Loggins & Messina - Watching The River Run Lyrics

If you've been thinking you're all that you've got
Then don't feel alone anymore
When we're together, then you've got alot
'Cause I am the river and you are the shore

And it goes on and on, oh, watching the river run
Further and further from things that we've done
Leaving them one by one
And we have just begun watching the river run
Listening and learning and yearning
Run, river, run

Winding and swirling and dancing along
We pass by the old willow tree
Where lovers caress as we sing of our song
Twisting together when we greet the sea

And it goes on and on, watching the river run
Further and further from things that we've done
Leaving them one by one
And we have just begun watching the river run
Listening and learning and yearning
Run, river, run

And it goes on and on, watching the river run
Further and further from things that we've done
Leaving them one by one
And we have just begun watching the river run
Listening and learning and yearning
Run, river, run

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Loggins & Messina Watching The River Run Comments
  1. TB Player

    Amazing talent throughout the entire band. Real musicians playing real music.

  2. Martin Lepper

    To get in a better mood...I always put on some Loggins & Messina....works every time.

  3. Jimy Jimy

    He's playing my Taylor!

  4. V T

    GENTS , and folks who helped, just a great time warp to what was once with real music !! Boys , Thanks !!

    We will never be there again EVER !!!! Led Z was 5 fold !!!

  5. Doug Wittrock

    Ten thumbs up!

  6. yousuf Uncomloarable. samad


  7. Jerry Muzak

    Masters of melody.

  8. Greg Tyrone

    Mom, God rest her soul loved this song and these guys :-)

  9. Holly Jaye

    One of my ALL TIME FAV groups and songs. This song has gotten me thru some rough spots in my journey of life...and I thank you Loggins & Messina

  10. Mark Stanley

    Damn!! Their whole concert shown before was soooo dynamite!!! But, yutetube shan't allow good listnin' no s'mores....hate 'em! but...got ta put up wt there stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Mark Stanley

    you are soooo right on!!!

  11. Gail Mork

    My hubby passed last July. Browsing tonight and discovered logins & Messina, we had every album, and he sang all songs with his beautiful voice. I’m missing him tonight listening to this music which was part of our 45 year history together 😢

  12. Renaissance Executive Forums Dallas

    I was there! I will never forget that night. Amazing

  13. Vicki Raines

    Real music.

  14. Eugene Howerdd III

    … as are all these musicians.

  15. Eugene Howerdd III

    What is the gentleman's name with the mohawk? He is talented as hell!!

  16. Lynn VanJaarsveld

    replaying my first concert....

  17. Caleb Smith

    Memories of....The way we were...We are still innocent

  18. Laurie Meer LaRock

    Some guys just never lose the handsome (like Kenny Loggins & my hunny bee 🐝).


  19. Samuel Bull

    wow, sweet as hell!

  20. ajdyl

    Oh it sends chills ❤️

  21. Jose Colon

    Amazing!!!!! Thank you!

  22. Auri Emma

    Outstanding. Better than the original.

  23. holly g

    Lovely song, great musicians

  24. Claude C

    How long did these guys have to rehearse to get this good. Before they decide on this comeback tour it is my understanding that they hadn't played together in years. Amazing. Gives me chills.

  25. sue moore

    Kenny, will you marry me?

  26. Chris Christian

    Oh Kenny where did you go wrong.

  27. Steve Underdahl

    So good!

  28. Hot Key

    Holy S***! What talent.

  29. James Carroll

    This is a keeper. The flute and mandolin on the outro are perfect.

  30. Jeff Surtees

    Possibly the most beautiful song ever written.

  31. kathleen perry

    Miss you brothers. Blessings.

  32. Susan Clamp

    This song gives me solace after my Husbands passing. It has always been a favorite. Thank you

  33. FMHammyJ

    One of those duos whose voices complemented each other so well.

  34. Colerain Fan

    So damn good.

