Lisa Marie Presley - Storm Of Nails Lyrics

It's been a long highway
Where do I get off and drive away
I'm looking for a sign that should say
When you've had enough, exit this way
If only I were a gopher now
I'd dig a hole and not come out

And on the forecast for today
A storm of nails headed your way
Man it’s gonna rain, rain, rain
And on my forehead does it say
Unleash all hounds of hell this way
Bite until she’s lame, lame, lame

Too much on my plate
How much will it take before it breaks
I’m looking for a sign that should say
When you get fed up
Throw it this way
If only I were a cat right now meow
I‘d lick a claw
And go lay back down


What is it now, oh you don’t say
Better get the hammer out today
What is it now, oh you don’t say


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Lisa Marie Presley Storm Of Nails Comments
  1. Wendy Boyd

    This kid needs a break and a somehow make it.

  2. 123 zargon 345

    I still find you , hounds let them bite me , u still princess

  3. 123 zargon 345

    Lol tuff girl

  4. Bonnie Brown

    I can totally relate to this song .

  5. Deb Flynn

    I understand the hardships with myself with my own father. I know how it can feel bottomless of finding an end to the emotions. But there has to be a light at some time. Elvis was and will be forever the king of rock and roll and much more to many. God Bless him. But we must find a way to face one day our demons of family, and life. There is always hope in God. Find this LIsa.

  6. Kathy Mesker


  7. T Ray

    Love this song. It sounds almost as disturbed as I feel sometimes. She is talented. I would love to hear her sing some of her father's songs.

  8. Kathy Mesker


    Kathy Bryson

    So true!!

  9. allymayful

    Talk about genuine 'Blues'. My goodness l hope this girl has recieved the acknowledgement she deserves for this music. My heart breaks when l think how she has had to try and navigate thru such a difficult journey. Hopefully it is going to be a smother run from now.

  10. Nadège Pottiez

    Excellent artiste

  11. Cherry Smith

    You are a gem truly nice ...

  12. Betty Weaver

    Hello hope you are having a great night and every thing going good for you

  13. Martin McCormack

    Hi LMP fans

  14. kate golden

    Stay strong Lisa Marie you did the right thing. Presley Pride FOREVER xx