Lo-Fang - Don't Be Cruel Lyrics

You know I can't be found
Sitting home all alone
You won't come around
[?] telephone

Don't be cruel
To a heart that's true

Maybe if I made your mind
Something I might have said
Please let's forget the past
The future is bright ahead

Don't be cruel
To a heart that's true
To a heart that's true

[?] I don't wanna be cruel
I don't wanna be cruel

Don't stop thinkin' of me
Don't make me feel
Come on over here and love me
Know what I want you to say

Don't be cruel
Oh so cruel
To a heart that's true

"I'm proud of the way that I was brought up to believe and to treat people... and, uh, I have respect for people. And when I am pushed to a certain point I have a very bad temper, uh... but that doesn't happen very often, of course everybody has a temper. And then I don't like myself later. But... what I look at myself as... as a human being, really, who's been extremely fortunate in so many ways... although I have had, and still have, some very lonely, and... you know... there are times when I really don't know... it feels like I don't know what I wanna do next."

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Lo-Fang Don't Be Cruel Comments
  1. Matt 616

    Love your abstract videos and music. Its beautiful and mesmerizing. This song is vibing on the same frequency✌

  2. TaL3ntz ggg

    Damn man, well done. 🙏👍🍄

  3. Carrie Green

    Stunning 🔥

  4. latenight cashews

    im glad i know lo-fang's music

  5. Garrison Ray

    Lo Fang is back!

  6. Zachary Huggins

    This is Matthew Hemerlein you are. Been a fan of you since youre college days brother. Thanks for this release. Do you Matthew.

    Zachary Huggins

    You're back

  7. Gabriela Sosa

    Finally!!! ❤️❤️❤️

  8. Dani chu

    I wanna run and sleep at the same time

  9. Sweta Singh

    lol wtf im obsessed with the long hair look

  10. Local Customer

    Pleeeeease more music!!!!

  11. Olga


  12. lyrac723

    Got a little trippy at the end

  13. Daigusto Phoenix

    this is a dream!

  14. Alyssa Conley

    Oh finally, I get to hear your beautiful voice again😍 so glad you made another song

  15. mdna stan

    i miss your music daddy

  16. Nocteliv

    My emotions are a mix of confusion and mild terror.

    ...But in a good way?


    C'est tellement doux, tellement pur.. Merci.

  18. Xenon X

    Any information about new album?

  19. Billy

    Daddy you're back???

  20. Ana Bauer

    Wow. Fantastic