Lo-Fang - We're Not Different Lyrics

Before I could never calm down
Now I can't leave the ground
Weightless but still I can't move
Time less
But that will end soon
That will end soon

You look at me but don't see what I see
I am different
But we're not different
Take this plant
To feel how I feel
Now we're different
But we're not different
Not so different

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Lo-Fang We're Not Different Comments
  1. Bird Evans

    Songs sent me sailing,
    quietly riding,
    beautiful waves,
    some hide me.

    Drifting from my shore,
    past your soft shore,
    cause I want more,
    I need you.

    Fingers, hit water,
    trail behind me,
    fishes guide me,
    whales float through.

    You said you’d find me,
    Too much water
    If you find me
    Wrinkles will be
    Covering me
    Covering you.

  2. kevlark

    Amazing 🔥💣❤

  3. Matt 616

    YES LO FANG IS BACK!!!!!! I've listened to you since your first album came out. I've listened to all your songs, been waiting so long for some new music from you and I can't wait to hear your new album (: makes me so happy.

  4. Joselyn Megía Flores

    Finally ♥


    You're amazing!!! This is what i've been waiting for :3

  6. Valeren

    Been waiting a long time to hear more from you. Very happy to see you're back.

  7. Michael Solomon

    Gorgeous 😍

  8. Anna Koszecz

    yay :D so glad there will be another album :))

  9. J-L-G-161 CRC