Linkin Park - So Far Away (Unreleased 1998) Lyrics

Save me now
From this mess that I've created
All the souls have gone
And I'm stranded here with doubt and fear alone

Tell me how
I'm in fault for all this madness
I don't know what's wrong
But I cannot help but try to push it

So far away
In so deep and inside of me
So hard to say
I don't want to say it anyway

Save me now
I'm the mess I have created
And my soul has gone
For some reason all I do is push it

So far away
In so deep and inside of me
So hard to say
I don't want to say it anyway
So far away

It's so far away
In so deep and inside of me
So hard to say
I don't want to say it anyway

So far away
In so deep and inside of me
So hard to say
I don't want to say it anyway

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Linkin Park So Far Away (Unreleased 1998) Comments
  1. Ken Kaneki

    is that mark wakefield's voice ?

  2. Sujit Biswas

    LPU 2001 to LPU 2019

  3. Emanuil Ketenliev

    There is so much potential in that song 🎸🔥 Like, maybe, 10 other LP demos over the years.
    R. I. P. Chezzy ✊

  4. Adeola Ola

    Sounds like Deftones. I like it a lot.

  5. TheBupMasterToad64

    This is too good to be unreleased.

  6. Marcela Rg

    Me encanta!!! Excelente!!! LP😍🎶

  7. El Remolino

    Limp bizkit meets blink 182.

  8. bludrk returns

    One of them bands similar in sound to Palisades needs to cover this track, STAT!

  9. Anonymous

    These demos reveal just how much Linkin Park experimented with their sound. The band had boundless options to move their craft in whatever direction they wanted. Truly talented individuals with sincere and unique vision.

  10. Daniel Santos

    Just love it

  11. Toxy

    reminds me of early IRIS synthpop in a weird way, not the chorus though

  12. HolyBread

    If this wouldve had backing vocals of chester this wouldve fit perfectly with meteora

  13. mike wellington

    This has a very NIN sound to it, very cool.

  14. Loadin. _ya

    Mike sounds so ... Ahhhhhhhh I can't describe ummm but I like it... It's sounds like how he sings now... I live his voice

    ddk y2



    maybe mike can sing this song in his concert now

  16. 安田拓也

    like Hey now of MAN WITH A MISSION

  17. Nati የጨርቆሱ


  18. PetrolHead BS

    20 years ago

  19. dedley01

    If this was on Hybrid Theory it would probably replace By Myself or Forgotten.

    Liam Kid

    Tbh I would've preferred this over By Myself

    Goober Squad

    I’d say replace it with in the end

  20. JJO117

    Didn't realise this was a 1998 song feels like something from minutes to midnight. They should've made their new album like this.

    Angry Chinese Noodle Salesman

    This does not sound like anything of MTM

    You can clearly hear this is a song of the Hybrid Theory era


    I kinda disagree. It sounds a little bit in-between. It has a feeling of both HT and MTM.

    Jay Clah

    This version was recorded in 1999 and. It is notable for being the only known pre-Minutes To Midnight song idea where Mike sings (instead of rapping) lead vocals for the entire song.

  21. Di Ke

    This is freaking good.

  22. jorge Aguirre

    is Chester second vocal?

    Grognak The Destroyer

    Chester didn't join until 1999, 2nd vocal is most likely Mark Wakefield, the lead singer before Chester

    jorge Aguirre

    i mean in the song, no in the band xD, i already knew that info, just for the name but thanks

  23. Sara Chester Wolff


  24. Sara Chester Wolff

    I LoVe YoU CheSter😢💔💖💘

  25. Arthur Nikolaevich

    Good times

  26. Yago Brasil


  27. Alex

    R.I.P :(

  28. JP Carnotaurus Dude

    Marvel Godzilla is the Green Cetus style.

  29. Crimson The Reaper

    When Linkin Park think they're Nirvana 😂😂

    Anthony Cauchi

    Crimson Is Primal nirvana? Buddy that is incredibly wrong

  30. Michał Talarek

    Might be overrated/overused but RIP Chester.

    Amir Khan

    SORAW441 fuck u. LP is great. Go fucking troll somewhere else.

