Loretta Lynn - Peace In The Valley Lyrics

Oh well I'm tired and so weary but I must go along
Till my Lord comes and calls me calls me away oh yes
Oh well the morning's so bright and the lamb is the light
And the night night is as black as the sea oh yes
There will be peace peace in the valley for me some day
There will be peace in the valley for me oh Lord I pray
There'll be no sadness no sorrow no troubles I'll see
There will be peace peace in the valley for me
[ ac.guitar ]
Well the bear will be gentle and the wolf will be tame
And the lion shall lay down down by the lamb oh yes
And the beast from the wild will be lead by little child
And I'll be changed changed from this creature that I am oh yes
There will be peace...

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Loretta Lynn Peace In The Valley Comments
  1. Doc Doc

    Miss ya pops

  2. Jasmine Woww

    Good woman with some great songs but I gotta give Connie Francis the crown for her version of this song :)

  3. Amanda Blackmore

    I love this song so much
    And I love her

  4. Linda Harris

    She is wonderful

  5. Christy Martin

    love it

  6. Maria Warrick

    I really loves this version better than any I have ever heard. I know when I die I want this played. It makes me feel warm inide to know that there is peace coming to me and my loved ones who have already made that journey who are saved. I will be glad to see my Lord and know I will be in a better place. May God bless us all.

    Jasmine Woww

    Try Connie Francis's version I love it best

  7. Sandy Gurley

    Loretta's version is pretty too,as well as "The Old Rugged Cross" but I LOVE Elvis' version! I LOVE all his gospel...and his other music too! My late stepfather LOVED Loretta Lynn, she was his favorite singer.
    I like some of her country songs too..

    Jasmine Woww

    Hey try Connie Francis's version it is my favorite one

  8. Dwayne Burns

    She is beautiful.

  9. John Richmond

    Thank you KAC for sharing this precious song. Long live Loretta Lynn!

  10. T. M. Clements

    She's the only person I know who can pull this song off.

    Jasmine Woww

    Kindly your wrong. Connie Francis does this song the best. Perfect speed and all too and atmospheric

  11. Julie Hallgren

    love Loretta Lynn she is a beautiful person

  12. gettygal94

    My country hero. I love her! :D

  13. Sammy Turner

    Love this song! it will cheer u up when mad.

  14. Lillie Ozment

    Great Great I love you. philillie

  15. Larry Muglia

    The best version of this song I have ever heard!

    Jasmine Woww

    Try Connie Francis's version I would say for a few reasons it is the best

  16. Sammy Turner

    I love this song, she sings it awesome. if agree vote up.

  17. Sammy Turner

    I LOVE this song, she sang it so well. This brings back so many memeories with my grandma :(

  18. MyJustified

    I love this version.

  19. KickAssCarly1

    He sang this song on the Ed Sullivan and dedicated it to his mom.

    Elvis' version is stunning, too! I relate more to Loretta's because this song helped me during a very difficult time in my life.

    Hey, you made me tell secrets!! lol. ;)

    Hope you are having a great morning.


  20. KickAssCarly1

    Anytime, sweetie!! :)

    ~ C