Lindsey Buckingham - It Was You Lyrics

Every day now, oh how the time has flown
Every day now I am finally home
Because I waited for a woman who was true
I waited for a woman it was you

Back in ninety nine our love was just in time
If we had, had to wait we would be too late
Caught in history, future I couldn't see
You saw oh so clear, past is gone, William's here
Love him and watch him grow

Every day now I can hear the sound
Every day now love is all around
Because I waited for a woman who was true
I waited for a woman it was you

Back in ninety nine our love was just in time
If we had, had to wait we would be too late
Caught in history, future I couldn't see
You saw oh so clear, past is gone, Leelee's here
Love her and watch her grow

Back in ninety nine our love was just in time
If we had, had to wait it would be too late
Caught in history, future I couldn't see
You saw oh so clear, past is gone, Stella's here
Love them and watch them grow

I waited for a woman who was true
I waited for a woman it was you

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Lindsey Buckingham It Was You Comments
  1. Hugh McBride

    A very simple and powerful "Hey Stevie, suck it. You're going to die alone. Have a nice day!"

  2. Michael Struckus

    Sweet tune. Great memento for his family.

  3. Al Stefanini

    God bless your passion lyndsey.

  4. DJDanceClassic

    this is the same guy that wrote 'go your own way' ? no way!

  5. Warrensdeciple

    It Was you !

  6. Tracey Jones

    Oh yeah stevie jealous but hey she gave it up and now she complains how fleetwood mac held her back from being married and not having kids

  7. Inspired by Today

    I love his music and always end up tailing back to this song - such a funky track x

  8. Darkness of the Night

    One of my favorite Lindsey songs. A happy song with a very catchy tune.

  9. benjamin6492

    he like to experimnet,thats a genious at work really,not alwasyhtrowing us the same old bone to chew on,i like this song,he sounds alot happier in this songand seem to see teh future in his ownn right,rock on lindsey!

  10. Benji Moore

    I love his approach to his abstract songs. All you have to do is relax & enjoy :)-~~

  11. joey frizz

    I heard the live version first and it was pretty good. I am not a fan of the video producer at all and the producer of the song... i don't think did a good job either. The song is pretty good actually (if you don't like this check out the live version. I think it is much better.) the song is at 25:40 of that concert.

  12. Sandra Roberts

    I love this song!

  13. brigitte george

    Terrible! What was he thinking!?

  14. markus808808

    C'mon guys, It's his best song and best video! Genius!

  15. William L.

    Good on Lindsey! I'm happy to see him happy...I hope it's still going.

  16. The Next Kong Hee

    I love Lindsey, Fleetwood Mac, and this song. But, I'm not impressed with the video.

  17. Shiffany

    Absolutely love this song!

  18. Patti Fletcher

    Whether he is aware of what he's doing or not, he is paying homage to the disappointment of his time with Stevie as he salutes his current love & family. It is hard not to feel for him when you know the backstory.

  19. Gary Vanyo

    He spends a lot of time moving his voice around in the mix .. spends time at the board one advantage living in your own studio .. I realize this because it makes the difference . Hendrix did this religiously as did George Martin for the Beatles. Using stereo and effects to maximize their sound of simplicity. Before all the technology came about..

  20. splendiforouslove

    I wonder what the image is they keep flashing when they show him playing guitar?

    Mei Misaki

    +splendiforouslove I think its or a forest or a jungle. I slowed the vid down to the slowest and somewhere at 0:24 seconds it shows up.


    splendiforouslove I agree with Mei ... I believe it's trees, and that it is shot as if the camera/viewer is spinning on a Merry go round, or as if the viewer is spinning around on foot to make him- or herself dizzy the way little kids love to do (because of how fun it feels to get dizzy that way ... by choice, I mean, LOL).

  21. splendiforouslove

    Buckingham Nicks always, but this song and video about Kristen is really sweet. I like how he includes the kids :) 

  22. Bella Angel

    Happy Birthday Lindsey! YOUR family is beautiful! Much love and all blessings to you!

  23. Kathy Smith

    there was actually a video about a year ago on youtube of him at the 1978 american music awards night. the outfit that carol ann describes in the book is exactly the outfit and hairdo that she has on..and he almost completely wipes out going up the stairs to accept the award with fleetwood mac. his legs were so wobbly and rubbery. i have looked and looked for that video again, but i think it has been removed from youtube. i love lindsay and the entire band, whole heartedly though.

  24. miaastro

    Are you serious? Have you seen the clips of him and his wife and his kids??! He's happy as a pig in shite!! Fair play to the guy! The guy's still making music, has a beautiful wife and beautiful kids...what more does he need? Some ex?? Oh, grow up!!!!

    Charles Jannuzi

    Stevie Nicks probably still figures in his 'creative life', and that is probably not in a good place right now. But recent collaborations with C. McVie are very good.

  25. Josie Cortez

    8i dont think he is happy, he is a strange person with sad eyes. i dont think he ever got over stevie , i guess he never will.


    Josie Cortez Oh lord, what nonsense. He is most likely just tired, as so many parents of even one toddler often tend to be - and that's true of Parents in their 20s ... A man who has THREE toddlers but is old enough that he could be their grandfather has that much more reason to be tired!

    Alexandra Lopez

    His eyes have always looked sad, long before he ever had kids and in most photos of him he's never smiling. It's sad really, such a beautiful and talented man. And his videos are hardly watched.

    the Tan Van

    I've seen his birthchart.....his Venus is in Scorpio.....explains a lot......

  26. DontWantAchannel

    Yea pretty cool to finally make it to the light at the end of the tunnel. Although the fame thing is always sort of a ball and chain to a certain extent. Night, everybody

  27. BeBeBeelzebub

    I didn't say he married Carol Ann did I? Although they were together for 8 years. I just stated that this isn't Carol Ann in the video, she did do the backing vocals with him in the original, and asked if those kids are his.

    Sandra Roberts

    No, she is not on this song.

    Arlette Harutunian

    Carol did backing vocals for a song that was recorded for Lindsey's first album Law and Order called "It was I". That was recorded in 1981.

  28. WanderingDervish007

    This is just sooo sweet...thx for sharing!!

  29. BeBeBeelzebub

    This obviously is not the original with Carol Ann. He is much too old here and the woman doesn't look like Carol Ann. Are those his kids?

    Marshal Jim Duncan

    Lily's here!

    Marshal Jim Duncan

    Love her and watch her grow...

  30. cindycavylover123

    it wont let me post the clip of the grammys link, so heres the title: 20th 1977 Grammy Awards Album Of The Year CSN Fleetwood Mac

  31. cindycavylover123

    @musicloverx66 I just finished reading it too, and I just watched the youtube video of FM accepting the grammy for Rumours-remember how Carol Ann describes Lindsey's out-of-control behaviour there? Well watch it-he looks fine,she looks bitchy, and I think its a telling sign that most of the book is exaggerated and written by a woman with very low self esteem with her own version of events that are far removed from reality.

  32. afrocubanita1969


  33. Rob Wardle

    Genius, that is all

  34. William Dore

    this man is a COMPLETE GENIUS!

  35. musicloverx66

    Read some of Storrns and it didn't paint a pretty picture. I have no idea how much of it is true, but I also haven't seen any disputes. It saddens me because I have such respect for his musical genius.

    Marshal Jim Duncan

    Don't believe everything you read...

  36. penny lawyer

    This always get the greatest response at concerts. We are all so happy to see our Linds happy!! Every one sings it like a sesame street song..for WLL and s. Love ya lins!