Loretta Lynn - World Of Forgotten People Lyrics

I live in the world world of forgotten people
Who've loved and lost their hearts so many times
I'm here in the world world of forgotten people
Where every heart is aching just like mine

Well I've loved and I'd been loved but I had the reckless heart
And the many dreams I had are torn apart
Now I find out I was loved too late I'm all alone alone in the world of broken heart
I live in the world...

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Loretta Lynn World Of Forgotten People Comments
  1. wanda glisson

    Loretta is from butcher hollow where I am from and she is one of the best singer I know love you Loretta lynn

  2. Elizabeth Higgins

    I agree Gary , Loretta Lynn is all we need, she has always been my favorite and always will be!!!!!!¡


    Best female country singer of all time.

  4. Joyce Grady

    Love it

    Nina Hall

    Awesome Loretta is pure country.

  5. CountryBoy Williams


  6. Don Hawkins

    This vinyl album by Loretta Lynn is worth a couple hundred dollars, her first recorded for Decca Records 1962...In Nashville

  7. justess martin

    Original concept for a song! It's great!

  8. Gregory Miller

    Most likely Floyd Cramer at the Piano

  9. Andre Gervais

    George Jones, Conway Twitty, and Connie Smith all covered this song that was written by Loretta too

  10. Gary M

    One of my all time favorite Loretta Lynn songs!!!

  11. Gary M

    Loretta Lynn - That's all any song needs!!

  12. Mary Ann Kirk

    I love to hear Loretta sing . very pretty song

  13. latokatn506

    One of the best song's this lady ever sang Great Choice Jamie