Lindsey Buckingham - Not Too Late Lyrics

Reading the paper saw a review
Said I was a visionary, but nobody knew
Now that's been a problem feeling unseen
Just like I'm living somebody's dream

What am I doing anyway
Telling myself it's not too late

I'm not a young man but I'm a child in my soul
I feel there's room for a man who is whole
And there's a need for songs that are sung
For chances not taken for deeds not yet done

What am I doing anyway
Telling myself it's not too late

My children look away they don't know what to say
My children look away they don't know what to say

So that's been a problem feeling unheard
So called visions always deferred
It must be the reason I developed this need
You know you should never believe what you read

What am I doing anyway
Telling myself it's not too late

My children look away they don't know what to say
My children look away they don't know what to say

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Lindsey Buckingham Not Too Late Comments
  1. Zack McCrea

    Lindsay buckingham unleashing his inner john denver. Honestly hes that good

  2. Zack McCrea

    My heart goes out to lindsay

  3. benjamin6492

    mend the chain and bring our boy back to fleetwoodmac,just not the same without him ,come fleetwoodmac,were not getting any younger either us fans !,love you all,lets rock,mend the chain!love and peace !

  4. Timothy Collins

    The chemistry of Fleetwood Mac will and forever be because of Lindsey and Stevie.................once in a life time love.

  5. skm

    Unbelievable and totally broke my heart that a music genius as he, was unable to get a label for his new album. This album is one of my favourite together with Out Of The Cradle. The songs are personal, heartfelt and all Lindsey.

  6. Angie Vaughn

    Lindsay you will always be a

    Super star without you it would be a dim place to be you are awesome you have touched my heart

  7. Bonnie Jane Drake

    When was this documentary released?

  8. José Luis Prieto

    Long life with contentment and love

  9. Johnny

    Bitchy Diva Stevie should have been kicked out if FM not Lindsey.

  10. Johnny

    The Lindsey/Christine album should have been under the Fleetwood Mac banner. Their best work since Tango in the Night

  11. Bonnie Brown

    His wife looks like Stevie Nicks . Beautiful family !! So is this a video to show Stevie that she could have had this life ? 🤔😉🤫❤ I know one thing for sure....He has such a extraordinary gift !!

  12. Matt Smith

    22:49 -25:25 This sums up the music industry and why it sucks so bad in the modern era. Ladies and gents, the Mo Ostin that Lindsey speaks of, he signed the Doobie Bros., and allowed them to rehearse on his own PROPERTY to prepare music for their 1st album, which, honestly, didn't do much. But Mo took pride in the Doobies because they were HIS artists, and he believed in them. But their second LP sold like crazy. Would music industry executives these days allow a group to rehearse on their own property to get songs together for a debut record? The answer? No one. Bands were routinely given 3 or so records to get their act in gear. There was an understanding that most bands would not sell records like Boston or Foreigner with their first albums. It would take 3 or 4 records for them to hit. But once they hit, they would hit the big time. And they would be successful for a long duration of time. In the current climate, where stockholders expect maximum quarterly earnings, they don't care about the long term success of an artist. They don't think 2 years down the line. They think NOW. As long as that mentality rules the music industry, we will continue to see crappy music produced that has ZERO staying power. Music is art, and art is not a commodity like tortilla chips.

  13. Clap Saddle

    It shows how the music business has lost it's soul and it hurts old school musicians hard because the young generations now gets force-fed with plastic by people who just wants to get famous while on the old days it was the musicians marked. Now it's the industry's marked.

  14. Lee Davis

    Hey Lindsey...come to Philly. We would love to see u play for us!

  15. Francine Gray

    I was so happy to see this video put up. Love this guy and glad he is recovering.

  16. Joe Webb

    He just, looks so cool... There's no other way to say it. He's just awesome.

  17. Lesley Shaw

    I just love them, and yes they are my family, with out you guys, I would not be here. All my love lesley- Jane, I know that I will see you again, you are my family. 🎼

  18. Sandra Mcgehee

    True !!!!!

