Linkin Park - High Voltage Lyrics

Just do something to tell you who I am, ya know?

It's high voltage
You can't shake the shock
Because nobody wants it to stop
Check it out

I've been digging into crates ever since I was living in space
Before the rat race, before monkeys had human traits
Mastered numerology and Big Bang theology
Performed lobotomies with telekinetic psychology

Invented the mic so I could start blessing it
And chin-checking kids to make my point like an impressionist
Many men have tried to shake us
But I twist mic cords to double helixes and show them what I'm made of

I buckle knees like leg braces
Cast the spell of instrumentalness
And all of the MCs that hate us
So try on
Leave you without a shoulder to cry on
From now to infinity let icons be bygones

I fire bomb ghostly notes haunt this
I tried threats but moved on to a promise
I stomp shit with or without an accomplice
(Mixed Media)
The stamp of approval is on this

It's high voltage
You can't shake the shock
Because nobody wants it to stop
Check it out

It's high voltage
You can't shake the shock
Because nobody wants it to stop
Check it out

Put a kink in the backbones of clones
With microphones
Never satisfy my rhyme jones
Spraying bright day
Over what you might say
Blood type Krylon
Technicolor type A

On highways ride with road rage
I'm patient to win
The cages of the tin
That bounce all around
In surround sound

Devouring the scene
Subliminal gangrene
Overall the same thing

Sing song karaoke copy madness
Break bones verbally with sticks-and-stone tactics
Fourth dimension
Combat convention
Write rhymes at ease while the track stands at attention (attention)

Meant to put you away with the pencil
Pistol, official
16 line rhyme missile
While you risk your all
I pick out all your flaws
Spin rah blah blah blah
You can say you saw

[Mike Shinoda:]
It's high voltage
You can't shake the shock
Because nobody wants it to stop
Check it out

It's high voltage
You can't shake the shock
Because nobody wants it to stop
Check it out

It's high voltage
You can't shake the shock
Because nobody wants it to stop
Check it out

It's high voltage
You can't shake the shock
Because nobody wants it to stop
Check it out

High voltage

It's high voltage
You can't shake the shock
Because nobody wants it to stop
Check it out

It's high voltage
You can't shake the shock
Because nobody wants it to stop
Check it out

It's high voltage
You can't shake the shock
Because nobody wants it to stop
Check it out

This production has been run courtesy of Mixed Media, Akira, Mr. Hahn and Hybrid Theory

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Linkin Park High Voltage Comments
  1. Seacosmo

    Why not write another and hit the 1000 of comments🤣

  2. Din Deleo112

    The cool sound.

  3. Villain Z

    Some of mikes best bars

  4. Nathan McCabe

    Coming at ya from every side

  5. Kaiser RG

    2:25 i hear: I'm on dance, i fell like a toxic.

  6. Jorge E

    This is true rap and it's made by a rock band.

  7. Lacoste

    Я здесь единственный русский?

  8. Cherry Waves


  9. Tunç Öztürk

    one of my favs :)

  10. Seacosmo

    3 536 480 views are from me

  11. Unknown Temptation

    Mike has been shitting on them so called rappers ever since 1999

    Adrián Alduncin

    Since 1996, Listen to "Fiends" & "Drop" from Linkin Park (Xero)

  12. Claudia Contreras

    Escuchandola recordando a Chester 😔😔

  13. Rusli1659 LP Soldier

    who thought you heard "Toxic" or "Logic" in Chester's bridge part?

    It's actually "Prophet" you know right?

    This is the actual lyrics looks like:

    "Sometimes I feel like a prophet Missunderstood under the gun like a new disease!"

    Thank me later.

  14. Duolingo Oul

    Very good song

  15. Brent Banner

    Mike Shinoda is honestly one of the best lyricist of our time and he heavily inspires me to write meaningful lyrics, Chester taught me to sing with emotion god bless them for preparing me for war

  16. Manny


  17. Robert Hebisen

    They banned this on my school wifi

  18. Kae Mendes Paim

    2019 from Brazil ;)

  19. Ivy Firefly

    Someone asked what this song is I replied “High voltage”. They asked “what band”. I reply “the legendary band called Linkin Park”. “They reply with. “Never heard of them”. *my mouth dropped to the floor*

  20. Sam Destroyer

    2:00 "Coming at you from every side" it is in Nobody's Listening ! Ans how cqn you get those 2 special tracks wirh also Part of Me, And One, Qwerty... ?

  21. Poscai

    WHERE'S THE CLEAN VERSION???????????????????????????????????????

  22. James Jodon

    I can see why it was cut the lyrics are so repetitive he just keeps repeating and that's the sign of a weak rapper.

  23. King Greed

    Don't rap and be hard and then edit out the curse words. I always kinda got annoyed by this song because of the edits.

  24. Rusli1659 LP Soldier

    I never heard of this song before, that rap is hip hop similar to Paper cut, Let me cover this WIP with drums so I can change this into rock!

    BTW, This song high voltage is a theme song for 2007 - 2009 movie High voltage ft. Jason Statham.

  25. inxy

    yo im in a electric chair

  26. smile

    This is cool af

  27. YT Step

    Hybrid Theory 2019 🙏💯

  28. Typical Skateboarder

    Happy 19th birthday Hybrid Theory!

    R.i.p. Chester B!

  29. Poja Humam

    Mike & joe the asian brain

  30. Bryan Bokser

    Mike is an absolute savage in this song!