  35. John Hardesty


  36. mmavable

    My most favorite song of Loggins & Messina! Always love it!🤗

  37. anthony biafore

    Someone please play this album for millenials....PLEASE!!!!!!!

    Sean R.

    anthony biafore trust me I’m listening

    Ruben Tschernutter

    greetings from graz, austria. it's on!

  38. Scott Ferguson

    l would like to express my interest in the writing of the bible trough music such as this scott ?

  39. 1olddirtroad

    timeless melody

  40. Rick Manning

    I think messina is hitting the lasagna to hard,the song sounds great

  41. Anita Vassar

    Baby, are you ready ? 4:30 pm my time. Headed home now my love. I love you.

  42. kathleen perry

    STILl! Love y'all!! Blessings!,Blessings! Blessings! Thrice. Love, Soe-so-henya,(White) My husband 33 yrs. played the White album, best friends, this was our first song. He went to the other plane, 2008. Rivers, Always run to sea. Ill see him again.

  43. kathleen perry

    STILl! Love y'all!! Blessings!,Blessings! Blessings! Thrice. Love, Soe-so-henya,(White)

  44. Lazlo Vesuvius

    cool song.....not used to seeing kenny without his beard and longer hair...... dudes mowhawk IMO ...wtf???

  45. lingsto195

    hey I live in that forest too

  46. ardjiabadfasad

    The very best, love from Croatia!!!

  47. Chuck Correll

    Still a classic and if anything it's better after all these years

  48. Chris Powell

    before i joined the navy n 76. loved these people..ussmidway cv41

  49. wayne cox

    vrey good live sound, no lip sync

  50. Sue Manison

    The River runs, as life. In 1986 my husband gave me a tape of these songs.  I was married, he didn't care, he loved me for 31 years with all his heart, and all your songs.  Thank you for a lifetime memory that goes on and on.  Sue

    Craig Hickman

    This was the last song that I sang to her a day and a half before she passed away in 2007. It's taken 10 years before I could smile again at this song. My best to you. We had 27 years together and 2 great kids.

    Sue Manison

    My best to you as well.

  51. Vyvyan Harris

    I just noticed the Drummer, he played with Dave Gilmour on the into the Blue Gigs

  52. Smilinsharon

    My favorite song of Loggins & Messsina!!!

  53. alan linnemeyer

    Great music, great place, great wine, great herb !

  54. Shylda Odell

    This song and their rendition makes my song soar. It makes me remember a time when I was far more open to possibilities. I pray that this feeling overtakes me again. Nothing does this for me like music. Thank you L and M..

    Heidi Messina


  55. PQ Productions Quinn


  56. jlmurrel

    Good video recording - editing, not so good.

  57. ShortysSportsGrill

    Loggins & Messina rocks and brings back old memories!

  58. Syrinx

    And it goes on and on and on and on                                                                        and on and on and on and on and on

  59. Mike Delagrange

    Thanks guys! This is a go to song when I think about my oldest son who has left fold and lives abroad and works for the UN. He is now sharing his adventures with me.

  60. blondwiththewind

    Wonderful job, guys!   I've loved this song since the seventies...and now my grand-kids do too!!  I live in an area that has rivers and forested beauty all around me....and a huge mountain range with a great (internationally known) hiking trail nearby as well...so this song has special meaning for me because of that.  I've loved this song (and sung it) since I bought the album in high school.  In college...I got the "On Stage" album, and it became one of my top 5 favorite albums (on vinyl and CD) EVER!!!  Got to see you "live" in college as well (New England).  So happy to find this LIVE version with you folks.  Gotta say:  Kenny's still a hottie!!! xD


    @blondwiththewind  Like, Favorite, Playlisting ..... ~~RED ☮♡♫

  61. Struwelpeter62

    This was the first song I played and sang to my girlfriend while on a picnic near our local river.   I also sang it to her as we got married right up by the altar in front of a church full of relatives. Talk about nervous.  Sadly, she divorced me a year later....seems she found one with a better tune.  Great song though, but I can't sing it without thinking back to those two days I sang it for someone I thought would be still "watching the river run" with me.

