Lindsey Buckingham - Turn It On Lyrics

Now someone has left you alone
Somehow you will carry on
You are the man
Do what you can
Just go out and turn it on

You can fight, you can pray, you can reach for the sky
You can heal someone's soul, you don't even know why
Turn it on

Now someone is dead and gone
The hurt that you feel makes you strong
Time is allowed
Make him proud
Just go out and turn it on

You can love, you can hate, you can laugh, you can cry
You can run for your life, you can live, you can die
Turn it on

You can hurt, you can heal, you can reach for the light
You could trust in yourself if you'd give it a try
Turn it on

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Lindsey Buckingham Turn It On Comments
  1. A. Samuelsen

    It's perfect.

  2. Warrensdeciple

    Godspeed Uncle Andrew .

  3. Fullstrengh100

    This was one of his best songs, which is so underplayed

  4. Sharon Venter

    This has been played by me hundreds of times and I will keep playing it.. brilliant!

  5. Doom60

    Parts of it sound like 'I Need You' the Beatles (George Harrison), the Help! album.

  6. Silky Wellman

    Like to hear Stevie write a song this badass

    Deborah Hanna

    Silky Wellman she can't.

  7. Power G

    The best song of the album

  8. Anthony Flowers

    I have loved this song for year's!! Thank you

  9. William L.

    A sonic masterpiece

  10. RickKTor62

    Lindsay's Out Of The Cradle is his solo masterpiece. He wrote performed-sang, played guitar (and other instruments) for decades now. Imagine Turn It On on a Fleetwood Mac album? It could fit in so easily yet he includes on this great solo album along with some other superb tracks. This album is also a recording engineer's wet dream. One could teach an engineer all about digital recording technology with this one reference album. Lindsay is the real deal.

  11. Ig Mahalo

    Lindsey is a Genius!

  12. sebastian Santos

    Simply awesome..............

  13. Michael Struckus

    I 've always liked his stuff. Timeless.

  14. Michael Lomenzo

    Must be played loud. Wake up the neighbors ! Lindsey is a genius


    Amen to that, Michael; wake up the world!

    A. Samuelsen

    He really is a genius.

    Michael Struckus

    You can't wake up the neighbours. They all have earbuds. @ least no one calls the cops on me!

  15. Chris

    Turn it Up... Loud... brilliant song and vocals

  16. Jose Manuel Carbajal

    Simplemente Grandioso.

  17. Angel Gauto

    es el mejor

  18. Critter

    Fab song one of the best on the album from a Fab artist, Lindsey! What fabulous guitar work...... Thanks for posting.

    music cool

    super morceau et superbe album.
    Turn it on me fait beaucoup penser à du Mike Oldfield des années 80

  19. imanol

    Solo sabe hacer lo mejor.

  20. 195Bucks

    Why on earth does this song only have nearly 9000 views????....and in the last year only ONE comment made!!! is an absolute masterpiece and shows Lindsey at his very best!!!...does anybody know what good music is these days or has everybody now just downgraded to the 'X' factor and 'The Voice'???...what a sad sad world it has become!!!

    Rainbow Hill Guard House


  21. cosmicdrifter287

    more like turning it up.

  22. xblueblaze

    ForYeensSake, I agree! (IDK where there isn't a reply button :S) Should be some sort of Fleetwood Mac revival foundation, playing this music 24/7, going round in trucks blasting Lindsey's music and giving out free CDs of OOTC to arts colleges. It's a damn shame Lindsey's solo work isn't better known!

  23. SynthXublime

    I never knew about that. Thanks 4 the comment friend.

  24. fender200

    It is said this wonderful song is about the loss of Greg Buckingham who sadly died when Out of the Cradle was being written.

    Michael Lomenzo

    fender200 yes true. Makes the song even more special

  25. Donald Bromwell

    Lindsey, we're waiting for a new album!

  26. 195Bucks

    One of my all time favourite songs!, there is just so much energy to this song and the guitar playing is just absolutely superb!. Lindsey you are the very best!!!...keep rockin my friend!!!

  27. Steph Keene

    I keep finding more and more LB songs that I really love. I only ever knew his stuff with FM but there is so much solo work that he has done that is sooooo good! Here's another song that I'm gonna be listening to non-stop once I get the cd in the mail. I <3 Lindsey!

    Khristi Pippin

    Steph Keene I feel the same way ... I always gravitated to Stevie ... But Lindsey is a rare gem ! The more I hear the better I like it

  28. Niclas Schaub

    It's all in the production. Lindsey is a freakin genius when it comes to dynamics and little choirs and other cute effects...

  29. John Leopard

    Thanks. Lindsey coming to Orlando. Small venue, all acoustic. Trying to get tickets.

  30. Briana B

    I prefer "Surrender the Rain". "Countdown" is also good. But I appreciate this post as well. Thanks!

  31. S.A. Jorgan

    My only beef is that the song doesnt quite sound like this, it's slightly speeded up here

  32. Se Warnick

    I like this a lot! Another new treasure I had not heard before. It's a shame it's not better known.

  33. SynthXublime

    That album is awesome, one of the great and versatil albums I´ve bought... ;)

    Andy Man

    SynthXublime absolutely.... Love it...🤘

  34. John Leopard

    Really like Out Of The Cradle, prefer "Countdown"

  35. Ian Cailliau

    I don't get why this is so ridiculously hard to find. I thought music like this was going to be a classic Oo

  36. InspectriceGadget

    @sublimexable eh, thanx! You might also enjoy a lot his music? =)

  37. SynthXublime

    @InspectriceGadget Nice fellow :D

  38. InspectriceGadget

    Am i teh 1st to like this beautiful song really?! Wuhuhu so glad of it!