Lil Xan - Outbreak Lyrics

Ayy (Xanarchy)
Yeah, ayy, yeah, ayy, yeah, ayy, yeah, ayy
(You are now listening to a Bobby Johnson Beat)

I want bitches that [?]
I like bitches that is with it
I'm a selfish piece of shit
And ain't no shame, I just admit it
Doing drugs and got admitted
Hit up Jesus, he love bitches
And he really love my tats
Upside down cross on my face
So white people they gon' hate
If they really knew my pain
Oh I really hate his name
He do xanax, he insane
Momma call me everyday
Ask me if I'm doing good
I say "Oh no I'm not okay"
I say "Oh no I'm not okay"

I say I'm going off the deep end
See a bridge and I might just leap in
I say I'm going off the deep end
See a bridge and I might just leap in

Yeah, ayy, yeah, ayy
I might just fuck on your bitch yeah
She gon' split on my dick, yeah
[?] ayy
I ain't gon' lose, I'ma win
Taking my time cause I know I'ma pop
Fuck all of this rap, I just wanna make pop
Ayy high school dropout when I pull up in that G Wagon
Call me names, I ain't no faggot
Fuck your momma tits are sagging
I got money, yeah I'm bragging (Ha, yeah)
I got money, yeah I'm bragging

I say I'm going off the deep end
See a bridge and I might just leap in
I say I'm going off the deep end
See a bridge and I might just leap in

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Lil Xan Outbreak Comments

    No need to steal the beat and the flow from egovert

  2. Samirie

    Egovert made a sound like this

  3. The 24th

    You stole the beat from Egovert🤦🏼‍♂️

  4. ASC Gang


    Zdevils21 31

    sad boy vos sos argentino?

  5. Toxic Sushi14

    Egovert better

  6. ŽŶČČ

    Im sorry but if you’re bitching about lil xan on the same beat as ego let me tell you that this beat was saved by lil xan, egovert sounds like a tranquillised lil wayne and he completely disrespected this beat

  7. W1ndStr1p3


  8. Txxic Gxat


  9. Nebraxican

    Lil xan trash

  10. zenfui

    Egovert n lil xan gonna fight soon


    we might be getting the old xan back


    ALBINO NEGRO if by stealing flows your probably right

  12. Lorena Silva

    I love that guy❤

  13. ALI Block

    copied ego

  14. doZer boy

    Hot garbage 💩

  15. LIL VIDI

    EGOVERT - Crazy Train

    luia rodiguez


  16. YoungThug's readingglasses

    I can do this but I can't because I don't have a sick engineer or clout. Dude got lucky but he's a good kid so God bless em

  17. Lil Pook

    the beat and the flow was stole from an underground rapper named egovert

    Jay Allen

    Mini Yeets You’re not even correlating the two things, doesn’t matter when he dmed egovert

    Mini Yeets

    Jay Allen who made a song, lil xan saw it and dmd him saying it was hard, months later xan releases a song with the same beat and same flow


    he didnt steal the beat it was given to two people by Bobby Johnson, and he are that retarded that you think he stole the flow?

    Emo VLONE

    It is the same beat, and he borrows a little bit of egos flow but it's not a complete rip off and I wouldn't personality consider this stealing but thanks for showing me a dope ass song I'll definitely have to listen to more.

    ▩ ΔCID BOI ▩

    Wdym this was made before him

  18. Inoshikacho Inoshikacho

    O my fuck dis sick

  19. edd rider

    Goes harder then an artist with Parkinson's

  20. Anthxny S

    Stop making music

    TheGhost 557

    I am going to tell you something. If you don't like Xan's music, don't hear it.