Lily Allen - 22 Lyrics

When she was 22 the future looked bright
But she's nearly 30 now and she's out every night
I see that look in her face she's got that look in her eye
She's thinking how did I get here and wondering why

It's sad but it's true how society says
Her life is already over
There's nothing to do and there's nothing to say
'til the man of her dreams comes along picks her up and puts her over his shoulder
It seems so unlikely in this day and age

She's got an alright job but it's not a career
Wherever she thinks about it, it brings her to tears
'Cause all she wants is a boyfriend
She gets one-night stands
She's thinking how did I get here
I'm doing all that I can

It's sad but it's true how society says
Her life is already over
There's nothing to do and there's nothing to say
'til the man of her dreams comes along picks her up and puts her over his shoulder
It seems so unlikely in this day and age

It's sad but it's true how society says
Her life is already over
There's nothing to do and there's nothing to say
'til the man of her dreams comes along picks her up and puts her over his shoulder
It seems so unlikely in this day and age

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Lily Allen 22 Comments
  1. Elizabeth De la torre

    I am barely 21 turning 22 in August
    *guys I'm scared now

  2. Kala Cay


  3. Jô Mesquita

    "She's got an alright job but it's not a career
    , whenever she thinks about it, it brings her to tears. Cause all she wants is a boyfriend, she gets one night stands. She's thinking how did I get here, I'm doing all that I can"

    I'll be 26 this year and that part always hit me so, so hard. That almost bring me to tears, indeed...

  4. Prince Guitar

    just turned 23 not too long ago and let me tell you.. lily’s right

  5. Forever Sammi

    Today's my 22nd birthday. 22/02/2020. Listening to this after 22 by Taylor Swift

  6. Silvia Radu

    Oh, good girls 😃

  7. Asenate Santos

    I'm 22 today, yes 😮♥

  8. Nikki Anderson

    I'm 24. This was definitely me at 22, but life does get better. Leave yourself open to new opportunities and learn to love who you are.

  9. Alexis!

    First heard this at 17 when 22 seemed an ETERNITY away. Now I'm 27 and, OOF.

  10. i like frogs

    What happened to lilly she used ton cool and a rebel ? Now she is a lefty normy :(

  11. kim sookyung is the love of my life

    i rmb when i used to listen to her whole album like every time when i was 9 yo

  12. Yasmin Tomazella

    Essa musica é minha religião

  13. connor topping

    Where are all my Liverpool fans at

  14. Renato Britto

    essa musica e tao linda e triste , principalmente nessa parte "Ela tem um bom emprego, mas não é uma carreira
    Sempre que ela pensa nisso, a leva as lágrimas
    Tudo que ela quer é um namorado
    Mas consegue uma noite só"


    greetings great song

  16. David Gomes

    Quase com 25, quando tiver com 30 volto haha

  17. Jeiku Furame

    Huh. So I'm 22 now.

  18. Franky Garcia


  19. Havanasky100

    She’s not talking about a girl that’s 22, she’s talking about a girl that’s “almost 30”
    So many confused comments...come back when Taylor Swifts writes a song about being almost 30

  20. Grazielle Borsoi

    Eu aos 24 anos sem carreira, formada sem emprego, sem namorado e a sociedade evangélica me pressionando para um casamento pois a "idade" tá passando foda -se a sociedade, case se quiser, na hora que quiser, e faça o curso que quiser fazer, seja o que quiser sò não enche o saco.kkk

    David Gomes

    Se eu fosse mulher já teria casado com um trouxa para me sustentar enquanto estudo kk

  21. clo c

    poussey ?????

  22. Pedro Santana

    I'm 22 and I feel like my life is already over

  23. DolphinGrew

    This applies to men aswell. So we are all equally losers, what makes us no losers at all!

  24. Dechlan Winter

    she worded it so damn well!!

  25. Tony Gunk

    22 love Lilly
    32 Lilly is a lefty liberal cuck

  26. Alexandre César

    não acredito que essa música já tem 10 anos

  27. Q Co

    An ass hole looking for table.

  28. Q Co

    There's a guy here,

  29. Q Co

    Freaks on my bus. I had to go for food stamps.

