Lisa Marie Presley - Excuse Me Lyrics

It's finally winter and I'm so happy.
I do better in the cold.
I like the friends who don't try to save me
I've been tryin' that too long...

What did I just say can ya tell me?
Sorry, I do that a lot.
Did you know I broke up my family?
And the guilt it's never gone.

Mister, did you say somethin to me?
Were you There that whole time?
Please, excuse me.

You know there's some who really hate me?
Hey you know that's a unique dog.
You have a nice smile, want some candy?
Some people say that I have too much...

I had a good feeling when I woke up.
But I missed it because I was sleepin'.
Did you know I broke up my family?
Oh the guilt it's really killing me!

Mister did you say something to me
Were you there that whole time?
Please, excuse me.

Whoa, Mister.
Did you say somethin' to me?
And were you, there that whole time? -excuse me
Mister, did you say something to me?
And were you there this whole time?
Well, please excuse me.

Forgive me...

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Lisa Marie Presley Excuse Me Comments
  1. 123 zargon 345

    Where are you

  2. Almir Andrade

    Música Linda!

  3. Mark Howard

    just perfect baby

  4. fairybits

    People need to stop wanting LMP to sound like her dad and make music that he himself did not even write. No offense Elvis. Kisses to Heaven to you. She has her own talent and does not,nor will she ever be him. Unique unto herself.

  5. 123 zargon 345

    Ok fairybits you are right thank you for the realistic check thank you


    You are most welcomed.

  6. ArtCraftLand

    Lisa broke up her family for Michael. She divorced her husband with whom she had 2 children and married 20 days later with Michael.


    I stand by my previous post that LMP is not a home wrecker. Stop hating on a person that you will never meet and have only heard gossip about with no tangible evidence of your own by which to judge her.

    Liv Robinson


    I’m not judging her. I love her and MJ, but it’s the truth. Get your head out of your ass, please

    huda saleem

    @Liv Robinson lisa divoced danny becouse she love michael

    huda saleem

    @Liv Robinson this not problem

    Jex Moquiala

    True. Even Lisa admitted it to Oprah

  7. Marcia hughey

    Just beautiful. Amazingly talented. Deep, very deep lyrics. Love her band. Love Lisa Marie. Just love her talent and amazing distinct voice ❤❤🤘☇

  8. Jerome Rami

    love beautiful ne56015/16

  9. Little Queen

    I bet if she would use her natural voice it would sound fantastic. Nevertheless, I love me some LisaMarie!


    That is her natural voice.

  10. Little Queen

    The music is amazing!

  11. sammy

    SORRY but what is this!? Can,t we have a normal song or a song for your dad!!?? geesh... :-(


    Too dark for you I’m sorry but her songs aren’t always going to be happy and if you don’t like her dark music how she expresses her feelings then you can go find some other artist that does happy music