Lisa Marie Presley - Indifferent Lyrics

It kind of looks like we won't make it, my friend.
And it looks like you can't take it again, my friend.
And all the pretty roses wilted up and paled themselves away today.
The guillotine of truth has fallen, somehow I'm the one you blame.

This can't be happening.
Not so fast, I'm so mean.
I can't stay indifferent.
Because I know the outcome.
And I'm the target for the daggers.

That the truth's thrown your way, today.
And the next one maybe she'll be easier.
She'll make it go away, hey.
She's still calling you.
I'm still calling him.
Can we do this.
Here we go again.
The package.
The baggage.

This can't be happening.
Not so fast, I'm so mean.
I can't stay indifferent.
Because I know the outcome.
This can't be happening.
It started out not so clean.
You chose your path.
Mine's wrong, you can say that.

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Lisa Marie Presley Indifferent Comments
  1. Fatima Amancio

    Voz incrível 💃🎸👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏🇧🇷

  2. fairybits

    People please stop making everything about MJ. Broaden your mind. She did have 3 other husbands. Or it could be about the one the Reptilians are after.

  3. Kathy Bryson

    This one I do not understand, but it's probably about MJ.

    Liv Robinson

    Kathy Bryson

    It is. In 2005 during a phone call they had, he asked her if she still loved him, and she replied with that she was indifferent.

  4. Lília Raquel Carvalho

    It looks like she feels guilty because of the indifference she's giving to him or maybe she's afraid for not giving him what he did deserve. Idk. Several conclusions can be taken over this song but I do think that she seemed to love the man she's talking with in this song.

    Brittany Mackenzie

    @fairybits you still here? The girl forgot you and you are still here trying to get some attention? Get over it.

    Julia NILSSON

    @fairybits damn it dude, the only person trying to speak for Lisa's feelings is you. lmao get a fckng job, u're toxic using internet like an lonely grown creature. I see no sense in your words


    @Julia NILSSON Look you dumb male buffaoon. You have way too much time on your hands to even THINK about my discussing her feelings. How about getting off the corner streets and get a real job you lazy,whiny bum. Your words for the Draconians are not even getting my 3rd chakra. And yes,I do know her feelings about it. You fools need to stop making everything about Michael,because it is not about MJ BUT ABOUT.............HER. Prove me wrong. GO and ask Lisa. Now clean up your vagina,it is starting to smell with all the men you been spreading for.


    You are not reading it right. And you also forget that she had a British husband that she was married to for a long time. Stop with the MJ nonsense.


    @Brittany Mackenzie She has not forgotten me,nor will she ever forget me. I am unforgettable. Good night. And thank you for giving me .....YOUR ATTENTION.

  5. Malcolm Marriott

    Really, wouldn't it make more sense too have a statement after, "you can say that" & in my opinion [I.M.O.] skinny it sound far-out if the music went up during the chorus. Of course I wouldn't suggest that to the writer given they might be temperamental