  19. Kaz Poole

    Love you Lindsey! Fleetwood Mac is not the same without you. This is a spiritual rebirth for you. Wishing you the best they don't deserve you as far as I am concerned.

  20. benjamin6492

    mend the chain and bring our guitarman home ,i hope one day,i still think theres another album out of this band but lindsey has to be there ,they just are not the same even tho i highly respect mike and neil

  21. dec22222

    Fantastic Unique Talent That Was The Heart And Soul Of The Fleetwood Mac We All Fell I Love With From The White Album /Rumours/Tusk/MirageTango In The Night /..The Line Up With Campbell And Finn Is NOT The Fleetwood Mac We Adore >Without Our Lindsey Stevie And The Band Look Lost ,

  22. john sutton

    Emotions so Raw. So Prolific. Too Much AHEAD for You. Your Talents! Forget FM ! They are DOA Now, and I've been a fan since "You" started. Now is Your turn to get the proper recognition. You only Survived because YOU are STRONG ! LOL....

  23. cam smith

    Thank God he changed his life and has a beautiful family. Geeez, read the book Storms by Carol Ann Harris, his ex from the 70's and 80's. The old Lindsey could have been one of these dudes on the ID channel. Evil, selfish asshole trying to choke his girlfriend and abusing her.... multiple times. He could have killed her. So sad...and she was sick for staying in it. Got physical with Stevie as well in 80's. No wonder the guy couldnt get or keep a girlfriend. Complete sick co dependency. His wife doesnt take his crap and kicks his ass...I think he figured that Whole different ball game when you have daughters of your own. Truly happy he broke the cycle

  24. Suz Fagan

    We need the creative souls like Mr Buckingham in today's music. The Lack thereof has been too long! Bring to us your song.

  25. Richard Crilley

    He sure looks like Woody Guthrie!

  26. Todd Tanner

    Does anyone know how his health is doing? And whether his voice was/is permanently damaged? Enough with the Fleetwood/Stevie comments. None of us were there. We don't know what happened. Let's just will this man to be well so he can share his talents in whatever way is next, even if that means taking time to enjoy some peace and quiet.

  27. arlene weiss

    I can't believe they did this to him . I haven't listened to anything new with the line up now. It's sad . but everyone loves u Lindsay do come back to us with your amazing talents.

  28. Heather Costello

    He still got it even solo

  29. april Swinehart

    Lindsey is an awesome guitar player and a missing chain link. Saw him with Christine two years ago. Maybe he will come back.

    SLS Reaction and gaming

    I hope so

  30. Leon Morgan

    cute kids..

  31. Ricci Hardow

    It is my opinion, Lindsey's music was from the beginning of Buckingham/Nick's up to the present transcendent. Therefore, lacks commercialization. Lindsay was the music. I am glad he married and had children. What is life without a family and a place that feels like home?

  32. Lee Davis

    Fleetwood Mac is my absolute favorite band. I am very upset that Lindsey is not there. I will not support the band without him. Once christine came back, I thought we would all get to enjoy the famous 5 for a few more years. All of us that have loved and supported FM all these years deserved that. Devastated.

  33. Warrensdeciple

    The Soul Architect of the Fleetwood Mac Sound.

  34. Ryan Bradley

    Lindsey, I hope you know how grateful we are for your art. You have been and continue to be an inspiration!

  35. Jonas Cahonas

    Lindsey is a god for writing never going back again and many others. but time catches us all.

  36. Cherokee Heart CT

    This put me the hell to sleep

  37. Si Fi

    This guy is a big jerk and total creep.

    Marcus Brennan

    Si Fi Are you sure you’re not the creep? Just a thought

    Si Fi

    @Marcus Brennan Quite sure, thanks. Funny how creeps stand up for each other though. Happy Jerking.

