Linkin Park - Carousel Lyrics

[Mike Shinoda and Chester Bennington:]
She can't hide no matter how hard she tries
Her secret disguised behind the lies
And at night she cries away her pride
With eyes shut tight staring at her inside

All her friends know why she can't sleep at night
All her family asking if she's alright
All she wants to do is get rid of this hell
Well, all she's got to do is stop kidding herself

She can only fool herself for so long [3x]
I'm too weak to face me
(she can only fool herself)

[Chester Bennington:]
I never know just why you run so far away, far away from me [2x]

[Mike Shinoda and Chester Bennington:]
When it comes to how to live his life he can't be told
Says he's got it all under control
Thinks he knows it's not a problem he's stuck with
But in reality it'd be a problem to just quit

An addict and he can't hold the reins
The pain is worse 'cause his friends have it the same
Tries to slow down the problem he's got
But can't get off the carousel until he makes it stop

He can only fool himself for so long [3x]
I'm too weak to face me
(he can only fool himself)

[Chester Bennington:]
I never know just why you run so far away, far away from me [2x]

[Mike Shinoda:]
Fly with me under the wings I gave you,
Try to be closer to me and I'll save you

I never know just why you run so far away, far away from me [2x]

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Linkin Park Carousel Comments
  1. Thomas Forde

    The fact I can’t get this on Spotify or iTunes bothers me more than it should

  2. Akane Kamishiro

    2020 anyone?


    Not yet.

  3. PolarizeLPS

    Out of all the songs not on Spotify, this is the one I long for.

  4. Goober Squad

    This would be perfect for the queen of the damned soundtrack

  5. DJ Gangsta

    For more cool music like this, listen to 'Good Vibes' by HeadAche & KING DOTTA

  6. Nikki Brown

    0:16 ummmmm

  7. Bryan Langheinrich

    For me Linkin Park is timeless even something bad happen still can listen that sound and nothing can bring me down anymore the best greetings from Germany to all Linkin Park fans out there!

  8. Jack Marston

    It bothers me that all of these songs are not on spotify...

  9. sarita prakash

    Legends never die😇😮💖Chester bennington forever 💖

  10. Nerd Doctor

    Probably I'm only listening to this in 2019 August

    Armon Patton

    Nerd Doctor nope you’re not alone

    The Fan

    Youuu are not aloooooone

  11. Die Legende

    Here starts my marathon of Chester's songs...

  12. Fbn Rodriguez

    2019 y escuchandolo aun

  13. Kay V

    I still love this song so much

  14. Pedro Folque

    I wish this was on Spotify...

  15. Joseph Cordova

    Damn haven't listened to this in ages and it just popped into my head

  16. Michael Kearney

    Best lp song ever!


    i cant believe myself. how i couldnt listen this song untill now ?

  18. • Prolished

    2019 still listening to this masterpiece of music

  19. Connort

    lmk where to find this on an album

    The Fan

    Hybrid Theory EP

  20. Connort

    2019 gang WYA

  21. Nichole Brower

    I'm still here . . holy fuck!

  22. mikisc

    20 years today❤️💣

  23. NemesMik

    20 years Today... 1st May 1999 Hybrid Theory EP was released for the first time <3

  24. Abstract Alan

    Only real linkin park fans know about this

  25. Zio 10

    His voice just pierces my heart. No other voice like that. Amazing. #ripchesterb. 2019 here listening AGAIN.

  26. Yasmin Cabral

    Do caralho

  27. Gragon

    It's already 2019 and I'm still here

  28. Rodrigo Hremalack


  29. The Tito TV Show

    Most underrated Linkin Park song.

  30. Watch Them

    2019? Anyone?

  31. Morgan Eser

    One of the few songs that Shinoda doesn't butcher. I'm a fan but he is my least favorite part of their music.

  32. Manwhochangedhisnameonyoutube

    If Linkin Park wrote a Korn song

  33. Ingrid171

    Anybody 2k19?

    Lion heart

    Eww why the fuck would they put this song in a dumb basketball video game...

  34. serdar torun

    Replay button destroy

  35. Arturo Jara


  36. Java ii

    Something about Chester's vocal and the music on the chorus intrigues me.... still in 2019


    Carousel is probably the darkest song from linkin park also chester's vocals are shockingly badass his voice is heavy af in this song..

  37. Büşra Yıldırım

    This is a treasure! I am in love Chester again and again. Omg! I am very miss you Chaz. You were my first love! I still can’t believe! Very very upset. I pray for your soul. I hope you rest in peace.

  38. RemixZX

    Listening and working out to this in 2018!
    Who's with me?

  39. richard21solava

    The best at 1:10 reminds me of the song white cyclosa by boards of Canada.

  40. Tessa K

    This is one of my favorites and it's not even on the main album. :(

  41. Christa Bowman

    I love this song and still listen to it

    Christa Bowman

    Linking park is the shit I’ll listen to them till the day I die

    The Fan

    I only listen to LP.
    Nothing else.
    Till I die.

  42. Türkü Büyükkaya

    I miss you...