    Rina Lore

    Struwelpeter62-I'll watch the river run with you. This time I will play it for you.♥️🎶
    You are definitely better off without your river rat "hex".😊

    Mike Tabor

    @tim brown Hilarious. Who's the loser here? The one who can't spell "loser" , I'm gonna figure. You absolute twat.

    Vince James

    Great story, you're to good for her.

    Dawn Cain

    I dont think i could leave someone that romantic. my boyfriend sang a song called I'll Be (your loving shoulder) for me. ironically he left me but the song still gives me the warm/fuzzies😍

    Nick Cloyd

    I appreciate how genuine you are.

  62. todd holter

    I saw them in Mpls. in the 70's. So good to see them again here now!!

  63. das178

    My face now hurts from smiling for 3-1/2 minutes! True talent.

  64. Dennis Briskin

    My daughter tells me they used this song, without knowing its origins, as a closing song for several days at the 2014 Oregon Shakespeare Summer Seminar for High School Juniors. (Professional-level training in all aspects of theater for the most highly motivated students.)

  65. Elizabeth Ackerman

    @DianeRobinson Thanks for reminding me of this gentle old standard of the Mischords... seems somehow approp. these days

  66. Joan Lee


  67. Gail Williams

    Just love this song -- wonderful to see them performing it (and to see Jim finally smile at the end).

  68. Ron Parish

    It's been a long time since last hearing this song. These two men have excellent voices.

    pamela horad


  69. Suzanne Stout

    Wonderful!!  Kenny and Jim still sound great together.  Beautiful song.

  70. Ilene Kalus

    very very nice

  71. Laura Domingue

    One of my favorites!

  72. Ken Campbell

    great song and great harmonies.

  73. Mei Chu

    This is one of my favorite songs... just beautiful... :-)

  74. B Sharp

    Tasteful as always!

  75. mafiaprimes1

    one of my fav song of L&M

  76. kingstumble

    Must admit I didn't know this song till I found it on Dr.Uke's site(I'm learning to play the uke)so I thought I would check it out.
    WOW! Stupendous.Great song,super harmonies and flawless playing by the whole band.

  77. mjpoley

    Sorry...FUBAR...going through a bad divorce, this was the song I sang to my two babies every night. It got us through.

  78. mjpoley

    Going through a horrible divorce, this was the ONLY song I could

  79. carlos zaldy cal ortiz

    reminiscing before the year end. thanks

  80. steve w

    still great after all these years.fantastic

  81. Deneze .C. Lujanen

    yep grew up with their music too..Full Sail is one of their best albums

  82. Yvette Kriz

    I loved the album so much, I went and bought the CD not long ago :) And this is one of my favorites on the Full Sail album

  83. Mt. Mama

    I agree. We have such a rich history of great music don't we?

  84. TomKaren94

    Same here. The entire album Full Sail was (and is) incredible. Sailin' The Wind, Pathway to Glory, A Love Song, LaHaina (you should listen to LaHaina and then Michelle Shocked's On the Greener Side... the influence is unmistakable). Sailin' the Wind my favorite. Can't believe two things: this came out f-o-r-t-y years ago (I bought the vinyl the week it hit the shelves), and this song never broke top 50... unbelievable!

  85. Mt. Mama

    Still one of my very favorite songs of all time.

  86. New Hope Media

    Would love it if they performed in Australia, but love watching this here :-)

  87. journey46

    many thanks to the incredible talent and egos of buffalo springfield.
    jim messina, recognized kenny loggins' talent, invested his own street cred, taught him the music business and took them both to stardom.
    if only it were that simple or painless.
    for while the ego allows each of us individuality, time teaches a better way.
    a way of reconciliation, humility and peace. evident here.
    run river run.

  88. George Honn

    Great song Great performance and two flutes countem at the end two flutes. Real music played by real musicians.