  31. Muza ftw

    underrated song ....SO UNDERRATED

  32. Zero - Music

    Why LP do not release it?

  33. Ricky Zaman

    1:59 scratch awesome 😍

  34. Harry xgen

    just imagine, they probably have hundreds of such demos unreleased


    Unbelievable, when you remember a simple fact : LP demos are better than actual songs from any band.

  35. Vladferrum

    Main riff is awesome!

  36. Alex Pindell

    R.I.P :.(

  37. Deonte Merritt

    I love this song these songs should last they come out with a unreleased album I love Linkin Park classic material love it before Hybrid Theory sessions and demos they should put it out in long decade ahead I love there music always have love there music Its amazing this 1998 that year I know things I know myself I got everything I love there music Linkin Park our legends of our generation of music and still doing what they love putting new music out but they come out with a new album a year awhile or two that's Linkin Park with there music I love it all I love myself I love music while I was in school and at through my years Linkin Park was out there doing music while I was in school getting a education.

  38. New Gamer

    Not bad track ! Rly

  39. Amyx Komari

    Had to come back here after listening to Heavy. Sigh.

    Shadow of the day

    xIlIl LUXX AnG3L IlIlx I had to come back here too after Heavy: too many idiots that have nothing to do but ruin others happyness created by the awesome song. Sigh.

    Bailey Levanen

    Their new album kinda gay imo.
    I respect what they do though...

  40. Shinobi Xero

    technically This would be Xero

    Ondra Spendlik

    @//Cassiopeya Plus\\ With the year being 1998, that would be Xero. However, you can hear Chester doing backing vocals. Chester joined in March/April 1999. When he joined, the band was renamed to Hybrid Theory and released Hybrid Theory EP, likely in summer 1999. This was probably recorded shortly after that, but definitely not in 1998. Over the years we found out Mike is bad with dates, as he would often think Chester joined the band in 1998. That's also why he marked all the early demos with Chester as being 1998, because he remembered they were recorded the same year when Chester joined the band, but simply didn't remember which year it was

    Alfa Otomasyon

    @//Cassiopeya Plus\\ in my opinion the vocal is mark wakefield, not chester, or both them saying this song

    Valentino Racuk

    @Alfa Otomasyon you're clearly deaf if you think this is Mark lol


    Jay Clah

    That's actually Chester singing backing vocals. And this version of the demo was recorded in 1999. Mike usually organizes the LPU tracks and he has a history of mixing up dates. Basically, some of the LPU tracks are mislabeled.

  41. Raiyan Reza

    Linkin Park made So Far Away before it was cool.

  42. Alley Sabah

    20 years since they've made that song...and still sound better then the shhity music now..


    Bela Nagy That's not for you to decide.

    immortal XD

    @Béla Nagy you even in your sense or what... You Justin Bieber fangirl?

    Béla Nagy

    @immortal XD lol i didnt even remember that i commented this a year ago. I was upset because there were too many people like 'only ht and meteora are good the others are shit' my response meant that everyone should appreciate the whole discography(but in a dispolite way of my 14yrs old mind so sorry)

    immortal XD

    @Béla Nagy right bro...I get it now and I agree with you. After all, Linkin Park made music out of passion and t'was absolutely upto them what genre they would have chosen or the path they would have followed.
    However, your thoughts weren't very clear with your initial comment. Anyways, cheers!

    Béla Nagy

    @immortal XD yea glad you see it this way too


    The song is dated as 1998... yet Chester didn't join the band until 1999. Anybody else see the problem here?


    Maybe the song was composed in 1998 but they sang it later with chester. Just theory.

    Alex Rayzor

    speznaz212 what's the reason to do this? They've decied not to put this song on any album. Your theory feels broken if you will hear the quality of the record.


    Alex Rayzor They recorded tons of songs and did not put in albums. Thats the point of lpu.

  44. Josh

    this is the highest quality version I've heard of this so far and it sounds like it couldve been made later

  45. Raúl Casinos

    Someone else can hear the rap of Easier to run in the scratches of the end?


    is it possible to hear the content of a scratch, just from listening to someone scratching?

    Lightning Mike

    Maybe they somehow based Easier to Run's rap on those scratches?

    Aamir Khan

    I see it.