  38. Fayrie Wytch

    Don't you see the distorted white figure in the beginning and end of him singing 'waiting'... fading in and out, is Stevie? Can't you see her silhouette, hair, arms...rocking out?

  39. The Weeping Willow

    Fleetwood Mac isn't Fleetwood Mac without Buckingham...

  40. Patricia Ramirez

    I love Lindsey

  41. SusanScrapPassion

    Lindsey was a an integral part of Fleetwood Mac as a band. But, as a solo artist, his music is missing the appeal that the group had together. We can’t turn back time, and nothing will ever be the same. One must know when it is time to take a bow and leave when still at the top.

  42. Avenger Nemisis

    Lindsey Buckingham you are a rock God..♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️


  43. Elizabeth McLeod

    Lindsey, give it time. Everything will come together for you. I really miss you in the band. It’s time for a new chapter. Best of luck. Your family is beautiful.

  44. John Thompson

    Isolating with just a memory. Hope he gets over it soon we could all use direction music shows the direction.

  45. Nathan Iredale

    Great tohear lb again did record labels turn him down stupid fools

  46. Fiona Flynn

    Lyndsey is absolutely right - if more artists had the guts to fight the good fight as he says, perhaps today’s music wouldn’t be so awful. Artists who chose to drive the popular music intro the ground certainly missed an opportunity to expand musically - even to the point of — what do we have today? Spoken word. No instruments. Hate-filled lyrics. Creating a generation of misogynistic men and the women who let them lead. Sad.

  47. Brig&Pete Kennedy


  48. Deanna Devaney

    He is so &^%$#@!!! talented!!! Voice is incredible. One of THE best guitar players! Doesn't get enough credit. Doesn't even use a dam pick.

    Moon Child

    Theres plenty of other musicians who dont use picks either.

  49. George Kennedy

    Is Fleetwood mac different
    without Lindsey hell yes he created the sound of mac we love, as much as I love mac and stevie it's not the same

  50. TIM

    not the same without him.

  51. Freakster1970

    I found it strange he didn't play the songs live. He's a good enough guitarist to do it.

  52. Alan Scott

    He glosses over the Peter Green era pretty quickly. LB is brilliant but so were the original band.

  53. cosmicdrifter287

    this man is such a treasure when i experience my music collection.

  54. Garden Girl

    For someone who is a professional sound engineer I dont get why lindsey allows a sound like a vacuum cleaner running in the background of much of this

    Song Mozart

    I believe it was supposed to sound raw, intimate, and unedited, like a home movie. I'm sure it was either deliberate or deliberately left in.

  55. Lee Myers

    I have a stash of the Buckingham Nicks albums that have never been opened. After wearing out several soon after buying them I figured I better stock up. At least I can say I did at least one smart think in my life. He is one of the most amazing guitar players I have seen in concert. But then there is Nancy Wilson of Heart also...

  56. Thomas McGill

    Absolutely love Lindsey, but his extreme talent is better in collaboration

    Clap Saddle

    Like most musicians ;)

  57. snowthorne

    Very creative man. There is so much there. Fleetwood Mac was just a part of it. A huge part but not nearly all.

  58. z20000z

    It always takes two singer/guitarists to attempt to replace Lindsey and it always falls flat no matter how awesome the replacements are outside of FM. You cannot duplicate the chemistry. Just Sayin....

  59. patti malik

    he was fleetwood mac, sorry to tell you. He made the group

  60. Mix X

    I can't take more than five minutes of this self-absorbed nonsense; opining about the "industry" and its degeneration, lost focus, and myopic view of talent at the risk of profit. The same industry that opened its doors to him, and he left, repeatedly, when his solo success failed to mirror that of Stevie Nicks. His own insufferable behavior landed him here he is. He is not a victim. Stop complaining. You've had remarkable success, Lindsey. Be grateful. Continue playing small shows. Enjoy your family and move along. Musical tastes have changed and outgrown us.

