Linkin Park - Until It Breaks (Money Mark Headphone Remix) Lyrics

It goes a one
It goes a one, two, three

[Mike Shinoda:]
I was born with the hunger of a lion, the strength of a sun
I don't need to sweat it when the competition come
Original style like an 808 drum
So I don't run the track, no, I make the track run
My mama taught me words, my dad, he built rockets
I put 'em both together now, tell me what I got
it's a pretty smart weapon, I can shoot it, I can drop it
But learn to respect it 'cause you clearly can't stop it
Like that

It ain't over
'cause the shark's on the left side, the snake's on the right
And anything you do, they wanna get a little bite
It really doesn't matter if you're wrong or if you're right
'Cause once you get the teeth in, nothing really fights
Except for me, I do it like I got nothing to lose
And you can run your mouth like you could try to fill my shoes
But steady, little soldier, I ain't standing next to you
I'll be laying on the ground before you're even in my view
Like that

[Chester Bennington:]
Give me the strength of the rising sun
Give me the truth of the words unsung
And when the last bells ring
The poor men sing
"Bring me to kingdom come."

[Mike Shinoda:]
This is something for your people on the block to black out and rock to
Give you what you need like Poppa, who shot you
"Separate the weak from the obsolete."
You're the meek, I creep hard on impostors
And switch styles on a dime, quick-witted y'all
Quit tripping, I don't have time for your crying
I grind tough, sucker, make your mind up
Are you in the firing squad or are you in the line-up?
Bang, bang, little monkey man playing
With the big guns only get you slain
I ain't playing, I'm just saying
You ain't got a sliver of a chance
I get iller, I deliver while you quiver in your pants
So shake, shake down, money, here's the break-down
You can play the bank, I'mma play the bank take-down
And no mistakes now, I'm coming to get you
I'm just a Banksy, you're a Brainwash, get the picture?
It's like that

[Brad Delson:]
We swim against the rising waves
And crash against the shore
The body bends until it breaks
The early morning sings no more
So rest your head, it's time to sleep
And dream of what's in store
The body bends until it breaks
Then sings again no more
'Cause time has torn the flesh away
The early morning sings no more

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Linkin Park Until It Breaks (Money Mark Headphone Remix) Comments
  1. Saad Muzzammil

    Masterpiece of Rick Rubin and Mike Shinoda. 💥

  2. Oek Foh

    I never understood this one, sounds like something I woulda made in garageband when I was 7

  3. Kaciekk

    By far the better remix of this song.

  4. Linkin Park Beste Band

    Ruhe in Frieden Chester! Miss you!😭😭😭

  5. Light, Colors, Nature. Energy

    Positive feel good rap with a slight edge! Love it!

  6. Ariel McNeil

    <3 Rest in peace, Chester.

  7. dacart

    reanimation 2

  8. Nacho Shinoda


  9. Edward Smilginis

    4:00-4:30 the best part I've ever heard in song remixes!

  10. areteees

    fucking terrible audio quality...

  11. Mr. Charizard


    9/10 at 1.25 speed.

  12. [KT] Blank

    I like the remix better

  13. Leandro Paez Correa

    buen tema like

  14. John David Snake

    The only good song of this album, cause this album is ridiculous!! This song has a "Reanimation feeling", does not look like a shitty song from Recharged


    Honestly, outside of maybe a couple other songs, I agree with you. I don't mind dance music, but when four consecutive songs on the album all start out EXACTLY THE SAME WAY then there's something wrong.

  15. al112v5

    This is probably the more unique remix from this album. I kinda enjoy Mike's ones but this feels quite different.

    Sean Murray

    I agree

  16. HybridNirvanaMixes

    I give it a 7/10 😌

    Om Bharat

    So you practically went over to every LP song and comment your opinion on it.
    Jobless enough. No Offence. XD

    Aennen Ortiz

    +Om Bharat I know right, pretty jobless he has left crappy comments everywhere in the videos.

  17. HybridNirvanaMixes

    This one actually sounds decent.

  18. Prashant - second account

    Best part of the song starts at 2:37

    Jinit Ghelani

    +Prashant Aka Rabeat Bass true thing !


    So true

  19. Andrea Gentiles

    I'm Soldier

  20. ellukitv

    Ohh cool

  21. Justikman

    I personally think this, as well as the original, sounds better at 1.25x speed.

  22. Morin Cabin

    So it's a rap song?

  23. Christoffer Vihtonen

    Since Warner Music Group has decided to delete all the videos with good sound, I think these songs sound quality should be improved

  24. Marvin Perez

    the best band...

  25. Caelus Prime

    My nostalgia of my senior year in high school lol...

  26. Eric Oaks

    good remix, but the over all quality is quite low.

  27. Mario Sanchez

    Linkin Park. The best band.

  28. Py 3.14

    No matter how far you've come
    I'll always be your loyal fan
    No matter how far you've come I
    I will always be loyal

    Ondra Spendlik

    You now I see keeping everything inside... That song makes me cry with sadness. Btw hope you are still with them mate same as me :)

  29. FanKiyoshi

    not bad

  30. Devon Necessary

    Where can i buy this album


    @Devon Necessary the internet:

  31. TheChilo61

    Woohhh something's telling me to get recharged!

    Avicenna A.

    TheChilo61 your phone

  32. Becca B

    This kicks butt. 1,000,000,000 out of 10

    X e d z z zz XB

    Becca B they changed but still awsome《》《》《》