Limp Bizkit - Crack Addict Lyrics

Right about now
It’s time to get busy
One, two thrizzy.
Shut the fuck up!
and bring That ballistic
Riff from the Bizkit
straight through the speakers
With the (hey, hey)
Check this future shock
Of rock revolution, punk (oh my god!)
Here it comes, so shut it up.
You keep on talking
we gonna shut your ass
Straight the fuck up
call the cops
Look up into the stands
Gotta another riot on our hands
i Pull this mic
Straight out my toolkit
To fix you wannabe's
That ruined all the music
But nevermind
Those Phonies never get it
The Phonies just Deny It
Cause rockin Aint a diet
Apocolypse now
Who’s talking shit now
Gimme the countdown

Heeeeeeeere we go again
Right now,Let’s go
Me and you, Toe to toe
So we can rock
We can roll
Here we go again
Right now, Let’s go
Me and you, Toe to toe
So we can rock
We can roll

Now I'm gonna full up my lungs with some butane
Turn the mic into a flame
Damn! that shit's hot
Super heavy
Built like a Chevy
and I ain't really mad at the (hey hey)
My significant, chocolate,
Three dollar bills from the cockpit (oh my god!)
Round two!
you ready for a break?
you keep on talking I’m gonna
break you up something like this
full throttle
better be prepared
coming with the kick and the snare
Im Down right dirty
Ruthless movement
Why’d you have to ruin all the music
no stopping till we’re
Knock knock knockin on heavens door
pedal on the floor
Apocalypse now
Who's Talking shit now
Gimme the countdown

Heeeeeeeere we go again
Right now, Let’s go
Me and you, Toe to toe
So we can rock
we can roll
Here we go again
Right now, Let’s go
Me and you, Toe to toe
So we can rock
we can roll

I wanna tell you,
Tell to your face right now
Not really sure that
Not really sure I know how
But I’ma try
I’ma try
Give you a piece of my mind
Gonna try
Gonna try
And I hope you don’t mind
I’m a crack addict
That’s right I’m a crack addict
You heard me I’m a crack addict
I’m addicted to crackin' skulls when punks start static!
It’s time to panic
I’m addicted to crackin' skulls when punks start static!
It’s time to panic
I’m addicted to crackin' skulls when punks start static!

Heeeeeeeere we go again
Right now, Let’s go
Me and you, Toe to toe
So we can rock
We can roll
Here we go again
Right now, Let’s go
Me and you, Toe to toe
So we can rock
We can roll

I don’t give a fuck!!
Who Talks
That Shit?
Fuck your
Fake ass
all talk
no action!

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Limp Bizkit Crack Addict Comments
  1. fred durst

    very brave of fred. admintting your addiction is the first step to recovery.


    Best Bizkit song from their dark times after NU-METAL died.

  3. Ale 789

    -Brock wins his 2nd WWE title
    -The Rock finally wins against Stone Cold
    -Stone Cold retires
    -Hulk Hogan defeats The Boss
    -Undertaker goes to 11 victories to 0 defeats at Wrestlemania

  4. sum41fan02

    this makes me want to pull the handbrake in my brothers crx because everything in this world is so fucking gay except LIMP BIZKIT for realz yall


  5. Faris Hazman

    Wanderlei Silva vs Quinton Jackson Trilogy

  6. Rudo ManX7

    Fuck Pg era, wm19 is the best

  7. daloco 666

    The best unreleased song ever

  8. Gabe Medici

    Austin do remember the last time you went one on one with the Great One?

    I whipped your ass not once but twice.

    The Rock has done it all. The one thing that The Rock has not done is whip that bald candy ass at Wrestlemania. So what do ya say Stone Cold?

    Oh this is show time here. It’s not about titles, it’s not about money, this is personal.

    You’re scared. I can see it, and I can damn sure feel it.

    It’s like a cancer in the soul of The Rock, he has never beaten Stone Cold Steve Austin at Wrestlemania.

    It’ll be the Rock. It’ll be Austin. One on one at Wrestlemania mah gawd!

  9. ChazmaniacTV

    Stone Cold + The Rock + Limp Bizkit = MAGIC.

  10. Dark Raiden

    "Austin, do you remember the last two times you went ONE ON ONE WITH THE GREAT ONE?"

    "I whooped your ass not once, but TWICE!!"

    "Stone Cold, what you don't understand is this: The Rock has done it all in this business. The ONE thing The Rock has not done is whoop that bald candy ass at WrestleMania.
    So whatya say, Stone Cold? Whatya say?"


