Loggins, Kenny - Why Do People Lie Lyrics

Why do people lie?
Lyin' only breaks their hearts,
And tears their lives apart,
Makin' 'em cry.
Tell me why.

Even if I try,
Even if I lie to little babe.
I know she'll never leave me,
She'll stay by my side.

Tell me why do the people say,
"She ain't lovin' you anyway.
So while you keep believin' it brother,
She'll keep makin' her time,
Right before your eyes."?
Tell me why they gotta lie.

When I looked I had to look again.
In my eyes a revelation.
In her arms the fascination,
Of a friend.


When I looked I had to look again.
In my eyes a revelation.
In her arms the fascination,
Of a friend.

Now I let 'em know,
When people say "I told you so.".
I say, "Learnin' don't come easy, baby.",
I've been makin' like a fool.

Tell me why,
Why is it true?
Tell me why do people lie?

Tell me why.
Why do they lie?
Oh, why do they lie?
Tell me, tell me why.
Why do people lie to me.
Somebody here is lyin' to me.
I just don't know whether to believe them,
Whether to give them an account,
To form a doubt, don't want to be counted out.
Follow your heart, babe,
Follow your heart, yeah,
Follow your heart, right on,
Follow your heart.

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Loggins, Kenny Why Do People Lie Comments
  1. 健次赤間

    Is he Asahara?

  2. 健次赤間


  3. Cindy Jones

    They love to hurt people and make them cry, they love to make fun of people and make they think your better when they get off hurting and lieing all the time love you feel like a fool.

  4. victoria washington

    I recall buying this album, cassette,cd, well, if he made it. I bought. Love, love, love, this man!!!!!!

  5. Cindy Jones

    I love you why do you lie south the way you feel about me?

  6. Cindy Jones

    Poeple lie because they done know how tell the true, love break people’s hearts and play games to hurt them.

  7. Cindy Jones

    They get off hurting people and nothing to do wt their time hackers. Will be stopped, you’ll see.

  8. Cindy Jones

    Why do people lie you tell me I don’t know why?

  9. Dale Nelson

    I lie a little baby

  10. Danita Oates

    why do the people say, she aint lovin you any way.

  11. Danita Oates

    Why y0u b keep belivnnin her brother.

  12. Susan Szabo

    Don't make no difference what you think of me. You know you lied to me. And if you come back to say your sorry, don't say goodbye just leave!!!!  And it looks like I lose again!!! :(

  13. Gino John sunga

    The best ever!!

  14. Cj Redsox

    i like it too..!!!  

  15. phrsh293

    That sounds a lot like Michael Jackson at 1:11...I know he sang backing vocals on a later project for Loggins, but was he on this one as well?

    Karla Prince

    Yeah I guess he kinda does.. No he wasn't on this one though..


    +Karla Prince i realize now it's actually patti austin on background vocals...and that's kenny at 1:11

    ❤Bless His Soul❤ Mjfangirlgal45

    MJ Wasn't on this project

  16. rowyis

    Love this song! Thanx for posting.

    Karla Prince

    Happy to share.. Nice to know there's someone else out there that likes it..