  46. The Queen Of Zueira

    essa música é muito boa!!!

  47. Cool Cobra 64

    This is a really awesome demo. I think one of the reasons why this didn't make it to Hybrid Theory was because of the song's title. For those who don't know, So Far Away is the name of a song by Social Distortion.

    Siddhant Kumar Mishra

    So what ? Runaway is the title of a song by Linkin Park and We Are The Empty and they both are different bands...... Both songs are awesome..... For your kind information, please keep your illogical information to yourself !


    Chester joined in 1996, he even has a few vocals in this song...

    Valentino Racuk

    @Talhe Mark Wakefield was in the band that years, but he left the band and in 1998 Chester joined.


    Ye ur right but he's still in the song

    Jay Clah

    Mike Shinoda and Mark Wakefield started the band in 1996 after Relative Degree broke up. Before, they used to just create joke songs for their friends before taking their musical interests more serious. They enlisted Brad to help layer down some guitar. Mark later left in December 1998 due to stagefright and was annoyed by the number of times they were denied an record deal. Chester joined the band in March 1999 (as he had been stating for nearly two decades) from receiving a call from Scott Harrington after overhearing from Danny Hayes about a band from Los Angeles that was in need of a new vocalist.

    Some of the demos found in the LPUs are mislabeled due to Mike's history of mixing up dates and he usually organizes the tracks for the release.

  48. Tessa Isaacs

    If you guys wanna hear more of Mike singing listen to No Roads Left. ^.^


    @Julio Rodrigues tips fedora

    Eva Moor

    @ddk y2 that one hurts so much and I still keep getting back to it. Same with Nothing Makes Sense Anymore.

    Ian Barbus

    You’re right, Mike’s voice sounds GREAT in that song. One of my very favorite of Mike’s vocal performances

    BTW: This song is DOPE!


    Skin To Bone


    Or the entire album of Post Traumatic

  49. Ricky Gazboda

    This kinda sounds like a track from ATV: Off-road Fury

    Taylor Bradford

    I can sort of hear that. Brings me back to my ultraspank days

  50. Sen ShuoKun

    algun soldier argentino?? diganme que no soy el unico :(

    Maximiliano chavez

    no eres el unico jaja

    TOMY U

    Que paso? Jjjasja

  51. Gabrieli Savi

    Amei demais essa musicaLove

  52. Alex Mambulla


  53. tdark987

    The intro reminds me a LOT of James Bond...I can tell the chords are not the same, but I can't not think of it when I hear it. Anyone else feel the same or could shed some light on this?


    haha i thought i was the only one. I immediately thought Goldeneye, brosnan. Wbu?

  54. Beta Leftist

    this doesn't even sound like deftones you fgt. quality of life has improved since the 90s so you fail.


    National Socialist sounds like deftones - my own summer if you ask me

    GodEater Mythic

    BodyBuildBoss fuck Deftones

  55. Gabriel Arcos Santos

    caralho , e eu nunca mais tinha ouvido essa música

  56. Nitram Odrallag

    Tiene buena calidad como para que sea un Demo de aquel año.
    Creen que sea falso, realmente es de 1998, o lo volvieron a hacer para que suene mejor?

    Melodica CHAN

    +Nitram Odrallag `para mi q lo hicieron denuevo, antes mike cantaba mas grave y ahora como esta en este video

    Rene Sebastian Chan Alcocer

    Eso es porque es una demo para un disco oficial, por lo tanto fue remasterizada en un estudio

  57. mar Yo

    save me now, i'm the mess i have created

  58. tater tot

    will never get tired of this *sighs happily*

  59. Roberto Nome

    Awesome for a demo.... As ever

    Nightcorology Beats

    Yeah most of their unreleased demos are just instrumental and no lyrics.

  60. jarra gulla

    reminds me of lostprophets early stuff

  61. Avinash Nethala

    All Linkin Park Lyrics  in one app....!! #linkinpark   #linkinparkforlife

  62. Zero

    y de la nada, un comentario en español...

    Sen ShuoKun

    mal, me sentia re solo chabon... todo en ingles, portugues Y EL CASTELLANO por donde metio

  63. illeone

    This should've been in Hybrid Theory.