  30. Q Co

    Asian woman cuckoo

  31. Julie Mendes

    I've only got a month left of 22, wanna come to my 23rd birthday party Lily? lol

  32. Laíssa Benício

    Janeiro de 2020 ♥️♥️♥️♥️

  33. Soy Juan

    And today I have 30 juju

  34. Steven Samson

    Just her opinion.

  35. Sasha L

    Man...seeing all these comments about people being disappointed about their lives, saying that time goes by so fast, and that growing old sucks makes me really nervous to get older. Why can’t people just appreciate that everyone lives different lives, and just because you might not have followed society’s “life-plan”, doesn’t mean you’ve failed.

  36. GoodMorningRatchets

    im just hearing this for the first time in 2020

  37. Kumara Dosha

    My lifestyle has never been anything like in the song, but I'm turning 30 in an hour, and it still hurts. :c Single, but I never really tried and still don't (got my heart broken once at 27, but the relationship was extremely toxic, and it's good I'm out of it; I might as well pretend it never existed). Back in college for a third time, and hopefully this one will stick and make me a lot of money. Still wonder what I'm going to do as I age, without a partner or a lot of friends... I feel like I never really had a wild, amazing young adulthood, but it also feels internally like I'll never really be stable enough to be an adult either. I just have a lot of trouble keeping up with basic life. Depression, but I've had it since I was a teen, so it's not because I'm aging. I think no matter what you do in life, you're always missing out on something. Life is made up of circumstances and choices--doors you enter, doors you pass by, and doors that were never open for you, so regrets will probably always exist in some form. It's probably best just to accept yourself and the good things you've experienced and make the most of what is in front of you.

  38. It's DeVillion

    Today is my birthday, now I have 22 years and that music is a fucking reality, Goddamn, that is sad AF, but since I was a child, I really love that music, now, understanding everything, is a plot twist xD but is Lily Allen, she speaks and sing the reality



  40. Issa

    Franchement, à l'époque ils avaient utilisé cette chanson pour une pub Kinder Bueno, non mais mdr quand même.

  41. Christopher Pierce

    can someone please tell Lily i love her? due to restraining order i am not allowed within 50 feet.

  42. Wig Snatcher

    I'm guy but I can relate to this song 😥

  43. Scorpio delinquent

    I turned 22 a few weeks ago and for some reason this song popped up in my mind

  44. Melissa LM

    I'm 21
    And I want to die now :)

  45. Kala Cay


  46. Couch Samosa

    10 years later I’m 30 and really going through all of this.

  47. Ibrahim Alabdulatif

    Thank god I’m not a girl, I hope my sister won’t feel this way or suffer .

  48. little black dress

    I am 22 and i Just hate my life.

  49. Tah A

    Ouvia essa música com 10 anos, agora chegando aos 21 a bad bate forte :(

  50. Little Moth Big Wings

    This hurts

  51. MrZebub

    The big 3-0.

  52. Nkechi Osuamoh

    Such a deep song.

  53. Kayleigh Peyton

    Okay wait someone help me out here, so she says "when she was 22 the future looked bright, but she's nearly 30 now and she's out every night" so shes saying when she was 22 she had a good life and things looked bright, but saying that she's nearly 30 now.. surly she's not saying 22 is nearly 30 so this song is about her being in her late 20s? Not 22? And also is when she has messy hair is that her as the age in the late 20s nearly 30 looking sad.. and then the ones with her looking happy and straight hair is of her when she's 22 and life looks bright? Is that what all this is or means Or is that just the way I'm seeing it ?? Anyone else?

  54. Loop

    Altas delicias

  55. Vee Elementalist

    We all been lead by something.

  56. DutchManticore

    A song with a message that feminists are frantically trying to convince themselves is not true

  57. ies

    this song came out when I was 15. now I'm 25 and the meaning of it's gotten so much deeper, and I'm not sure if that's a good thing 😅😂

  58. Just Had A Floorgasm

    I listened to this when I was 22
    Dancing Queen by Abba when I was 17

    18 and Life by Skid Row when I was 18.

    Damn I'm getting old :/

  59. Vander Santos

    Alguém 😘🇧🇷

  60. 羅偉明

    Producer : How much depressions and reality feels you want in this song?

    Lily : *Yes.*

  61. Louise XOXO

    2019 anyone ?????????

  62. 471 p

    first time i heard this, i was very young, thinking about being 22 and listening to this
    here i am haha

  63. John F

    Same women's issue, different classic angle ...

