Lo-Fang - Permutations Lyrics

[Verse 1:]
Another familiar accident changes where I call home
The thing that I needed the most was to simply be alone
Away from the Baltimore winter and trying to maintain
Quiet and calm disposition despite the heart in pain

So I look to stars and I look to the sea
And I look to the faces on the street
And I look to the sky and I look to the moon
And I look to the future as it blooms

[Verse 2:]
I watched a birth of a minute, an hour and a year
But all the days turn to ribbons and time still seems unclear
Watch how an instinct gets changed into wrinkles, pain and death
Watch all my memories collect as I take a final breath


And as it blooms here
Somewhere else breaks
The world is always half asleep and half awake
And when it aches here
Somewhere else blooms
The light I see reflected off the darkest moon


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