    PR0D1GY Gaming

    jetpackaidan I thought the same too

    Tomás SaЯzosa

    PR0D1GY Gaming i think this would be better in the hybrid theory EP


    This would've fit perfectly onto the Hybrid Theory EP


    This whole discussion is why LP was amazing and just that, a Hybrid Theory band

  64. Nicolas Esteva

    Joe Hahn 1:59-2:15 the sounds that he makes in the back really sound like the begining of Somewhere I Belong

    Daily goofer

    Nico, or maybe he made somewhere I belong really sound like so far away


    he just used the same sample for somewhere i belong

    John Ruddy

    It really doesn’t

  65. Littlegraytealeaf

    omg Mike singing in 1998 wut ;-;

    The Mansion World

    al112v5 The reason why some of these demos are dated 1998 is because they were written with Mark but not recorded until 1999 with Chester. I believe you can find Mark Wakefield credited on most of the 1998 demos.

    Jacky style

    @The Mansion World Chesters voice use only back-vocal.

    Die Legende

    @xSAxShadows "Before the first song that you heard me on"...

    Denice Bautista

    @Shinobi Xero that was definitely Chester

    Jay Clah

    Some of the dates on the LPUs are mislabeled. Mike has a history of mixing up dates, and he usually organizes the tracks for the release. This version of "So Far Away" was recorded in 1999. And by the way, Chester joined the band in 1999 as he had been stating that for nearly two decades as well as Mike stating back in 2000 of how Chester skipped his 23rd birthday to sample his vocals over their music.

  66. Clécio Weirich

    Its just me or it remembers a lot a song of NFSU ??? Its very good, I have this CD and its worth every cent do packing to brazil and every minute waiting....XD

  67. NtrMssion

    Joe Hahn - Badass mode.

  68. NtrMssion

    1:59 - 2:15

    Mr.Hahn please return from your vacation already..

  69. NtrMssion

    He used to scream along with Chester in live shows as well. Pretty sic.


    Exactly! People say that Mike can't scream but he has!

  70. Tessa_Isaacs

    Bullshit, LP is the best thing ever! You just don't know how to appreciate good music.

  71. Tessa_Isaacs

    Linkin Park will always be Linkin Park (Unless one of the band members leaves which I highly doubt) Linkin Park will always have songs with meaning, and personally I love that Mike is one of the only rappers who doesn't rap about 'hoes' or whatever these womanizing men rap about.

    Shadow of the day

    Tessa_Isaacs "Unless one of the band leaves" :( Tecnically he has not let us but something so anyway

    The Cynical Autist

    This hasn't aged well, has it? xD

    ddk y2

    Sorry but linkin park is dead now

    Washington Pundit

    Chester Left.

  72. kathuzada41

    Nah he just copied it 'cause he wants the top comment.

  73. Ostro

    Exactly my thoughts for the last years. They even said Rick told them to drop their way of production in favor of a more "rock band" way. The way they produced their music was what made it that much more unique. Of course, there are also things like genre shifts (influenced by way of production), changing voices, etc.

  74. Matheus Diniz

    Old Linkin Park or new Linkin park, whatever, they're both good.

    ddk y2

    And now Linkin Park is dead

    Super Nova

    @ddk y2 unfortunately, but not forever, they will reunite again

    Shadow Renegade

    ddk y2

    You don’t know that

    Yes, Chester is gone but that doesn’t mean the others are.

    They might still keep Linkin Park together. They might not.

    Only time will tell

  75. Opaquehole

    Rick Rubin is partially reasonable for their stylistic shift I think, because right before start of Minutes to Midnight, they wrote the song Qwerty, which is a pretty heavy sounding song, and Mike said they had more stuff coming like that, then in a few interviews, Chester was talking about the stylistic pointers Rick was giving him for the coming album. Yes age might be some of a factor behind it, but also the albums Rick has produced, sound soft compared to their older stuff.

  76. 0theb3cksexperience0

    Completely agree with the Rammstein comparison. Compare them back to back and you would see that Rammstein is consistent in their own style for years yet still satisfy fans and new listeners. Linkin Park however got so inconsistent that there is hardly any parts of their nu metal style left in the new records, so obviously people complaint about that.

