Lindsey Buckingham - Say We'll Meet Again Lyrics

Just say we'll meet again
When the sunset spell is gone in the wind
Please say we'll meet again

Everyone sees a tear in the seam
But talks about the weather
Everyone pays a price for these dreams
So why not dream these dreams together

Just say we'll meet again
When the sunset spell is gone in the wind
Please say we'll meet again

That was a dream, that was a time
But nothing lasts forever
Sooner or later we all must go blind
But we can dream these dreams together

Just say we'll meet again
When the sunset spell is gone in the wind
Please say we'll meet again

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Lindsey Buckingham Say We'll Meet Again Comments
  1. Rich O

    For my late husband Richard Ollierou, love 💕 and miss you so much.

  2. Annie Olivo-Champagne

    This goes out to my late husband Rick Champagne. Miss you babe.

  3. Rich O

    Such a beautiful song, from a beautiful human being. Love you and miss you Lindsey.

  4. noconflicts

    A wonderful song. Always brings tears. Thank you Lindsay.

  5. Michael Stockman

    Thanks 😊☺️😘 n I love you too...I Love you xoxoxo xoxoxo xoxo xo xo xo xo YOU
    So much Baby girl ❤️💙❤️❤️❤️💙😍😍💙❤️ n FOREVER... ! !

  6. R Gray

    That was a dream...that was a time....but nothing lasts forever

  7. R Gray

    The instrumentation and mix is exquisite

  8. R Gray

    Everyone pays a price for these dreams ... so why not share these dreams..
    together ...oh yes .....

  9. Bella Bex

    This song reminds me so much of my dad he loved this song, he had another Lindsay Buckingham song at his funeral Say Goodbye I listen to this to remember my dad 😭


    Keep listening : )

    music cool

    oui je comprends Bella Bex
    surtout que le morceau est plein de mélancolie ...superbe

    William L.

    That's so sweet, Bella...your dad must have had a heart of gold. Here's just a couple of my many favorite Lindsey Buckingham songs: &

    Kiss-Shot Acerola-Orion Heart-Under-Blade

    Bella Bex ♥️


    Bella Bex my father loved that song along with Surrender the rain

  10. R Gray

    When the sunset spell is gone in the wind

  11. hiterss

    Lindsey is sucha badass.
    I fuckin love him!
    I love the whole lp
    i got this on 16/44 and it sounds damn good

    William L.

    No doubt...and all true! ;)

  12. Thomas Tillman

    Always thought this song was just gorgeous.  When Lindsey is on top of his game the result is beautiful.

  13. skintrade

    Backing vocals remind me of You and I part 2

    The Moment

    The whole song is similar

  14. WhatDoUgotToLose

    ..this is one of the last songs my mom ever heard on this earth :(

  15. Susan Bernardo

    I have this music cd and yes, these songs are hard to find. The cover was even signed by Lindsey when I met him in one of his concerts in San Juan Capistrano.  I am glad you uploaded them here for the fans who do not have it. Thank you for your effort.

  16. R Gray


  17. R Gray

    Weird how such a seemingly dull song can be so up in your face...........Being open to interpretation is probably the way Lindsey wanted it ,....Mastersong .


    merci Kingnothing718
    pour moi out of the cradle est le meilleur album du génial Lindsay Buchingham;
    fabuleuse chanson "say............"

  19. R Gray

    Thanx forever

  20. R Gray

    This is so seriously precious.......

  21. Juan De La Luz

    @R Gray, i posted Surrender The Rain up. check it out

  22. R Gray

    A very intense song.....

  23. Juan De La Luz

    il put surrender the rain up just for you. give me a week man i got you

  24. ParadoxDSF

    I was hoping to find "Surrender The Rain". No such luck, but this song is a nice alternative =)

  25. Juan De La Luz

    i got more too!

  26. Juan De La Luz

    thank you sir! i live in ny so 9/11 touched all of us here

  27. Se Warnick

    Thanks! Absolutely beautiful! I had not heard this before. Wonderful! This will cure any ailments of the mind and soul.

    jamie read

    just heard it now , after all these years . Love again

  28. thefabulousthomasj

    Thank you so much for posting this. Lindsey's album "Out of the Cradle" got me through 9/11, especially this song. God bless.

  29. Juan De La Luz

    No problem man, i got all of his songs, i take request if you need any

  30. Juan De La Luz

    I'm a very huge lindsey fan even, i love fleetwood mac and even peter green and of course bob Welch . but lindseys the man'

    Thematched Maple194

    Thanks for all of your posts. I share your loves and Lindsey too. All great and awesome!