Loggins & Messina - Time To Space Lyrics

Her lovin'
Is a wonderful thing
Her lovin'
Brings new life into spring

When the night is black
And the northern crown crosses the sky
Wont you take me back
To where the moon makes the phospherus shine?
And in that light there's nothing that's impossible
Ev'ry man is a master of time
Then I will begin to master mine?

And she mellows me in the sun and the sea every day
And her trade winds are blowin' me
Further and further away
And in that magic everything is possible
I'm the king of every mountain I climb
Here I know I'm near my space in time

When every day becomes
An endless race
Then you must take your time
It's time to space

Her lovin'
Is a wonderful thing
Her lovin'
Brings new life into spring

And when in my surrender
I'll enter again
And be born
On the first rays of morning
As the sun of the dawn

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Loggins & Messina Time To Space Comments
  1. Dave Dawson

    This hole album is so good I've still got it..These guys were so good together.

  2. Gary Conner

    The drummer so many thanks to you.

  3. Janet Jones

    Have always loved this album. Many happy memories.

  4. stretch54

    I love the Wurlitzer piano at the beginning, and then the Clavinet after that. These guys were masters in the studio.

    Hector Macias

    Wizards !!

  5. David Harlem

    Still one of my favorite albums after almost 40 years. I miss this duo and their contributions to truly fine music. There's nothing like it being produced.

    Gary Conner

    Your not alone.i

    Hector Macias

    One of my atf albums. Up there with Tapestry and Can't Buy a Thrill.

  6. Janet Klinesmith

    one of my favorite songs and my favorite album ever :-), still have it on vinyl

  7. Kym Sutton

    I'm here 2

  8. dave caulkins

    Excellent song!! Can't believe Im the only one commenting on this beautiful gem. These guys were amazing.

    John Caldwell

    I was into them in the early 70's. But then they broke up and Loggins took off like a rocket in the 80's.

    rhoda Friedman

    There music will live on way beyond the years. Timeless classic and a great time in music. Miss their concert. 😘Thanks