Lisa Marie Presley - Gone Lyrics

Well, what do we have here Daddy.
The lights are quickly changing.
Will I leave your heart along with the phone lines you're erasing.
A spineless ending.
Well, who would have guessed dear daddy.
Turned out to be a coward.
When I turned my back you cut my throat it bled for hours.
Was that your power.

You, you're the lovely victim again.
You, well your heart is breaking.
You are the only one let down.
Are you really now.
Well, soon here we'll have dear Daddy with the next one on her knees.
And she's gonna call him daddy like the rest of them, like me.
How easy it will be Replacing me.
And what's that I hear now Daddy you're blaming it all on me.
Another she did you wrong and of course you had to leave.
And the yes men will agree.
You gave it everything.

You with the advisors in your ear.
You did everything right it's clear.
I know I begged you to stay around.
But I'm gone now.

Well, here's to you my darling leave.
You're stubborn and you're free and of course, right.
I don't respect the way you leave.
You can be no friend to me.
I'll say goodbye.


[Repeat Chorus]

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Lisa Marie Presley Gone Comments
  1. Karen Jones

    Carmen wow really not cool shows the person u really are

  2. danusi23

    This song is about Nicolas Cage, she used to call him ... dear daddy...

  3. Stanley Czolba

    Will you marry me

    USMC Retired

  4. Carmen Eminescu

    go to hell -- all of you -- thsi demon never loved Michael -- watch her intervews and see how this filth and scum talked about him --

  5. Carmen Eminescu

    she is the most demonic filth on the planet -- lied and talked about Michael in the most horrible way, made him look like dirt -- those idiots who say she was heart broken and Michael left her, perhaps missed her interviews where she and her filthy mother talked abut Michael in a way that would make you throw up -- this demon is a nobody but filth, a drug addict and has no talent, took nothing from her father -- she never understood Michael -- he was the most perfect human being and he couldn't handle her filth, drug use and all the garbage she wanted to do in life -- sick woman --- this scum who went from man to man all her lifer, married so many times and never could keep it together and those demons saying Michael went from woman to woman, you demons knew nothing about him, women and sex was the one thing he never cared about -- he was pure perfection but retards will never understand -- he took her with kids, she already failed a million times over -- her mother killed her father, both demons and drug addicts

    Richárd Kovács

    Wow girls, chill, you both talk shit. Neither of them were perfect. Lisa was manipulative (you shouldn't promise a man kids, if you're not sure you wanna have kids, and for sure shouldn't lie about being on the pill, when you're supposed to make baby) and MJ for sure was not a communication champion or an easy person to live w/ cause he had hardships w/ trusting ppl.

    But it's not like MJ dragged Lisa for years after divorce against her will (after she left him...) - she for sure wanted to be around him, she said so herself. And MJ didn't sent her away despite those horrible interviews (Diane Sawyer... Oprah...), MJ had eyes and saw she was pushed into embarrassing situations by the reporters (the hateful part was how and what Sawyer and Oprah asked, not Lisa's answers. Maybe she shouldn't have made faces, but that's all). She however never denied she fell in love w/ him deeply and always answered the (idiotic) sex question as it was. How horrible it must have been for her to be always asked those stupid q-s about her ex.

    MJ was not "drug addict". He had a 3 month long addiction to demerol but got rid of it before marrying Lisa. And he didn't have addiction til his stage accident in 1998.
    They had a complicated relationship and VERY difficult situation on many levels. And both were a childish in their resepective ways. (Lisa filed for divorce to make MJ go after her...? Wtf. MJ disappeared when Lisa went on vacation w/ ex-hubby against MJs wish?) They probably were too much alike. An adult was missing from their relationship...


    Another brainwashed fan of MJ....

    Amita Bhaumik

    @Raina Lynn Lisa always said Michael loved to play the victim. She said 'There is this me-victim thing that he does with the media' He never wanted to hear the word No. He would do whatever he wanted. He pushed her away and loved to stay with 'yes men, vampires and leeches' all around who wanted something from him instead of his well being so they never said no to him and let him live in his ways. 'Its very simple' she said of him in 2010,' if you say anything, you are OUT' This song is about Michael. It's so obvious. Man, in many ways, that's just how he functioned I think, given the fame and talent, with yes_men all around and lots of managers who took from him by always 'pleasing' him. And I really wish they worked it out somehow, just Mike wished in his last few years, maybe he would have been alive...they were quite similar in ways. And for people who still believe that Mike didn't have a problem with drugs, you are delusional.

    u r sick

    Raina Lynn of course you could not see her talk shit about mj because those doc were deleted just like oprah deleted his interview with michael and some other interviews too..and your words goes back to you fuck on over to a lipstick alley where a bunch of bored losers actually care about your wrong opinion..this girl did not care about whom this song refered to..she just said about calm yo ass down geez

    Lydia Wangari

    😭 why did he do that?

