Louis XIV - Louis XIV Lyrics

Well I'm a weapon of mass destruction
Got no apologies for a hyper concussion
I might swipe your identity
Take your love and turn it into obscenity

You say that I don't care about
All the little things that you care about
Oh, you think that I don't care about
All the little things that make you want to shout

Oh, me me me me is all you say that I care about
Me me me me is all I ever want to talk about
Me me me me is what you think that I care about
Me me me me is all I really want to talk about

I'll steal your soul
Put you in a club in Cleveland

Well I'm a portal into blue collar human psychology
I need a fix, I don't need no apology
And all the kids on the street
They think I'm neat, neat, neat, neat, neat, well

Ah, me me me me is all you think that I care about
Me me me me is all I ever want to talk about
Me me me me is what you think that I care about
Me me me me is all I ever want to talk about

Who's your daddy?
It's me

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Louis XIV Louis XIV Comments
  1. Manfred Mann

    This has a great sound!! Unique, I am getting this on hard copy.

  2. Basil In the Forest

    Pretty stoked I saw them my freshmen year of HS.

  3. eden

    this song is pretty damn near perfect

  4. S.K.Studios (RIP?)

    Driver Parallel Lines (game).

  5. Max Mayer

    great outdoors 2 (2003) great movie

    bouchra Rouchdi

    Max Mayer xix

  6. Jeremy Mine

    Jason Hill (vocals and frontman) is my cousin.  See you in Florida at the reunion, Jay!

    Jennifer McCain

    Jeremy Mine from his mom's side or his dad's? I am his cousin, too.

    Jeremy Mine

    From his mother's side.  My father and she were first cousins.  Damn, what a small world!  Which side are you from?  If his mom's Sue Ellen, then hello cousin!

    Jennifer McCain

    It IS a small world - wanted a friend to hear this song and saw your post. Saw that you may be a cousin! Alas, you aren't - I'm from his dad's side. I always loved her, too, though :-)

    Jeremy Mine

    Well, when you see him next, tell him you ran into his cousin Jeremy!  His mom's side of the family have an annual family reunion - this year will be the 37th - at the same spot just east of Destin, Florida.  I'll certainly mention you when I see him there!  It's the first week in June.  As for his dad, I didn't get to know him very well b/c they split up so long ago.  My best memory of him was me teaching him how to eat boiled crawfish (I'm born and raised Baton Rouge in south Louisiana) when I was about 10yo.  I remember my brother and I thought it was so funny the way he was going about it.  I DID stay at his house in Poway in my mid 20's, but that was when he was sick and not staying there.  They just let my brother and I stay there while we visited Jason et al.  Anyway, cheers!

  7. hank mardookus

    wow been a while thanks for the post!

  8. constance jennings

    Only found this group today - love :D

  9. jesus Garcia

    William Lawson

  10. Gia Joseph

    Well I am a weapon of mass seduction...

    Vincent ROUX

    omg lmao

  11. M Schaeffer

    I hope they serve beer in hell ... . perfect song for that movie!

  12. Augusto Kaspary

    Vim aqui por causa da propaganda heuheue

  13. Gerald Sellers

    Grandson swiped my CD. Any leads on a replacement

    neil hurst

    Amazon sell it for peanuts....

  14. Ecce Pepe

    Williams Lawson´s

  15. living in stereo

    where can i find the official video to this song? i haven't seen it since they took the site down a long time ago.

  16. Rocio Ibarra

    It has been two days since I started listening to Louis XIV and I have to say that they have already become one of my favourite bands. So amazing!

  17. lolttyl143

    A lot of power behind that guitar.

  18. Kuda Muda

    Damn well said. They got a sound that tickles the nerves with a chainsaw.

  19. chelsea spohn

    oh wait, it was The OC...damn.

  20. chelsea spohn

    I remember listening to this s*** when it came out when I was like 13 or something. Later on I kept trying to remember the name when I was trying to look it up (songs/band name), and now that I finally found it I'm thinking, why the hell didn't they get bigger? And how did I even find out about them back then? HA

    brandon azoo

    chelsea spohn I just thought the same things today! Ha glad I re-found them too

  21. Heather Parks

    Love this CD!!!!