    Starla Lovewell

    Your comment is obnoxious. Lindsey has his own unique life and views. You don't have any idea what Mr. Lindsey Buckingham experiences, sees, thinks & is living. I do not listen to Fleetwood Mac without Lindsey Buckingham. Fleetwood Mac is nothing without Lindsey Buckingham.

    Brian Schroth

    The industry sells artists' music. It doesn't "open its doors" to artists, as if it were some kind of church or other charitable organization. There's always been a huge conflict between the music and the music business, so what he's saying is nothing new, but that doesn't make it petty and selfish. He's a guy who developed in one of the most open times in the music's business, and saw it shut back down in the 80s and beyond. That's the perspective he's coming from - he talks about the tolerant (70s) as well as the intolerant period.

    gavin peters

    another narcissist.. gaslighting folks.... really this guy plays such a victim....kinda of denigrates all of his work with whining.

  61. paul taylor

    LB is the man. The rest of FM are a bunch of low life ingrates. Nicks is disgustingly vain, a bonafide hog woman.

  62. 49ccMoped World

    6 minutes and already 4 or 5 commercials. Still watching hahah because LB is great

  63. billy38010

    Lindsay Buckingham,, a Great Guitarist,....Highly Underrated!

  64. Johnyrem

    Two great musicians replaced Lindsey in Fleetwood Mac ... but just like John, George, Paul & Ringo were the only 4 musicians who could have ever been the Beatles ... Fleetwood Mac without Lindsey, the Heartbreakers without Tom Petty, Bon Jovi without Richie ... and so on. It’s just not the same four legs of the table.

  65. Kerry Lad

    Don’t think he could offer “Mac anymore than he did. Time to move on.

  66. Dennis Cassley

    Can you BELIEVE he was only #100 on "Rolling Stone's" greatest guitarists? Please...

  67. Miss Meowmix

    Without you, there is no band.

  68. Jacquelyn Contreras

    Worrisome. Violent man. Still, he is part if my world.........God bless everyone.🌿

  69. Alan Lloyd

    Why do people always say someone is underrated? Is Michael Jackson underrated too?

  70. Crochet Happy

    Look at the phone...this is in the 80's

    He speaks very well. He is a brilliant guitarist. I prefer his music with Fleetwood Mac then when he played with his own band. He is very introspective and deep. It is hard for someone who is such a perfectionist to exist within a group and compromise. As he said "tusk" wasn't a hit...and I didn't care for it. He wanted to go places the others didn't.
    They should have given him more liberty with his own music but their first albums were such hits, the producers always want to go with the $

    As an artist myself, he takes offense when his "art" is criticized...bc what he sees..his colors, his vision, is really all that matters to him. And it should be that way, but not when you are have are not on your own...Thats what Prince was fighting for. And he did not make the $ he made when he was signed.

    Francine Gray

    OMG . didn't notice the phone thing! Although lots of people have landlines.

  71. Star Light

    Yes.....nice ... we all stand with you. Be here now". No worries, express yourself. We are interested in everything you do! GREAT MUSIC...keep going I love it!

  72. Ivor

    So many great guitarist out there.

  73. Andrea Hicks

    We want and we NEED to hear from you Lindsey !! Keep on keeping on ! <3

  74. dennis jones

    well, i remember MICK wanted LINDSAY only, the story from all 3, and LINDSAY said no its a package deal, you have to take Stevie too. Now she can kick him out!!! BS, sounds like her ego went to her head an ass and now she is the old witch she always wanted to be...sad excuse for firing him....come on MICK FLEETWOOD...


    If it wasn't for Lindsey insisting on Stevie she would be still be cleaning houses.

    Lee Davis

    The story is always told that lindsey insisted that stevie be included if they wanted him. And now stevie insists that Lindsey be excluded. Tells me all I need to know.