  77. Haruhi Suzumiya

    Wikipedia also shows that the "Forgotten" demo is the only song from LPU12 that has Wakefield's vocals in it.

    Jay Clah

    Actually no. The version of "Rhinestone" found on the 12th LPU was recorded in 1999 with Chester on vocals. The same version can be found on the Warner Bros internal demo CD — 9-Track Demo.

  78. D0CM4K

    Mark is there too :D

  79. mister fiero

    You're so wrong I just have to correct you.. They originally wanted to be all nu-metal, that's what they are rooted from. Not until Meteora's tour was over did they experiment, and ditch Don Gilmore.They never "quited" Warner, they are still with them.. Warner wanted them to be a strict rock band because they didn't think rock/rap would sell, but it did. THEN they did what they did, and they made a good choice. If they had never changed, they would of ended up like Limp Shitkit.

    Jay Clah

    Apparently you weren't directly paying attention to anything Linkin Park stated... the band never wanted to labeled "Nu-Metal" as they just wanted to make whatever music they wanted, that inspired them at the moment. By 2006, they just felt like they were trapped, repeating something they've already done before, they wanted to try something new that resulted in MTM. It's true Warner Bros tried turned them into an regular rock band as Mike stated in his "Get Me Gone" track. Mike also stated in the [email protected] 2005 interview that the mainstream came to them since their music was unique. Linkin Park was thrown into the spotlight during the peak of Nu-Metal by mainstream.

  80. thomas langmann

    they have grown up. you should try too!

  81. SevenOneFive

    What? Mike could sing way back in 1998?!

  82. Brett Messier

    The best thing about this band is that you cannot put a label on them. Long live LP.

  83. Tyler Elmergreen

    It's a shame LP didn't want to keep making nu metal because they were damn amazing at it.

  84. thomas langmann

    they never wanted to make only nu-metal. warnerbrosrecords wanted them to do! and after two albums, they quited with the label and started a new album, where they made the music they wanted and not what warnerbros wanted....they did it for themselves and not for some profit..

  85. thomas langmann

    so you want the same style over and over again? this would be boring and linkin park would lose many fans...every band tries new things out ...only people like lady gaga does the same over and over....because their you want linkin park to be mainstream?

  86. D0CM4K

    You need to be very ignorant to don't see the difference between LP style from 1999 to 2006 and LP style after 2007. It's they own style? Yes, I never said it wasn't

  87. thomas langmann

    what a fact?!
    no fact!
    same band. having fun in making music. their own style.

  88. D0CM4K

    There is a old LP and there's a new LP, it's a fact

  89. TheCrayzeeMan

    1. Bleed It Out is not that good.
    2. You obviously haven't listened to the last three albums.

    Mikal Kirwin

    Can you sing that song by yourself? Or at all? .. then you cant say it ain't good cause.its.good just ain't your cup of tea

  90. Jerry Serrano

    sounds like 007

    Goober Squad

    Jerry Serrano the fucks that supposed to mean

  91. sweetmuthachucka

    I get the feeling that this is the direction they would've went in had they'd stayed with Nu-Metal. But, since y'all are reading this, you gotta realize that the guys in LP have built themselves off the hybridity (is that a word) of their influences -- and like many musicians, they have a wide array of influences. Having said, I believe the release of these demos also serve the purpose of illuminating the fact that they have more than 4 or 5 emotions they can transform into their music.

  92. Marc W

    Holy crap. This is better than any song they have released on any of their last three albums, besides Bleed it out perhaps.

  93. Echo Bravo

    you can hear chester sing in the background of the chorus!

  94. Cristian Leonel Duarte Cor

    es del 98 chester se unio en el 99

  95. internallogic

    Guys, this is Mike Shinoda singing lead. It's surprising to hear him sing lead on a song so early in their career, as I'd thought he'd only done that around Minutes to Midnight.

  96. Official330vZv

    The core song is the same as "Soundtrack" from LPU11, they must've really recycled a few of their demos. Brad's guitar playing was much more involved in the song back then, it's got a cool layering going on.

    Jay Clah

    Linkin Park reused some elements from this song for both "Hurry" and "Soundtrack."