Lil Xan - Slope Lyrics

(You are now listening to a Bobby Johnson beat)
(Yeah, aye)

Send a text to my ex
Blame it on the Xanax
Little guy, still flex
No chain, no strap
Put her face in the pillow I'ma go
Super Saiyan, bitch what the fuck is you sayin'
I'ma beast, I'ma ghost
I fuck bitches I fuck hoes
Women love to cum a lot so I just fuck and rock though
Gracie baby don't you lie you know you love my tongue though
I just pulled up to my old high school in my G-Wagon
That bitch said I wouldn't be shit now she be braggin'
Fuck that bitch inside the hallway yeah
That when I was seventeen yeah, aye

Fuck that hoe, fuck that hoe
Yeah, I wanna fuck that hoe
Fuck that hoe, fuck that hoe
Yeah, I wanna fuck that hoe
Fuck that hoe, fuck that hoe
Yeah, I wanna fuck that hoe
Fuck that hoe, fuck that hoe
Yeah, I wanna fuck that hoe (yeah, yeah, yeah)

Yes we respect the women but the Uber right outside
Close out the eye, you know it's nighty-night for you and I
I feel like the devil in disguise
I fly get high like the sky
I feel like the devil in disguise
I fly high right in the sky

Fuck that hoe, fuck that hoe
Yeah, I wanna fuck that hoe
Fuck that hoe, fuck that hoe
Yeah, I might just fuck that hoe
Yeah, I wanna fuck that hoe
Fuck that hoe, fuck that hoe
Fuck that hoe, fuck that hoe
Yeah, I might just fuck that hoe

(Xanarchy baby)

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Lil Xan Slope Comments
  1. KraftyKitties RBLX

    What is dis

  2. Kelli Stover

    What in the fuck just happened trash is what happened 🧻🗑🗑🗑🗑🗑🗑🗑🗑🗑🗑🗑🗑

  3. Scooter LLC

    Dont get it 🤨 I understand every word
    The fuck yall talking bout ?! 😟

  4. Lester Cook

    God plez hep me

  5. Spotify MX

    Te copias de lil peep buuuuu 👎

  6. nigga

    lamest comment section ive seen in a while

  7. Michael K

    It's as coherent as Joaquin Phoenix Oscar speech.
    He as higher then a motherfucker

  8. YT_ Darian


  9. YT_ Darian


  10. Jeff Stewart


  11. TheMD

    Sns cesima es
    Levin onizyn es
    Liu qastiun fleqs
    Nou chen nou shte

    Pulof teys iny
    Pulo amy go
    Super sen bich
    Vat dy faq
    Yiu se
    Ama bis tomy gous
    Afy biches afy hous ye

  12. Naty

    Pho the hoe, pho the hoe yeah i wanna pho the hoe

  13. bigmike42876

    Wtf is this

  14. Kathryn Dogoloff

    I can't even make a joke. This is just awful. This is NOT rap of any kind. I can't believe anyone gave this " style" a name mumble rap???? It's exactly what it looks and sounds like. Bratty kids to fucked up to open their mouth and random words that rhyme just over and over and over again

  15. da bratz

    “ yes we respect the women, but the uber right outside cause after i nut its nighty night for you & i ” 🤣💯

  16. Boloroo Boogii

    What the hell?
    Lyrics:Fuck that hoe yeah I wanna fuck that hoe
    Lil Xan:Fuda ho fuda ho ya i wana fudo hoe
    Damn he destroys the English

  17. Naded


  18. Sgtcaco

    Wow so edgy. Lol some one change that nappy

  19. pine dude

    English has left the chat

  20. Otis Jackson Junior

    This is not good

  21. doyouevenlift 1744

    Lmaoo i forgot about this. Shits such trash but it's catchy not gonna lie.

  22. Clic Silva

    2pac is king . Lil XANA hahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  23. Football Skills

    Ele tava chapado kkkk

  24. John Dorazio

    When I went to school those kids got beat up why are they famous now

  25. Dirtiest Soul / Sena

    Imagine someone that like this music

  26. Lil Peep

    Fuera joh

  27. Colson Jeff

    so fucking good

  28. BASE DAN

    This Song Go Hard Tho🔥🔥
    Fuck The Haters🖕🏾✅

  29. Hᴅᴇᴡʏ

    When you’re mute and you are learning to speak this is your result

  30. alessandro Baby

    what go say not ?

  31. DeMian007

    Shit xan you re on the hole

  32. DeMian007

    I m learning english and i dont understand anything

  33. daniel hernandez

    Que Buenaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  34. menswear2112

    I would rather clip Gilligan’s Island Skipper’s toenails than enduring this. True rubbish.

