Lo-Fang - Permutations II Lyrics

Here we've been mistaken
Colors at our core
I'd make it bloom
Feel the things that grew
Even without sunshine
It glows

Moving through the ashes
Inside of a home
But it was as changed
Indigo and grey
Thunders on the ocean
We made

But with all your questions
I feel no remorse
Give me all of it
Even if I quit
Taste it once and spit
It out

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Lo-Fang Permutations II Comments
  1. anuschkatim


  2. Hansen Mod Rose

    here we've been mistaken
    colors at our core
    id make it bloom
    feel the things that grew
    even without sunshine
    it glows

    moving through the ashes
    inside of a home
    but it was as changed
    indigo and grey
    thunders on the ocean
    we made

    but with all your questions
    i feel no remorse
    give me all of it
    even if i quit
    taste it once and spit
    it out


    Thank you. 💙

  3. marlon kampff


  4. MA G

    Can someone share the lyrics? It is difficult for me to understand some parts. I fucking love Lo-fang.

  5. A J

    ❤❤❤❤ I love every song you make. you're sooo amazing

  6. Mindy B

    I just really need the lyrics, for this song, to be made available already. 😢

  7. Grace Huskey

    So beautiful!

  8. MintyBlueNobody

    I love this!!! It's very calming and beautiful!! A perfect example of the amazing work you make ;)

  9. Elisa Salguero

    Me gusta tanto! 

  10. Julia Walsh

    Mesmerizing and dreamy!

  11. Juliette Dal Maso

    what a beautiful song

  12. Jennifer Lim

    Beautiful. Beautiful. Beautiful. Brilliant conclusion.

  13. 4AD

    @Lo-Fang has shared the next track from his 'Every Night' mixtape.

  14. Shayne Thompson

    A perfect part ll of my favorite song by you.

  15. Annette Ejiofor