  43. Hailey Cox

    RIP Chester I will never forget you

  44. Ragib Shahariar


  45. xSupremeGawdx

    Jesus! Hearing this till i die! So much nostalgia from Halo in the first Xbox back in 2000's!

  46. Rezes

    Finding a LP song that you never heard before is the best feeling ever

  47. 88Caleigh

    Still an amazing song. I thought Linkin Park would have released some songs we've never heard before. There's bound to be many made in the months before Chesters passing

  48. Titan McCaffrey

    U GUYS do realize this is mark wakefield not chester


    Nah, this is Chester

    Arturo Jara

    Mark wakefield sound like a country singer


    Lol you moron its chester..

  49. jx l1

    i save you

  50. Pedro Carrer

    That Awesome!

  51. The Seventh Day

    One of the best Linkin Park songs ever created. RIP Chester Bennington

  52. Arturo Jara

    Old rap

  53. Star Magic oficial

    Carousel is my favorite music

  54. My December

    This voice is magical. You were the only one, C.

  55. Marcus Woodard

    Through you music helped fans like myself through a lot of hard times. Your music meant a lot to us all.... Rest in *POWER,* Chester. 😢

  56. Sara Chester Wolff

    I Never Know Just Why You Run So FarAway Far Away From Me...Chester

  57. Sara Chester Wolff


  58. Keyboard smashes별빛

    I thought it was called "creep"

  59. Anibal Ortega

    Idk, I think it should be part of Meteora

  60. Romanboyd Interface

    I cant find it on Spotify...

  61. Zio 10

    Man. The voice. It just hits you emotionally. Mike an his rapping. True words. Chester, right to the feels with his emotional singing. No one ever will sing like that again. Sad.

  62. Zio 10

    How can one buy this song?????


    I don't know.. I wanna buy it too but don't know how I can't find it... sad..

    Zio 10

    Selupan007 we must find it. I must have it. Lol really I must! Chesters voice his phenomenal


    IT IS.. I mean it was.. Sadly

    Zio 10

    Selupan007 RIP CHESTER


    Yea.. I Hope He has found what He was looking for his whole life

  63. Shadowknight 666

    R.I.P. Chester Bennington. You'll always be in my heart

  64. GHS


  65. Samuel Flores Carrasco

    They never released these darker toned songs. Chester's voice suits perfectly here

  66. Daniel Rogers

    Wish this was on the iTunes store

  67. Random 21

    2018 and still love this song

  68. Siddarth C

    Amazing chorus

  69. Fhfzx


  70. Coffee

    I haven’t heard this song since I was 15 and the first verse is basically a mirror. Chester gave me hope and inspiration even tho I live like this. Rip <3

  71. Ian Mitchell

    I think mike was talking about Chester just saying

  72. Aris Aris

    Carousel from Απεθαντος is awesome as well although if you don't speak greek you wont understand a thing but it's still nice give it a shot people

  73. Seth Owen

    I wonder if it would have been different if they kept their name “Hybrid Theory.” Instead of Linkin Park


    Seth Owen I thought that was the album title.

  74. Theodoor Nap

    The words have so much more gravity now...RIP

  75. A Cat

    I assume I'm the only one listening to this in 2018.. where'd all the Linkin Park fans go?


    I'm sitting here, almost 2020

    magali daumas

    FBI Loli still here and will be here for the rest of my life listening to LP


    2020 here we are.

    André Martinho

    2020 still listening !!!


    Always have been a fan of Linkin Park

    Егор Цыба


  77. True Phoenix TV

    Why wasn’t this on hybrid theory

  78. Harbringer Of Death

    the different perspectives remind me of across the line

    Sleepy Child

    Harbringer Of Death It's funny you say that, because both of songs also mention drug addiction. Although it's the guy who's the addict here, not the girl.

  79. Eddy X


  80. Nefeli Provata

    This is just so good

  81. mary moreno

    this song left me so fucked up when i heard it in 2000

  82. Krashett그라쉬에트

    me on lyrcs... legit T^T thnk u sm Chester 4all those lyrcs n' thnk u 4save me, I hate my demons too

  83. Ashley-Rose Saccamando

    This is my favorite side LP song forever ❤

  84. demonsandlords

    I love Chester's whispers

  85. Crackz0r94

    This is so nu metal

  86. demonsandlords

    I don't know how to live.....I'm trying to become something but I'm stuck and I'm just depressed and I don't know how to move @linkinpark

    My December

    demonsandlords i know it's been a while since you posted it. Just are you?

  87. Nikola Vukovic

    I just now relized how in LPs songs like Lying From You there is a scream sing to represent the moment of breaking and in this it's about constant mental pain

  88. siggi sauerstoff

    Chester was so badass

  89. CHIJI

    Ace had no Haki

  90. CHIJI

    katakuri is a logia

  91. CHIJI

    blackbeard killed dragon

  92. Crow

    . . . . . Why you run so far away from me . . . .

  93. demonsandlords

    Why isn't this on iTunes 😭😭😭😭