Lo-Fang - When We're Fire (Cello Version) Lyrics

Wake up
I've been trying to make your pain stop
This is not just entertainment
I've been trying to let you know
Nothing has been coming easy
Only nocturnal blue movies
Pink kimono on the floor

Even when you won't believe me
Try to make it easy

Even when we're fire
Even then you never loved
You never loved
Even when we're fire
Even then you never loved
You never loved

From the past or from my weakness
I can take you through the darkness
I can help you let it go
Why the hell did you just say that
I'm a person not a concept
Work it out or let me go

Even when you won't believe me
Try to make it easy

Even when we're fire
Even then you never loved
You never loved
Even when we're fire
Even then you never loved
You never loved
You never loved
You never loved
Never loved
You never loved

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Lo-Fang When We're Fire (Cello Version) Comments
  1. Stephanie Glez

    Te amo... Tu música me transmite tantoooo

  2. Tharun

    Once I get my funding approved, I’ll use this as the sound track for My Feature APSOM

  3. Krista S.

    This is so rare and other worldly..

  4. Cerys Dexter

    Number one on the list of underrated artists <3

    Robert Joseph MacCready

    Cerys Dexter not underrated, just not as known. Underrated is when everybody knows you but doesn’t give you the credit where credit is due.

  5. Angela Sarukhanyan

    Any Armenians? :)

    Marine Martirossian

    Angela Sarukhanyan hey there! 👋

  6. cristina mariana

    dear god help me 'cus his voice is consuming me

  7. Nasurii

    *Make more awesome music!*

  8. Briana Munoz

    my heartsicles I love the cello version so mucho

  9. Briana Munoz

    oh shit

  10. yada

    comeback lo plz .... ♥

  11. Doğuş Daraoğlu

    fuckin amazin bro keep it cool

  12. Oficina de Enlace Legislativo Juarez

    This song should long like an hour, i love how cello sounds perfect with his voice!!! ♥♥♥

  13. Hey That's Edgy Stop That

    gah! quit being so good!!!

  14. ǝןןɐʞ

    Damn, so amazing. My favourite song, listen to it daily. I also love the "You're the one that I want" cover by Lo-Fang.

  15. Tara Nicole

    What are the cello notes?I would love to play it myself, it's so beautiful

  16. HeightofMediocrity

    Jesus. I found this song referenced on a random comment on Reddit, by name only, no details. Feeling bored and curious, I am grateful I decided to look this up and found one of the most beautiful things I've ever heard.

  17. Laura V. R.

    Thanks for putting it on Spotify too. Be blessed and keep going, your music is magic ❤️

  18. Pilar Gonzalez Gomez

    Esta es la memoria celular que guardo , éste es el sonido del Contact que quiero.

  19. Sibel

    love it!

  20. Paola Carmona

    i sleep to this every night

  21. Norberto Esquivel

    hay alguna version traducida al español amo el tema

  22. Micaela Fernandez

    I love this song, saludos desde Argentina..

  23. LowroDel

    For me, it's his best song, I'm in love with this version (I like the other too, but this one makes me dream <3 )

  24. Alex Goins

    i love Lo-Fang omg, he needs to post more songs

  25. Sydney Brown

    Does anyone know where I can find the sheet music for this? It's so pretty, and I am in love with everything cello, especially now that I play. 

  26. Rihab Nasraoui

    Most of ur song are perf and magic

  27. Benjamin Tostesen

    A great song. Perfectly balanced and tuned - lighting up my brain on the EEG

  28. June Rose

    Whoa! I love this version, the cello totally makes a difference.

  29. Andrea A

    Love it!

  30. Luisa Barrantes

    Sin duda el mejor instrumento es su voz... canta diferente y nos entrega una versión mejorada de la canción, y, como agrega emoción, el resultado es éxtasis total! :)

  31. Chantal De Rubeis

    i really love that this band isnt so popular, it makes it even better.

    carobos daepodos

    iv'e always been fascinated by that concept, would you care to explain why? in my view it would not matter if it was popular or not, it will still be the same beautiful song

    Monica Flores

    i couldn't agree more

    Jonathan Tallent

    @carobos daepodos Have you ever been the first to tell your friends about something really cool? It makes you feel like you're "in the know" or ahead of everybody. Also, it becomes more personal then as well, because its like the musician is speaking to you, but not the rest of the world. But, I also agree with you. If, and when, this song gets popular, I will still love it.

    Ceteris Paribus

    I think people like it when a good artist is under rated because they feel he's still pure. There is a constant fear that when an artist becomes popular he looses his routes and becomes mainstream(like all the others).

    Everything Adrian

    no, if he's more popular he will get more money and make more beautiful songs like this one!

  32. Evarluda

    so good glad i found this

  33. Ilaria Mangiardi

    This version is even BETTER than the original one <3

  34. David Embid

    So emotional song!! :,-))

  35. Anita AA

    Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww...this really touch my heart....Thank youuuuuu...

    Manjeet Bhardwaj


  36. James Bauhs

    Saw these guys with Lorde in Houston; great show.

  37. Sam Butler

    You are so amazing, thanks for sharing

  38. Николай

    amazing !!

  39. Nick Hanson

    This is beyond words.

  40. Kira Renee

    I love this so much! I'm so happy to hear your new productions :) You're so talented!

  41. Shayla Norris-York

    Oh my gosh yes! This is so good! Comeback to portland!!!!

  42. Jacob Lundy

    I've seriously loved the last three things you've uploaded. So great.

  43. Jess Gerkey

    Thank you

  44. Alexis Pantig

    This is honestly one of the most beautiful things I've ever listened to. ❤️

  45. Nicholas Sullivan