Loggins & Messina - Listen To A Country Song Lyrics

It's Saturday night and my daddy's up late
Pickin' with my Uncle Bill
The neighbors don't mind 'cause they have a good time
Sippin' on my pappy's still
Old brother Dan's got a fiddle in his hand
Momma's on the mandolin
When the music is right and the band gets tight
You ought-a see 'em pick and grin

And everybody starts movin'
To the sound of the guitar strums
And everybody starts groovin'
To the beat of the rhythm and drums
So come along and let yourself really go

While the feeling is good
Just sip that wine, have a really good time
And listen to a country song

Old Sheriff Brown he never comes around
Knocking on the old back door
As a matter of fact you can find him in the act
Pickin' on the old banjo
Second cousin Jack sneaks up from the back
Tries to get to sister Sue
Well she throws him on the ground without turning around
'Cause she knows a lotta jujitsu

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Loggins & Messina Listen To A Country Song Comments
  1. John Dworske

    Even though it's almost 30 years old it still sounds good

  2. RezaDvd