Loggins & Messina - Same Old Wine Lyrics

Well we give them the election
They keep filling our heads full of lies
Can we trust in new directions
When their promises are in disquise
Well someday the truth will catch up
I just hope it don't catch us all by surprise

They preach this thing, religion
But we show no faith at all
Follow suit on Sunday
But on Monday, forget it all
If the times should find us needing him
Then my friends, Lord have mercy on our soul

It's the same old wine
In a brand new bottle
It's the same old wine
In a brand new bottle

Teach our children virture
Then we send'em off to war
Then we ask ourselves the question
What and the hell are we fighting for
If you should find a reason
Well don't be afraid to open the door
Well don't be afraid

Same old wine
From a brand new bottle
Same old wine
From a brand new bottle
The same old wine
From a brand new bottle

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Loggins & Messina Same Old Wine Comments
  1. Sands of time

    A powerful tune with a powerful message, is anyone listening anymore?

  2. mslaura488

    Thank you gentlemen for this song. You were true visionaries. Still rings true. Stand strong. "25th amendment" No one is above the law.

  3. Jose Colon

    So far ahead of their time!

  4. FockeWulf200C

    This song is a powerful protest tune. . . but I don't think most folks would be aware L & M were capable of such. I like the abstract nature of your selection of carnival imagery, religious icons, and rural Americana. Somehow seems to fit. And that little girl is cute. . .

  5. Danniel Ward

    Seems to still hold true today!


    how could you politicaiicize this song? GET A LIFE

  7. Penn

    it's still the same old wine and lies, whether there's a professional politician or a buffoon at the wheel.

  8. Peggy Richardson

    Thank you MR> Sullivan! Awesome video. Love the hidden meaning ...... Keep up the good work !!

  9. william earley

    when i here this song I think of Hilary and Trump

  10. Sands of time

    + jamessullysullivan Great song and interesting video. If I'm not mistaken a lot of those photos were taken in and around Salem Ma. The Witch City.


    +Sands of time
    NH, Mass and New Jersey are where most of the shots are from. I travel the northwest a lot

  11. Nikki Rice

    The 70's rocked

  12. Sal Fiore

    I can't believe their not in the HOF ...What's the problem ?

  13. peepsk771

    Great song...

  14. mistake111

    you really forget how awesome this combo was....one of the classic songs.

    Jose Colon

    mistake111 never forget!!! Still!, from 1972! Live my life by their words. Thank you L&M!

  15. Mina Marcella

    Good tune ..I never heard before.

  16. Casey Pons

    One of my all time favs from the duo of Loggin's & Messina. Their (intimate) live performances were a definite to-do item on the list during the last 3/10ths of that last century mark. If I close my one good eye...I can almost recall sitting cross-legged on the hardwoods of the Terrace Ballroom listening to this soulful display of wonderful music and times (almost) forgotten.

    @jamessullysullivan; Has anyone ever told you that you have a good eye for (making) great photography, videography too.

  17. Tenfiddy Drums

    Very nice, i like ware your heads at, Great job ..:)X10

  18. songcollector07

    How long are we going to listen to presidential canadates say the same thing over and over ? everything that romney is promising has been said before ! PLEASE AMERICA WAKE UP ! ! ! PURCHASE " DIRECT TV " AND WATCH FREE SPEECH TV ( CH.348 ) AND LINK TV (CH. 375 ) Where you can get news thats not controlled by the corporations . . . lets take our beloved country back from the war mongers and environmental rapist

  19. Lindsay Brown

    "same as it ever was"

  20. emriederekify

    Amd some great harp blowing to end it off, great soloing!

  21. emriederekify

    That's true, but there would also be nothing to eat, no cars to drive, no computers to type comments on You Tube videos....singing and music is great medicine, but we do need more to survive.

  22. jamessullysullivan

    @jsnmlny1972 thanks my friend....

  23. Jason Maloney

    Nice pics on this video!

  24. Windsong1a

    "SOME DAY THE TRUTH WILL CATCH US..... I JUST HOPE IT DOES'NT CATCH US ALL BY SURPRISE". This line rings truer now as to where we are headed now. People do not want to hear the TRUTH that this country is in danger of collapsing financially from with- in. We seem to be determined to ....find out the HARD WAY.

  25. bobby7771117

    This is an awesome song that has great meaning, and shows off Messina's great guitar playing! Peace, BobbyK

  26. Curly Byrd

    Great imagery to a great song that is just as meaningful today as it was when it was originally released. L&M were on the leading edge with so much they did. One of my all time favorite groups. What incredible harmonies . . .