Loretta Lynn - If I Could Hear My Mother Pray Again Lyrics

How sweet and happy seem those days of which I dream
When memory recalls them now and then
And with what rapture sweet my weary heart would beat
If I could hear my mother pray again
If I could hear my mother pray again if I could hear her tender voice as then
How glad I would be with who means so much to me
If I could hear my mother pray again
[ ac.guitar ]
She used to pray that I on Jesus would rely and always walk the shining gospel way
So trusting still his love I'll seek that home above
For I shall meet my mother some glad day
If I could hear my mother...

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Loretta Lynn If I Could Hear My Mother Pray Again Comments
  1. Ruth Mitchell

    I love this song so much it reminds me of my mom I wish I can hear my mom pray again

  2. Terry Goo

    Every song brought back Child hood memories

  3. Patricia Morgan

    I rather have Jesus than silver and gold id rather have jesus than many riches untold.

  4. GuriMalla2010

    How sweet and happy seem those days of which I dream
    When memory recalls them now and then
    And with what rapture sweet my weary heart would beat
    If I could hear my mother pray again
    If I could only hear my mother pray again if I could only hear her tender voice as then
    How happy I would be with who means so much to me
    If I could hear my mother pray again
    [ ac.guitar ]
    She used to pray that I on Jesus would rely and always walk the shining gospel way
    So trusting still his love I'll seek that home above
    For I shall meet my mother some glad day
    If I could only hear my mother...

  5. carol jubinville

    beautiful song

  6. Joni Lynn michalski

    Beautiful ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  7. Vivian McClure

    oht hat rampture bullshit and the idea we 'go to heaven' by those who profess to READ their Bible...??? drives me nuts... read the book people... the rapture is bullshit // flying off to heaven is too

  8. Ruth Mitchell

    My mom loved this song using it to I wish my a happy birthday if was a leave she would be 97 years old March the3 is birthday I love mom i know you in a better place with God I miss mom

  9. apey1971

    I never understood just what impact this song had when I was little and would listen to it with my mother on her Loretta Lynn Hymns album. Unfortunately, I learned just what impact it would have on my life when I lost my Mama.

  10. Senni Josh

    How i miss my mom when i listened to this song..if i could hear my mom pray again..it brings back more memories..love yhu mom RIP😢💖😘

  11. Brenda Gray

    I wish could hear mines pray again too. Love you Loretta Lynn, and miss Geraldine. Brings back memories when i was a teenager.

  12. Mrs. Lomsomes Garage

    What I would give to set next to in our little white church and pray together. It has been 6 your today since she left this world.

  13. kayla grace

    thank you gurimalla

  14. Betty Bell

    in loving memory of mom 1947

  15. Meno Passini

    My Mama would began each prayer, "Graciously Heavenly Father We place this before your throne of grace".

  16. Ray Dillow

    Love these songs been listening to these songs since i was born in 68

  17. Laurie Brazier


  18. Mark Cain Your Friend in the Car Business

    My mom went home this past Thursday. This song speaks to my heart but i know she is at peace now.

    Jim Boles

    God Bless you and.your momma

  19. Shon C

    I like the stanley brothers version better but ve lorets! My dad bgfrew up 30 miles from her

  20. Genevieve Marquez

    My Mommy died September 3, 2017...She taught me to pray and rely on God always..I miss my Mom.

    Jim Boles

    God Bless you and your momma

    Jessi Brunson

    Genevieve Marquez....Sorry for your loss. It is very hard! My mama died in 2012 and I am stil missing her so much. Life is just not the same...

  21. Mace Crawford

    beautiful. mom where ever you are this song is for you too.

  22. Anthony Forbes

    holy ghost this song is touching

  23. Loydie Mason

    can you imagine what heaven will sound like when we meet up yonder..and the trumpet will..Sound

  24. Joycelyn Hogan

    I am always bless by those song they lift my spirit

  25. Vendetta

    My Grandpa has a good taste in music!

  26. Sissie Abrams

    I Can answer this question Our Moms are in Heaven They are asking GOD to bless us ?
    answer all of our prayers several times II felt my mom with me once was I fought for my life I thanked GOD for saving my life GOD spoke loudly to my heart & said yout mom ask me to save her baby girl so our moms aew with GOD & JESUS askig for their baby even when you old
    Sissie in Ky

  27. Julie Thorne

    if only I could hear my mother one more time

    Ruth Mitchell

    Iwih I could hear my mother one more time to

  28. John Hall


    Michael Nash

    Loretta lynn is still alive

    Mary Kennett

    John Hall Miss Loretta is still alive...She's 85 years young....

    Steve Endicott

    87 and counting!

  29. Wes Hunter

    I've wanted to open for Loretta my entire life

  30. Frances Ingram

    If Only  I could find the Song...... My Angel Mother.... Sung By Loretta Lynn in Her Early Year I Have the record but scratched up and I can not find it no wheres.. PLEASE HELP ME !!!! This song was one of my mothers favorite song


    +Frances Ingram I will see what I can do this weekend. Right now im on hollyday and will be home to friday

    Frances Ingram

    Thank you


    +Frances Ingram I find it on YouTube:

  31. Anasa Molisodrau

    iam blessed with the song

  32. 1new-man

    would be lost in sin today if not for my Mommas prayers.
    what a reunion that will be!