  6. John Doe

    Michael was a player hit it move on

  7. John Doe

    RIP micheal Jackson

  8. J S

    Love this song

  9. joy lang

    she needs to sing upbeat songs she's too dark , she's had a dream life except her dad's death . make Elvis proud go back to your roots Graceland and family if Elvis's

    J S

    Jr lang she didnt hve a dreamlife. Money dosent make one happy. She lost her dad when she was 9.
    She was dark already as a kid. She wrote poems to her mom and dad sayin she didnt want any of them to die.
    Why should she play happy go lucky songs when she dosent feel happy inside?
    You r weird. Go sing some weird songs.

    J S

    And she has told abt the life at graceland when she was a kid.
    Drugs, groupies in the lap of married men. Alcohol, guns. Staying up all night. Elvis sleeping all day.
    You think this is a good place for a kid? If Elvis wasnt famous im sure social services would have stepped in.

  10. Regina Dolce

    This has to be about MJ.. she begged him to stay ..she's talking about advisors & yes men ... him saying he's heartbroken & acting like the victim .. she's telling her side of the story.. or it could very well be about Nic Cage... she's saying "u can be no friend to me" ... Lisa said they were friends in an interview after they broke up .. she didn't want to be Michael's friend at that point where she was bashing him in interviews , u know those few years where she was lashing out cuz MJ wouldn't take her back .. could be about either one.. guess we will never know

    Fujisama Sensei

    Daddy was MJ, yes. She called him in this way:))...when U listen "Morphine" by MJ u can hear her voice saying "daddy".

  11. Kathy Bryson

    She begged him to stay, but his advisors got rid of her. That's why MJ had that painting in at the end.

  12. Kay Alva

    its gotta be for MJ

    Estefania Aragón Mávita

    She said in a interview this song was about her relationship with Nicolas Cage...

    Fujisama Sensei

    @Estefania Aragón Mávita Nope. LMP called MJ as daddy:))..In Morphine by MJ U can hear her voice saying "daddy". And MJ was who tried to be the lovely victim of this relationship. He always blamed someone else not himself if something went wrong. But..once he said "I fucked up":))..about LMP.

  13. Donna Perry

    Beautiful song...sad

  14. Donna Perry

    Who is this song about?

    Debra Harper

    "lovely victim again", "advisers in your ear", "you can be no friend to me", "you know I begged you to stay around". Is it all about Cage? After all, did she leave him? Their break up was mutual, but with MJ .. we all know everything was much, much more hard

    Raina Lynn

    Lisa and Nic were still hanging by a thread in 2003, as she said in her Rolling Stone interview. Their divorce was not mutual. Look, I love Michael, and I love he and Lisa together, but let's not make reaching assumptions about something that was clearly about Nicolas Cage and confirmed to be about him in her Rolling Stone interview.

    Debra Harper

    it doesen't matter whom I love) She could say anything to get rid of suspicion and I understandthis position (Interview is not a confession, but only a promotion. And this is not something to be trusted). She also said that something like "3 songs about men" lol. So Ive made my conclusions about it, you can think whatever you want. Have a good day)

    kathleen caruana smith

    Raina Lynn oh i'm glad someone finally mentioned this. I thought i was the only one who heard the rumor that this was about nic !!!
    Everytime i mentioned this or asked about it on youtube everyone thought i was crazy 😅
    But i understand why people think its for mj coz i thought the same thing for years and i'm still not 100% convinced who its actually about even now coz the words fit so well for mj.
    ADVISORS in your ear..
    Your the lovely VICTIM again
    The YES MEN will agree
    Soon we'll have DEAR DADDY
    your the only one LET DOWN.

    Its very hard not to relate this to mj coz she's even used most of these words many times about him in interviews .
    I tried checking out once if she ever used the nickname daddy for nic coz that would explain it but i didnt find anything.

    kathleen caruana smith

    Debra Harper so after mj died she confirmed that this song isnt for him then ?
    Coz i heard the rumor that this was about nic but i was never sure coz i never heard it confirmed from lisa