughty Barbie

  7. oglox

    there is no other reason :)

  8. Nicholle S

    why would you assume it would be jealous girls and gay guys, go fuck yourself

  9. Merry Prankster

    this is exactly how i would imagine a video for this epic would be.simply stunning ladies.if louis xiv saw this they would reform on principle!! saw them in birmingham when they were touring slick dogs and ponies.me and my soul mate had photos taken with jason hill.told him the first time i heard the best little secrets album i was on acid and though it was the most debauched album id heard and that my honey and i regularly had sex to their music.he said it was the best compliment theyd had! :)

  10. oglox

    20 dislikes??? come on girls don´t be jealous and gay guys come on the music is good

  11. Allie Davis

    This is a sexy song.

  12. Minnie Yall

    this video makes the song gorgeous loooove it

  13. Juan Cruz

    amo ese video!

  14. screus69

    I love this vid

  15. crashbreakerr

    @MyGui666 isso não é lixo, é música, caso você não saiba

  16. Jimi Racanelli

    Im not jimmy but the butt shots are incredible!!!!!

  17. Redrum

    LOVE this song

  18. keith buck

    theres a chick they show in this a bunch that reminds of me pre-plastic surgery/skanky tara reid.

  19. Luke Fitzgerald

    who cares about the video..
    look at the girls!

  20. bombrief1

    By the way I know why all Americans are scared guntoting freaks. It's the asteroid growth hormones you're milk and hamburgers are drenched with.

  21. bombrief1

    Song is okay, but really this video captures the essence of your music industry's downfall. So actually looking 1 inch further, its really really bad.

  22. Chris Oels

    OK Who would give this music video a thumbs down? What the hell?

  23. Milibbardot

    @charliechapstick3000 Poor Louis XIV! why did they chose his name??

  24. Justin Hymer

    Thumbs up if you think that Louis XIV is the sexiest sounding band ever.

  25. Patrick Damiaens

    Great vid

  26. sarah raine

    Lovelovelovelove this!!!

  27. barkelow95


  28. n3rdbear

    Hey if you do, can I be the only dude in it?!!!!!! :D

  29. n3rdbear


  30. n3rdbear

    Not for the girl in 1:36

  31. n3rdbear

    But the asses are fantastic!

  32. n3rdbear

    Dude my heart would explode with my jaw locked open from visual shock if I went to that party. O_O

  33. n3rdbear

    H O L Y F U C K I N G S H I T

  34. lukavivid

    just wer pussy! i like this one... fav*

  35. tenillia

    lol kinda looks like it

  36. Smalls

    im probably just retarded but i have no idea what this video is about...? someone help an idiot out?

  37. Benjamin Kazakov

    sorry but is there a vagina shown at 0:39?

  38. twintrisha

    great and the whole thing is creepy sexy good

  39. Lance Gomez

    omg that was sooooooo good and not just for the hotties. It actually gave me inspiration for my next partyyyyyy. Yay Louis XIV!

  40. Tanya Brennan

    I can't believe you got a thumbs down for saying you loved a video, that's ridiculous.

  41. Dennis Boyd

    I like the reference to Sex, Lies, and Videotape.

  42. Tanoshii

    one of the better ones of the album without a doubt. guilt by association soared, but whatever happened to the hall of mirrors? now THAT was good tunes.

  43. effeniet

    Much better than the very very very sad and shitty air trafic control.. Forget that Mickey Mouse song and better listen to this and the rest of their music..

  44. pinkngreenilove

    ya, ur just teasing us with saying that aren't ya:P

  45. pinkngreenilove

    sexy, cool song2:P

  46. princesstamika

    I'm going to make a video like this one day. Except it won't even have sound and people will still love it. It's like psychological abuse.

  47. princesstamika

    I love how easy it is to get men excited.

  48. iownu92

    And why do you care what some random person on youtube thinks?

    The best thing you can do to a comment like that is ignore it.

  49. Buku Duckets

    Nevermind I saw what got your panties all twisted.

  50. Buku Duckets

    What the hell? What brought that on?

  51. Buku Duckets

    Prove it ;)

  52. deathinme06

    hahahahaha your silly. settle down ya? First learn the meaning of good music.

  53. Matt Truthwaite

    i wanna be in this room

  54. jenniemakesout

    forgive all these people that are saying these girls are lesbians and against god - they've just never been to one of my slumber parties before. this is what they all look like.

  55. BrianDontFindMe

    Ahaha its not even that lesbian... nowone made out or did anything really but danced and put arms around other chicks...

  56. Maxwell Lechte

    You're a piece of shit, you know that?

    Did you ever think that YOU'RE wrong and that YOU'RE against god? I hope that, just for you, there actually IS a god and that he sends you to hell for being such a self-rightous fuck and scolding people for such bullshit as what they do in their private time.

    You make me sick. Go crucify yourself.

    And stay the fuck away from good music like Louis XIV.

  57. RealRudeReid

    I loved it

  58. d1520682

    creepy and sexy

  59. Destinedtodie

    how can lesbians go against god, if got created all, and has a plan for everyone before they're even born. lesbian has to be part of the "grand plan" and god can never be wrong...right ?

  60. David Tijero

    awesome vid. i love this song. 5 stars

  61. Lavon Youins

    Type in English! It's not a hard language!

  62. deathinme06

    Thank you. and yes i agree with you as well. i guess its better for that to happen than having girls shake their ass and act stupider than this. I guess im just old fashion. Im just used to seeing kick ass shit! but im not saying this song is not awesome and catchy. it is good. but the video on the other hand, for all you kids who like to masterbate give me a thumbs down...

  63. vulture28

    Beautifull shoting...fucking sexy...kickass song!!!

  64. maj528

    How dare you call these girls sluts... they work hard for their money

  65. deathinme06

    This is a stupid ass video!! It is a pretty good song but these people are only desperate for views and ratings. Real music can do it on its own without having sluts dancing around doing nothing but sitting there.
    what is music coming to. stupid people

  66. Mark Hastings Jr.

    if this is the legit video...then hats off...i love this style of shoting

  67. Can'tbuyunderwear Ballsdon'tfit

    this is their legit vid u dickfaces

  68. Can'tbuyunderwear Ballsdon'tfit

    yeah it is

  69. PM1 Chicago

    I agree with this comment.
    It's just a bunch of women cock-teasing us.

    The whole time watching this video all I can think is "Can we just break out the double dong already and get over with it???"

  70. Bryan Labchuk

    im watchin'

  71. Mark Hastings Jr.

    i know this isn't there legit video...but it should

  72. tewt on me

    I liked these guys better when they were trying to be Wilco.

    CONVOY 4eva!

  73. Elizabeth Hoare

    It's a typical Louis XIV style video.
    Personally i like it that way, gives it a sense of rawness.

    p.s. i wouldn't be surprised if Jason hill both directed and filmed it, he's into shit like this.

  74. cbfundamental

    ahhah i agree its a very low budget vid. i believe this video was mad a while ago. i remember an email LXIV sent out about having girls show up in san diego to be in a video. i wonder if the guys were even there

  75. Max Fierro

    ugly ass chicks

  76. miyog

    I'm digging the song but the video is overly simple, but I suppose it follows a 'stalker' perception pretty well

  77. brandonsilva82

    I thought this was a fan-submitted video at first, very low-quality and low-effort. I like hot chicks as much as the next guy, but these girls aren't even that hot to be the only thing going on in the entire video.