    Lee Davis


  75. Lilli Blue

    The new band is like a cover band of Fleetwood Mac. They can't do it. They are not their songs. You can be a great player but the connection with the music can't happen without you. I came to Fleetwood Mac late. Everybody that was alive in the 70's and 80's knew the songs. I didn't really get into Fleetwood Mac until Stevie's album with Dave Stewart. Then I watched everything I could get my hands on on youtube. Whoa what a shame the personal lives got such a relentless public beating and yes it was amazing music but there are real people with real feelings behind those songs. This film felt like the balm that put the fire out. We now live in a world where Kanye can be nominated for a Grammy that was 75% written by Jimmy Webb and Jimmy Webb is left out of the nomination. It's crazy. Feed your soul and satisfy your creative desires we will buy the music. For the record my heart broke when she didn't mention you in her Hall of Fame acceptance speech. We know we know.

  76. Cheryl Holloway

    Miss you Lindsey! Fleetwood Mac isn't the same without you ❤❤

  77. Tim Wright

    I absolutely love 'Down on Rodeo.' It's my favourite song right now. Here is a man that holds his music tighter than a lover. 'Holiday Road.' Has music ever tasted so sweet!

  78. Nathan Hardenburg

    There will always be a niche market for rock music.

  79. Cindy D

    What a brilliant artist who has stuck to his own moral talent. Despite the kickbacks, Lindsay always rises to the top. Keep making music. It's you and not what others want you to be.

  80. Luther P. Smith Jr.

    Lindsey Buckingham reminds one of the great New York Yankees manager Miller Huggens

  81. Lawrence Jamieson

    Lindsey Buckingham is Fleetwood Mac, anything without him will just be a trying imitation

    Mark Hendrickson

    Fleet wood Mac was Fleetwood Mac before Lindsey many think the original group was superior


    Dennis Cassley That was exactly why when that list came out I unsubscribed from RS, after many years.

    Lilli Blue

    that is true. But the new band did not bring new music. Each of the combinations of players had a feel of their own. When Christine left they did not replace her with another woman. This tour was a success by industry standards. They made money. For the fans of the group folks went but didn't leave feeling like they saw Fleetwood Mac.


    @Mark Hendrickson They may have been but the record sales were tanking. Several albums were commercial failures and record company were just about to dump them. Enter Buckingham and Nicks.....we all know what happened to sales.


    @Mark Hendrickson My boyfriend still raves about Peter Green.

  82. AG Patterson

    He has always had his own style.* Lovely sound.


    I think he has mental struggles within. And a great dad.

  84. Thomas Purdie

    Amazing music Lindsay wishing you the best in 2020 loads more hits yet to written an endless quest ❤️🎸

  85. Jeannette Laracuente

    Lindsey my favorite song is TROUBLE I love that song for me one of the best..My best wishes for him, he is always handsome. God bless him.

  86. Harmono

    No Stevie or Christine in the FM picture on his wall. Lol!

    Dan Blanusa

    I can see not having stevie’s picture but not Christine’s. Thought they did a record together recently.

    Colleen Crawford

    I noticed that too. This era of his life was purging Stevie out

  87. Timothy Cole

    Sorely underrated, Lindsey Buckingham.


    Underrated? He is part of one of the biggest bands in the world of all time, sold millions of records, played to millions of fans, his songs known by millions of people. There are many words to describe him but underrated is certainly not one of them.

    Timothy Cole

    @oobenoob I think you're thinking I said OVER rated, which means someone gets a lot more attention than they deserve. UNDER rated means they don't get the adulation they deserve, so yes, I agree with you.


    Timothy Cole - He is not underrated lol. He has been awarded Grammys lol. He is in the rock and roll hall of fame!!! That tells me he is in fact rated very highly!!!

  88. machia0705

    You were successful. Be happy about that. Live your life. Your a lucky man.
    Fleetwood Mac ?
    Without you it doesn’t exist.
    Be well.


    Fleetwood Mac existed many years before Lindsey was there.


    I meant it in the context of the mid 1970’s to present. Phenomenal guitarist. What is the problem, why is he out of the band ?


