Liz Phair - Help Me Mary Lyrics

Help me, Mary, please
I've lost my home to thieves
They bully the stereo and drink
They leave suspicious stains in the sink

They make rude remarks about me
They wonder just how wild I would be
As they egg me on and keep me mad
They play me like a pit bull in a basement, and for that...

I lock my door at night
I keep my mouth shut tight
I practice all my moves
I memorize their stupid rules

I make myself their friend
I'll show them just how far I can bend
As they egg me on and keep me mad
They play me like a pit bull in a basement, and for that...

I'm asking you, Mary, please
Temper my hatred with peace
Weave my disgust into fame
And watch how fast they run to the flame

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Liz Phair Help Me Mary Comments
  1. frozen dope

    come back to new trier

  2. Regina Richards

    Just to be nice, I gave this song a thumbs up.

  3. Albert Andrews

    They bully in the stereo, I hate when that happens.

  4. Dfan46

    Is it me or does it sound like there's a church organ in this performance? Still cool, no matter how it's executed

  5. Charlie Waters

    Thanks a bunch for posting this - and all your other Liz videos! I seriously hope she puts a new album out this or next year.

    Eddie The Head

    That's funny her album came our in 2010 and now we're waiting in new !material. She's supposedly got a double CD in the works.

    Eddie The Head

    With Ryan Adams

  6. tootrue

    you guys are over-reacting! It sounds just like the original, just live. the drums are too loud, but that's it

  7. maddymud

    urge overkill -- boy did they get flushed ...

  8. sixtyeightspecial

    Thinking people in London. Who would have thought it?

    It's an artist song, not a band song. She's probably changed the guys around her a dozen or more times since she wrote it, so it's gonna sound different. I prefer the original too but that's just how shit rolls.

  9. Mojo Jojo

    agreed, on all counts