  11. CaptainMarvell92 Returns

    The song of Chiropratic fans.

  12. NateNWarrior

    I’m activating my inner Kyle with this, chugging monster, punching drywalls and I am so about to beat some fuckin cheeks on COD.

    Seriously tho amazing song

  13. Juan Vargas

    Austin vs Rock WM19

  14. eric hammer

    So whadaya Stone Cold, whadaya say?

  15. Sound Buster

    Stone Ocean

  16. Man de Gaturiss

    I'm pretty sure wwe has the rights to Crack Addict.

  17. TorHawk

    Fuck yeah, bring that ballistic riff from the Bizkit, straight to your speakers with the HEY-HEY!

  18. Anthony Putman


  19. Семен Семенов

    Still have goosebumps listening this

  20. Dinomite

    Funnily enough, this song was included in Fight Club: The Videogame's soundtrack despite never being released otherwise.

    Brandon Thompson

    Dinomite that was the first time I heard this song it’s my favorite bizkit song

  21. Dante Sparda Ice Demon

    225 dislikes are from people who wouldn't know good music if it bit them in the ass

  22. Dante Sparda Ice Demon

    Badass song enough said

  23. John Smith

    In my head at the end of this song I hear the fireworks going off when they sang this at Wrestlemania

  24. Matthew Gudino

    Ronda: I'm coming for you, Matthew! I will beat the hell out of you and you will never be seen from the WWE again!
    Matthew: You're scared, Ronda! I see it, and I can damn sure feel it!

  25. AlexanderW

    “I’m a crack addict!” -Fred Durst

  26. Vic Stevensøn

    Fred's best lyrical content.

  27. Antkid721

    “You scared! I can see it, and I can damn sure feel it!”

  28. Lenny Lxwxs

    “It’s not about championships it’s not about money, this one is personal”...

  29. Nick Bernath


  30. Pancake 26

    "Aw shit, 1:10"

  31. Wayward One

    Limp Bizkit is like the fat girl you banged, but you wouldn't admit it. XD

  32. DumbF*ck Productions

    Mania 19 🙌

  33. Teddie Prine


  34. Teddie Prine

    These guys are straight badass.🎹🎻👽😈🎤🎸☠️

  35. Teddie Prine

    Awesome song right here.🤘🏻😈👍🏻☠️🎻

  36. Фред Дерст

    Почему я не слышал этого раньше

  37. Nemesis6129

    "7 Months ago i told my Boss Vince Mcmahon to Take his Job and Shove it."

  38. Fresh Hennessy Records


  39. Sebastián Ignacio

    brock lesnar vs kurt angle

  40. Archon Nygma

    Goku vs. Majin Vegeta

  41. mufo zomby

    LONG SONGG im smokingg metthh

  42. Cory Danrich

    This is “Under-Estirated “ *Limp Bizkit* material.

    Cory Danrich

    I would consider this pit material for all the haters as well.
    Most people would miss the whole purpose behind this track.

  43. james howard


  44. Clayton

    My WrestleMania XIX Ratings:
    Rey Mysterio vs Matt Hardy 7/10
    Undertaker vs A-Train & Big Show 7/10
    Trish Stratus vs Jazz vs Victoria 9/10
    Los Guerreros vs Benoit & Rhyno vs Haas & Benjamin 9/10
    Chris Jericho vs Shawn Michaels 10/10
    Triple H vs Booker T 9/10
    Hulk Hogan vs Vince McMahon 8/10
    The Rock vs Stone Cold 10/10
    Kurt Angle vs Brock Lesnar 10/10
    AVG: 10/10


    My goodness you don't even know how to do basic math. Your average is actually 8.78/10 lol


    Wrestlemania XIX and Wrestlemania X-Seven will be my fav Wrestlemanias

    Adam Haase

    I don't remember HHH and Booker coming before Hogan and Vince.

  45. Larry Chacon

    Wrestlemania 19 was the greatest wrestlemania in wwe history

  46. Chris Napolion

    I like this song

  47. John Moruzzi

    16 years ago today, this was played at WrestleMania XIX and my life has never quite been the same since.

  48. rubber band man

    this shit saaaalaaaps

  49. LeO 47

    Legend Killer Randy Orton...