  33. PlainerThanJane

    Thirty years ago, my mother's heart was breaking as she was saying this...thirty years later, my heart is breaking too, as I'm now saying the same thing...oh, how I miss her so!!! Till we meet again mommy 3/24/1949 - 3/26/2015

  34. Magnificent Failure

    I hear my Mom singing all the time. She died five years ago, but her voice rings clear to me.

    Merry Christmas, Mom!

  35. Micheline Larivière


  36. valerie frazier

    if i could only hear my mother pray again . It made me cry over and over again but i know her and all my family up in heaven are singing that they have a mansion over the hilltop and it will be for the rest of us here waiting to fill that mansion. i love you mother and everyone with you

  37. jim broun

    Would give anything to hear my mom pray.I miss and love you so much mom

    Ruth Mitchell

    I love this song I wish I hear voice again I wish I can hear her pray again

  38. Sandra B

    I heard this song sung with Loretta and patsy cline but can't find it anymore

    Michael De Ponte

    Kim Clayton but patsy was on tour and sung on stage with loretta

    Ed Hunnicutt

    that's true, they did have appearances together, but none of those performances were recorded... They had different producers.. Had Pasty Lived, I'm, sure there would have been a couple albums to add to our memories of them..

    Down On Music Row

    Patsy and Loretta both recorded for Decca, with both having Owen Bradley as their Producer. But, Loretta was just getting off the ground, and Patsy was just getting firmly established as a consistent hitmaker, when Patsy was killed in the plane crash. But, more than that, labels didn't pair femaie artists for duets in that day and time. They reserved duets as special events between their top male and female artists.

    Down On Music Row

    Loretta and Patsy appeared on a couple of the same shows, but they never sang on stage together. That was a bit of Hollywood license in "Coal Miner's Daughter."

    Down On Music Row

    Geraldine Wilburn was Teddy & Doyle's sister.

  39. Brigette Douglas

    love it. bless

  40. 666UFO666

    So  Good.......

  41. Stan Nugent


    Carolyn Schneider

    Stan Nugent v

    Janet Dorothy Neo Retnam

    Awesome, love them

  42. tristancheyrose matthews

    Loretta's hair is on point.


    I was raised on these songs and I will die on these songs. take the whole world but give me jesus. I will be 65 thus year if god see,s me to be.

  44. Ann Hagan

    I sing all time.


    Great Song.

  46. richer enouff

    The lady who Loretta is singing with is not her mom...but I don't know who she is.  This is such a nice song!


    @richer enouff ...it's Geraldine Wilburn (sister of Wilburn brothers)

  47. Larry Kneip

    Some sweet day! Amen!

  48. Alice Goddeau

    Luv that song

  49. Koos Van Der Avoird

    Classy, nice and sweet, love it!

    Zandra Gopie

    Charlie pride

    Koos Van Der Avoird

    @Zandra Gopie Thanks! I like his music too!


    @Koos Van Der Avoird Great one, thanks.


                                PEACE BE WITH YOU ALL
                            ONE OF MY FAVORITE GOSPEL

  51. Missy Lynn

    It just doesn't...get any sweeter..or more real ..than hat ..right there!'''' Conversation...Ova!!!

  52. Hunter Dowdle

    A beautiful duet~!

  53. Debbie Beall

    what a beautiful song , and true if i cud hear my mother pray again , oh how happy i wud be , but i wouldnt never bring my mother back to this earth again if i cud ,  but i wud love to hear her voice again , thanks Loretta Mry Wilburn

  54. MormonAll

    Wonderful song. Knowing mothers care and forgive allows hope for us indeed. It will be great to see them again.

  55. Debie Lloyd



    Loretta Lynn really brings back wonderful meaningful songs...so glad they are on the comeback list... this will make many people happy to sing a long with Loretta Lynn again xxx

  57. Ed Clark

    Right after my mother died, I bought what I consider my Bible and it is the one I read and study from and one day I will pass it on to one of my children. Last night I finished Revelation – again. Songs like this gem remind my of Mom.

  58. Jaxson Loyd

    The lady in the video is Geraldine Wilburn. She was Doyle and Teddy Wilburn's sister, and the video is from The Wilburn Brothers TV show that ran from the early 60's until 1973.

  59. dmoor10

    Oh, thanks for clearing that up.

  60. Dorina Borcau

    No. In fact, Geraldine is their sister. She died in 2011.

  61. dmoor10

    No, this is one of the Wilburn brother's wife, her name is Geraldine, I think.

  62. Sissie Abrams

    Please tell me Is that really Loretta Lynns Mother with her This is an old clip from a t v show I was a little kid so I don't remember but the lady looks like Loretta

  63. Cindy Wheat

    Love this song. Such good memories

  64. bent jørgensen

    not the song the performers

  65. bent jørgensen

    one of my favorite

  66. Ruth Polacek

    Love it.