    @machia0705 Fleetwood Mac is existed well Lindsey came aboard.

  89. Mark Johnson

    Out of the Cradle great album but yet didnt sell well? I want the vinyl but $160 ,overseas

  90. CakeMan

    Why isn’t he playing with fleetwood MAC now?


    @Elm TreeABC which witch?

    Elm TreeABC

    Diostillrocks - The welsh one.


    @Elm TreeABC who is that?

    Elm TreeABC

    Diostillrocks - Big FM fan are you? Look it up. Bye!


    @Elm TreeABC do you need a cry closet?

  91. Victor Ortiz

    There's no fleetwood mac if it doesnt have buckingham!!!!!!!

    Mark Daly

    FM are a corporate rock band these days

    john sutton

    @Mark Daly .... I grew up with FM since 1975 (Age 57). Beg Parents to see the white Album, FM Concert as they were starting. they let me Go !!. Rest was History ! Saw All FM concerts except the Last One... There was No Chain ! "All" had tempers and tantrums and Drug Problems (maybe not as bad as Stevie and Mick). So Nobody can blame 1 person because they are a spoiled, almost 72 Rock Star who seems to be planning to hang around the Young guys Now (and Harry Styles- I don't see any Talent there) ? Perhaps they are all too old to do a world Concert. But it would be Nice if FM could end properly for fans like Me... That would be all 5 " Fireflies", Stevie with the German type of Microphone like she use to Use, Christine, John and Mick. Do, 25 US Concerts, 2 hrs at affordable prices to the Fans, and close at Albert Hall (England) with 2 shows. That would be a Decent , Acceptable Goodbey.... ( Hey, We all know that all are in their 70's. Age is a Number). Do the best" Together" and I think You will see the Sparks Fly Again and Happy Faces !

    Zack McCrea

    I whole heartedly agree with you.


    Deeply immersed since spring '75...many shows, all the music. My first time viewing this. LB always, and to this day is adept at and purposeful in his choice to keep family out of the light. This...was a joy to watch, albeit 12 years after being made. 12 YEARS....sigh. Time marches and listens not to its detractors. are my all time, FaVe guitarist. Thank you for the music, memories, and the glimpses you gave of yourself. Peace to you and yours.

    Francine Gray

    Didn't realize it was done that long ago.

  93. Allanah Mcgee

    I seen Fleetwood Mac this year in Australia but Lindsay wasnt there it isnt Fleetwood Mac without him i was heart broken.

  94. david gollop

    love that song ijust heard,think it called "castaway Dreams at 31;24....reminds me of something Justin Hayward would write

  95. Cedar Bay

    He’s 70 and worth a hundred mil

    He’s got nothing to prove

    john sutton

    Cedar, been a FM fan since 1975 when I heard Rhiannon. Of Course Stevie wrote the Lyrics, but who do You think put it to the Music? It was the talents of Lindsey !... and for that matter, it was always Lindsey for she always had enough material left to make a Solo. That is where Jimmy Iovine comes in on her solo beginnings. You are so right ! Lindsey has nothing to Prove! He does have 100 Million Plus, and HE didn't have to "Sleep Around" (Packing UP, Shakin Up is all You want to do.....) He certainly so her worth before we all did 50 yrs later ! the members of FM look like they have been "EMBALMED" before the Concerts. Their sound is less than an Amateur Now! Mick certainly needs that Money because his maui Restaurant is Bleeding Blood, and his Taste don't help ! I don' know what SN sees in Him ? As for Me now at 58, I am now a "SOUL DRIFTER " a LB Masterpiece ! Lindsey, You are THE CHAIN !

  96. sulema leon

    You are the heart of Fleetwood Mac

  97. Juan Blanco

    This Guy is sure Full of Himself.

  98. George Martin

    without stevie nicks...this guy would be a salesman in a shoe store at the mall and giving guitar lessons to obnoxious white kids