  50. richard

    Hulk Hogan vs Vince Mcmahon No Holds Barred

    Hollywood NaBil

    I just watched WrestleMania 19 for the first time hours ago and I can tell that Hogan VS McMahon was better than any Match WWE booked in the last few months

  51. Brandon MCdade

    Dragon Ball Z vs. Naruto brought me here

  52. TheThing2011

    Wrestlemanias 17-20 was my era and they were all amazing

    Matthew Gudino

    That era was Ruthless Aggression

  53. MrTankHard

    Rock vs Austin III. Not as good as my way at 17, but was a decent video package. This has never been released even as a single. I've just accepted this was written for WWE and McMahon didn't wanna pay for any royalties past that event.

  54. Deadmancrawler

    This song never gets old. Absolutely perfect 4 wrestlemania 19. Songs now in the wwe can never beat this style of wwe metal style. Fuck flo rida

  55. William Grantham

    William Grantham Vs Andrade Cien Almas W Zelina Vega TLC Match For William's WWE World Heavyweight Championship Title Giving A Star!

  56. Sam Burton

    The outlaws MC or Spirit of the Aryan brotherhood

  57. Marcus Withers

    Wrestlemania 19 brings good memories mr mcmahon getting an ass kicking, the rock beating stone cold, brock lesnar botched shooting star press and trish stratus overcoming the odds for the title.

  58. Saucisse Merguez

    I'm the only one who's here coz gaia vs sikorsky ?

  59. Gannicus TV

    This shit is hard!!!!

  60. Its Huggins

    Everyone who disliked have no taste of good music

  61. jason byron

    Stone cold Steve Austin. Your bald headed double stunning candy ass Belongs to the rock.

  62. David M.

    Man I remember wrestle mania 19 like it was yesterday

  63. Randy Dubin

    This is awful. I usually defend most of their work, but, I am sorry, I cannot defend this song. This is just god-fucking-awful.

  64. Matthew Gudino

    Ronda Rousey, Becky Lynch, 1 on 1, at WrestleMania, My God!

  65. Sam Burton

    Outlaw mc are scard of ms13

  66. roonie jones

    Shawn Michaels Vs Chris Jericho at WrestleMania 19 was the best match

  67. Coranados


  68. David USmke? Little

    the 179 people who disliked this video ARE NOT crack addicts, their WACK ADDICTS

  69. Jason Carson

    Sounds like some shit they could have played at UFC 64

  70. Matthew Gudino

    It'll be Triple H! It'll be the Undertaker! the final battle, at the Super Showdown, My God!

  71. NBingy

    3:33 dropped hard as fuck

  72. BudLangley14

    Wish this song was included on a WWE soundtrack this song is so awesome though 🤘🤘🤘🔥🔥🔥

  73. Justin Campbell

    was this seriously a wwe wrestlemania theme song??... thats hilarious lmao

  74. RIP Mac Miller, you helped me with a lot

    First heard this in the Fight Club game as a kid, loved it.

  75. Sam Burton

    See what i mean outlaw mc and hell Angeles mc are to gaddam dead thick

  76. Matthew Gudino

    It'll be Charlotte! It'll be Becky! for the Smackdown Women's Title, at the Super Showdown, My God!

  77. legocomic _bookwrestling

    Am I the only one that came here from a Chikara Pro wrestling highlight video?

  78. Adam Gallant

    Love this shit 🤙

  79. Madison Morgan

    This makes rap music sound clean😩😩😩😩😂😂

  80. Guy Incognito

    Oh, this is show time here!
    It’s not about titles.
    It’s not about money.
    This is personal!

  81. Sam Burton

    Hell Angeles are scerd of ms13 and cartel

  82. Sam Burton

    I like to see you try puck ass bitch

  83. TorHawk

    Right now, let's go! Mutha fucka!!

  84. Matt Master

    "keep on talking, we gonna shut ur ass STR8 THA FUCK UP"

  85. DannyBZ9

    Omg they got so bad 🤦🏻‍♂️


    nah there still dope

    Its Huggins

    I'm trying


    Baki the grappler-Gaia vs Sikoroski anyone?

  87. CaptainMarvell92 Returns

    Gaia vs Sikorsky.

  88. Risyenth Yentl

    164 people are crack addicts!

  89. AxeSoccer

    Ahhh, memories of one of the best WrestleManias ever, especially since it took place on my 16th birthday.

  90. Александр Аскеров

    Why this song not at Google play music?

  91. Miller2h41

    I remember this track back in 2003 for WrestleMania XIX

  92. Marianne Arendt

    Klick here you comes in the list

  93. Aaron Fryer

    the wrestlemania 19 theme from safeco field in seattle one of the biggest and best wrestlemanias of all time over 54’000 fans