  31. Luis Castillo

    I've been listening to this album since it came out and I've never stopped. Hearing this album is not only something I've been doing most of my life, is something that somehow defines me. And is just today that I found this song, never heard it before, never knew that Hybrid Theory had bonus tracks. It's awesome to find new stuff in old relics.

  32. Thomas McBride

    Not First!

  33. John Klingberg

    Song is great but I couldn't help but think it would be even better if the instrumental was higher tempo to match the vocals.

  34. KickingAssDaily

    Sometimes I feel like a sausage

  35. _troublemaker_

    This song is so underrated!!

  36. Roses are Rosie


  37. Nati የጨርቆሱ

    This song is TOP TOP CLASS

  38. Luka Vujovic

    your favorite martion did arealy good cover of this song

  39. Raul Prozan

    best rapper on this planet and maybe one of best mikes rapping songs

    Sebastian Garcia

    Mike should do a rap battle with eminem

  40. Mega Ascension

    Wait... doesn't "Nobody's Listening" use a sample of the line "Coming at you from every side"?

    Warybubbles 3998

    It does.

  41. Arturo Jara

    I miss old rap

  42. Herustrio22 Heru

    Linkin Park band favorit

  43. Voltaire Felgrand

    This is more fort minor than anything else

  44. RSL097*

    Godly song

  45. 龘纛爨灪麤彠 –

    RIP Music 2019. This song is an example how you were when you was young and hungry

  46. Mr Sako

    Sounds like something from The Matrix.

  47. Danish Bhat

    This song makes me remember US Army?

  48. Andrew Del Valle

    Better than 99% of the garbage on mainstream radio. One of the most undersold songs of all time.

  49. Andrew Evans

    So i was listening to this in the living room. And my 8 year old brother comes in and starts singing along, which i'm fine with, but out of nowhere he said "HIGH GOLDFISH" and was laughing on the floor!

  50. Victor P

    In my opinion, these are the one of best rap lyrics MS has produced. The figures of speech are insanely good and refreshing. Wish he could've used more of this style on his new material.

  51. thecrimsoncure

    Great bars

  52. A. Rolando Osornio

    Years later I still think YFM version is better. (I’m also a diehard LP fan)

  53. iTz T0nY24

    Anyone know where I can find the studio version of this? Itunes, apple music, spotify all have the live version of this on the deluxe edition of hybrid theory

  54. Yerbi

    So is this ever going to be on Apple Music or no? 🤔

  55. Grand Magus

    instrumental owns your soul

  56. Владимир Бондаренко

    Without Linkin Park world is missing something

  57. rugby86

    CLASSICS! As teenagers and the younger generation/young adults back in the late 90s and early 2000s was probably the last wave of good proper music.
    Now a days there's nothing like it. We can always immerse ourselves in the past and relive the nostalgia that the generation of today will never live through.

  58. Perish Academy

    This song is quite underrated

  59. Roland Mendoza

    There's another verison of this..right

  60. antonio tom


  61. Adxm

    best song ever

  62. ShaDHP23

    It boggles the mind that they knew back at the start what was going to happen to them down the road. Everything they said in Hybrid Theory came true

  63. Jun Malit

    I prefer the your favorite martian version

  64. Peter Shmain

    does anyone know what music is sampled and used to make the background melody starting around 2:46 and on?

  65. Jeet Roy

    Who is here in march 2109 ?

  66. potrimano

    2019 ! ♥

  67. Mike Shinoda

    4 years ago

  68. KeaneLuvr

    I love the way Chester says prophet lol!

  69. павел новиков

    Best song in 2019

  70. the weird one said i was werid

    I almost thought that was slim shady

  71. Chara Dreemurr

    "They have three different high voltage songs!!! "

  72. Миша Загорский

    Cure For The Itch + High Voltage <3

  73. sebas :v

    No sé como esta obra de arte puede tener dislikes

  74. Bradley Game

    My favorite Martian anyone??

  75. Вадим Петрикевич


  76. jamesryan099

    wtf I have hybrid theory album and neither this or my December are on it.

  77. Ashuj

    I dont know why this song is not ending...

  78. Yung Trashcan

    this should have been on the album, maybe somewhere in between cure for the itch and pushing me away

  79. Aditya Dighe

    The starting music is very similar to their Cure for the itch from same album !

  80. Bonzi Buddy

    I love that he sampled this in Meteora. I prefer the demo, though. Still great though.

  81. Łukasz Kuryłowicz

    How is it possible that i have this album and i don't have this song?

    Vlad Khmel

    cuz it's a bonus track

  82. AltFreak25

    So many hidden gems on their freshman and sophomore albums.

  83. Enjoy The Game

    Linkin Park forever!!!

  84. John

    Best version is the live one imo

  85. angie ovalle

    2019.. Lp por siempre.. 😭😭😭❤❤❤

  86. mario_escoto28

    Pure gold 🙏🔥

  87. Clint Mullins

    Idk I'm gonna hang in til it pops off
    (it better...

  88. Jesse Groomes


  89. adam cole

    dope song

  90. charger boy

    Wait this is Cure For The Itch part 2?

  91. Heelexio

    Mastered numerology
    Big Bang theology
    Performed lobotomies with
    Telekinetic psychological

  92. My ravenheart Chiara Luciano

    I fucking love his rap , lol and I hate rap