Loggins & Messina - Fox Fire Lyrics

Caught in the middle of a moonbeam, oh a flicker of light
I took a look and then it run away, back on into the night
Oh, stopped, stopped tickin' of my heartbeat, a look in his eye
Had the hunger of a mountain lion and the thunder in fire

And every time he appears it comes as a surprise
And he thinks he's clever as fox fire dancin' on a distant rise
Then when I catch that devil, ooh, there gonna be a slow down
There gonna be a mighty slow down, yeah

Caught in the embers of my night fire, in the cracklin' and glow
I get the feeling he's a-watching me somewhere there in the cold

And one of these days I'm thinking I'll take him by surprise
He's not so clever as fox fire, dancing on a distant rise
And when I catch that devil, there gonna be a slow down
There gonna be a mighty slow down

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Loggins & Messina Fox Fire Comments
  1. B K

    wtf I farted

  2. Jessica M

    Still among my top favorite songs by one of the best artists, then or now.

  3. Woodrow Kirkwood

    Makes me smile have this in the collection........then I realize how old this is and.......i am getting old..
    Bitter sweet 😁

  4. rowgler1

    I used to do a lot of camping when I was younger, and I listened to this on a record player around that time. Didn't hear it for about 25 years. Still have the record in storage, but not the turntable. It makes me remember working hard all day ,then walking in the dark to my camp to eat and rest around a fire. There was only silence but I could play it in my mind. I agree with Becki Z that most of the current music is drek. If you like this song ,check out Jethro Tull's album , Songs from the Wood, Fires at Midnight and The Whistler are standouts, but theres more too.

  5. 17865329

    His solo stuff was very succesful but I strongly prefer my Kenny Logins with a doubleshot of Jim Messina.

  6. Husker Ranger

    Love it ! One of my favorite LP's.

  7. Anne Marie Harpen Broermann

    I loved this too. It brings back so many memories. Thanks for posting.

  8. elkkid2

    I found people who get this Album! All right! Thank you! It's the best!