  64. Tay Swift

    Honsetly one of my top favorite songs of all time

  65. Côte De Poyais

    Anyone else raiding their old mp3 songs?

  66. Sandor Fejos

    Wonderful she is the girl

  67. Robert Moore

    When I first listened to this song, I was nearly 30. Now I’m 22.

    ManInYourVids _Backup Dancer

    Robert Moore Lmao


    Brief break from all the sadness tho, isn't her dress amazing?

  69. courtney artley

    One of my fave songs of yours. Second is Fuck You and Third is Hard Out Here.

  70. Flavie Dh

    Is it Samira Willy at 1:39 ?

  71. Connor Robinson

    Just hit 22 today 😁

  72. Profesionalni Amater

    The wall explained?

  73. Sam Dawson

    The Sabot is true, how so society says her life is already over 🎵🎵🎵

    Fateme shirdel


  74. Nurullo Alijonov

    im in love with that British accent

  75. Claudi H

    i’ve listened to this song since i was 5 and i still know all the words

  76. Mickey

    I'm 38 and a lot more confident and happier than I was at 22. I don't have botox cause it's poison ,or anything. I think it's about evolving if your still living life hedonistic like a 22 year-old thinking all there is to life is men and getting married that's the problem. Don't let the fickleness of society tell you who you should be and what life you should be living past 22,30 or 80. I took up lots of interests and go to gigs to dance rather than clubs I'm perfectly healthy and happy. Stop looking at social media and other people and comparing just do you and move forward. Not to be preachy but you can be happy even without a boyfriend! Get something that's electric and buzzes 😊

  77. Heather Sutcliffe

    I'm 30 I'm single I like going out clubbing not every night though . I don't see that as my life being over . When I was in a relationship it was over more like . I'm single and free . Brill

  78. g b

    What a lovely looking girl. Just love the way she looks. Great personality, as well.

  79. eera bear

    I'm 26 this year...
    in 4 years I'm 30 and most of my friends already married and have child...
    here I am still failed find partner of life...


    and?... you need someone to make you happy? if thats the case, its sad =/


    Ginnygirl04 or maybe it’s because people have been alone for a long time and would just like to have someone special to share all these great experiences with and have someone to love and be loved by. What’s sad is someone who is so judgmental to a total stranger.


    @mana_〈3 Who said I was juding??? The simple fact that u cant be happy with you and u have the need to be with someone is awfull on my point of view! everyone as there pace to achieve something in their lifes! YOU ARE THE ONE JUDGING ME!

    Man Dolen

    our lifes re already over, society says

  80. matchedimpedance

    “Society” is not a person so society has no ideas and says nothing. It’s all in your head. When you think society is saying something to you, you are really only imagining certain ideas of some people as being held by everyone. As long as you continue to believe that nonsense then you are the author of your own problems. You want a boyfriend? Maybe actually learn to understand the boys you like so they will be inclined to like you back. Rather than, you know, just being a painted whore and wondering why no one cares.

  81. Chubby Chubs

    She's not fit to lick Status Quo's boots

    david james

    Chubby Chubs Christ, what’s Lilly got to do with a bunch of 80 yr old blokes?

  82. Alec S.

    I’m turning 23 this 8th of October,.
    I can totally see myself coming back to this song in a few years :’)

  83. Drop of dior •

    If im 23 can i listen to this song and be sad

  84. Pablo Orellana

    Löl her future Look bright 👀

  85. Karen Hapuck

    Her songs have these vibes i cant explain but its so damn good girl

  86. Rayanne Damasceno

    Tinha 20 anos kk hoje tenho 30 kkk

  87. Rayanne Damasceno

    2019 ???

  88. jackrabbit

    Thanks ODESZA!

  89. Raigine

    I'm 22 today
    Happy birthay to me 🎉🎉

  90. Enrique Lara

    Liberalism. Yolo do what you want and waste your youth.

  91. Gillian Pinniger

    my 22nd birthday is in a month.... can't wait to blast this song and cry

  92. Bingo 0123

    24 here. Any advise?

  93. s.a

    Waiting for prince charming

  94. Observant Owl

    The British are so funny in the way they speak sometimes. Some refuse to pronounce the "T" sound. Instead of "Thirty" she pronounced it Thir-iee . Lily Allen is great though.

  95. Abraham Lira