  35. Vova Yakovlev

    Lil Xan still flex

  36. Daimen ok now

    He in da sky

  37. JSICK 404

    RIP Lil Xan. Mcc’lovin with face Tatts

  38. Carter Welland

    “I fly high like the sky”
    To lil xan that’s some next deep bar

  39. Alice In Wonderland

    I will steal his beanie🥺

  40. Galaxyboss

    Like si solo le entiendes la parte del watafak
    Pero te gusta

  41. Abyss games

    This is horrible wtf .I blame the fans .this ain't music it's a fucking joke get a grip ya wee dafty

    lil fosro

    1. You are playing Roblox. That means you are not allowed to tell s.o whats bad and what not.
    2. Your ugly ass face is terrible

  42. Abyss games


  43. yeetustothefeetus pineapple


  44. Anais Montielシ

    Aᴍᴏ ᴇsᴛᴀ ᴄᴀɴᴄɪᴏɴ😻

  45. Crystal

    Favorite song of lil xan

  46. Dylan Garrett

    Had the Eminem bezerk intro😂

  47. Robert Moore

    Kids such a bitch

  48. Willyam Drip


  49. beatsbyNAIVE

    hes the only person who can understand playboi carti

  50. no internet

    Donde esta MEXICO

  51. Mike S.

    If Carl on Shameless did heroin everyday = this no talent ass clown

  52. Felipe Santos

    Eu sou brasileiro

  53. Felipe Santos

    Lil xan


    Love this song when I’m fucked up 🤣

  55. Alexis andrew noriega sánchez

    El comentario mexicano ah llegado .

  56. Mia Criscitello

    fuh da ho

  57. OwlShadow

    O think im gonna like bieber after this trash

  58. Seth Turley

    I am deadass wanting to throw up after listening to this

    Symphany Vest

    why??? *raises an eyebrow really confused* i love it.

  59. Michael K

    This is best
    It's genius
    I really love it😍

    Symphany Vest

    agreed he such a amazing rapper/person love him

  60. Hidden Hunter

    When u try to call out cause u got a cold but they want you to make a video anyway

  61. *-*

    2019 December?

  62. *-*

    2019 December?

  63. Samuel rey

    Fo aho i wa fo ahro

  64. Renan Brandao

    Alguém PTBR POR AÍ??

  65. Jeff the killer

    He's really, REALLY cute I tell you

  66. trent caisson

    Short and to the point


    na na claviculaaaa

  68. RC0001 TV

    this is just so bad

  69. Sock Cucka

    Wow, you're a fucking loser hahaha

  70. Seocryptix0

    Xan just try to not smoke SOO much weed you will die dude

  71. F25 X3

    This is the same exact intro to witchblades by Lil Peep

  72. pølar

    Put this on Apple Music

  73. Ziggy Zahhh

    This is straight up trash

    Mia Criscitello

    Ziggy Zahhh then why u here my guy?

  74. Bela vtt

    Después de un año todavía me sigue gustando esa parte (0:44)💔😍

  75. Ольга Земляк

    Крута пісня

  76. ll-No-oppz-ll

    Trash 2poc better and 2poc not boring he talks about real stuff unlike you

  77. Antonio Horincar

    bruh the song is fucking trsh but the beat pretty fire

  78. Noktio

    he looks like a guy version of billie eilish

  79. Stephanie Kidd

    This is 🔥. Love the song and lil Xan.

  80. Pavan Panesar

    Fo da ho


    The first part goes hard then its ok


    #fuerajoh hijo de perra

  83. Julio cesar Diaz zuñiga

    this guy sounds like lix xan

  84. CorduroyPaco

    I also wanna fuddaho.

    Lil M1TCH13

    CorduroyPaco me too

  85. ThatPerson

    why the fuck do people actually listen to this with their subwoofers driving around. shit is trash bro

    Michael K

    Cus we are high

  86. Old School

    What a mumbling dork.

  87. Tripa 4

    u suck dude

  88. Shelby Leanne

    Fudda ho
    Fudda ho
    Fudda ho
    Fudda ho
    Fudda ho

  89. VampPlay

    Like si venís por lo de fuera JOH

  90. juan george

    Perfecta para cantarsela al corrupto presidente de Honduras
    Honduras hermosa algun día seremos libres

  91. Elver galarga

    Fuera joh fuera joh 🔥🔥

  92. Lupsik huy

    Fuera jou